Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 104

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Dear Rose,

I hope you are doing okay. I can't beleive Percy proved you are my daughter! I really really want to get to know you. Every night I dreamed about you, and every day I thought about you managing my Quidditch team. I'll bet you'll make a great seeker! I've missed you so much, and I am so happy that everyone knows I wasn't crazy to call you my dauter.

I wood have contacted you sooner, but Dad told me to back off. I cant stand being away from you anymore. You need to know what it's like to have a father who loves you!

I heard you were teaching potion at Hogwarts. Do you like your job? Is Neville a good head master? How is the cassle? I wish I could go and find out for myself, but we both know that I cant go to Britain. That's what pisses me off the most. I want to be in your life, but your parents won't let me neer you! I hate not knowing anything about you. I hate missing out on your life because I'll get arested if I ever come near where you live. We need to be together!

I am really really sorry I kid napped you. I wanted to be your dad, but 'Mione and Snape were gits about the whole thing. They didn't even let me see you, and when I came to visit they told me to change your nappie. That was unfare! I should have held you for longer, but all they cared about was being gits! Don't worry, I am going to be i your life now, and you can have a real dad.

Please Rose, please give me a chance to meet you. I will come whenever you want to meet. Please let me be the father Ive always wanted to be.

Love always,

Your Dad, Ron Weasley

"I got more enjoyment out of reading the paper when it hadn't become my full time job."

Hermione chuckled and scooted closer to her husband. "There are worse places to read it than in bed though."

"True," Severus straightened out his paper. "Although we should have asked the house elves for breakfast."

"No," Hermione answered. "We do not need to ask them for anything this morning."

"Are you saying you would have preferred to cook than lay here with me?"

"I'm saying that we ask them to cook far more often than we should. I am quite capable of cooking myself, as are you."

"I may be an adequate cook, but your culinary skills exceed mine."

Hermione smirked. "When we were first married, I never thought I'd hear you say those words."

"I told you, I do not hand out compliments freely," Severus replied. "But I am honest.

Hermione brushed her foot against his. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I know. It's one of the many things I love about you."

"Love," he growled.

"Yes," she breathed running her hand along his arm. "Love."

Severus moaned."Witch, I will not get a single sentence read at this rate."

"Perhaps I am in no mood to read this morning," Hermione purred.

Severus smiled. "So, it is a terrible thing to attempt to seduce you mid-research, but if I am attempting to read the paper, then the distraction is permissible?"

Hermione hummed and nodded.

He kissed her on the forehead. "What would I have ever done without you?"

"Probably sit alone and brood."


She captured his lips. "I've missed this so much, Severus. I've missed just being a man and a woman in love. I've missed just being in your presence without meditating on every horrible thing in our lives."

Severus rasped. "I have missed being like this with you too."

"I know we need to get to work." She held him closer. "I also know that you need to read the paper…."

"It can wait."

"Are you certain?"

He pressed his lips against hers. "I am positive that nobody will die if I do not finish reading about Percy's latest attempt to downplay his plummeting approval rating."

"No," Hermione whispered. "I doubt anyone would die if we decided to take some time out for a morning tryst."

With that, Severus began to pull off Hermione's nightgown. After doing so, he gazed at her, eyes glistening.

What could he have ever done to deserve a wife as intelligent and sexy as Hermione?

Orange is a putrid color.

Rose stared at herself in a full length mirror. She twirled around in her marmalade dress.

The person in the mirror appears to be my tasteless identical twin, not me. Inside I know that I am viewing my body, but it is as if someone else is staring back at me. It is as if she is mimicking me without understanding who I truly am.

Then again, I have lost a few kilograms in the last month. Perhaps the reason I barely recognize my own reflection is the result of the weight loss and little else.

Rose stopped. She tapped her foot. Should I be embarrassed that even though I am twenty-five, I haven't the foggiest clue of how to shop for clothes? If all one wears is black then finding a color which will bring out one's eyes matters little. Then again, I do know which fabrics feel nicest, and which cuts work best for my body. That is a start I suppose.

She scratched her chin. The skirt is the proper length for my body, and the size is correct. Perhaps it's the coloring.

Without thinking, Rose pulled out her wand and uttered, "modificati culoarea inchis."

The dress was now black.

Rose's eyes lit up. Now this dress is perfect! The shape is amazing, yet it is not too revealing. It billows, but not as much as my cape. Wearing the dress and the cape together will create an imposing silhouette. It will be perfect for frightening a few dunderheaded students, or for strolling the streets of Hogsmeade. Why would anyone make this dress marmalade when it works much better in black?

Her face fell. I did not chose the dress because I wanted to modify its color. I selected it because I need something to wear when I begin to meet my biological relatives.

She sighed. The woman in the mirror is much happier than the one in the marmalade dress, but she is too Snape-like. It is as if she has not accepted the fact that biologically she is a Weasley.

Rose buried her head in her hands. Why have I always insisted on only wearing black? My life would be so much easier had I added a little color into it. At least then I would have something to wear on occasions such as this.

She returned her focus to the mirror. It would be a shame to let this dress go to waste. I will buy it, but then I will resume my search for clothing in colors other than black.

Though no more orange. Rose shuddered. No, orange is the least appealing color in existence.