Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 110

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I am a worthless dunderhead.

Rose curled up on her sofa, tears streaming down her cape. Sobs racked her body as she gasped for air.

You were nothing but a mistake. Nobody ever wanted you. Your sperm donor was willing to allow you to be raised by an abuser, your mother was too stupid to use a contraceptive potion, and your dad only agreed to raise you because he wanted 400 million galleons.

Why wasn't I good enough for my sperm donor?

She buried her head into the pillow cushion and screamed.

I wish I had never tried to save Dad. I wish I had just left Percy's office instead of allowing him to goad me on. I wish I didn't know who I am. I wish...

There was a knock on the door.

I wish I had never learned the truth.

"Professor Rose?"

The professor sat up and wiped her tears with her cape.

"Rose, are you there?"

Rose frowned.

"Come on, open up Rose."

"As long as we are in the confines of Hogwarts, my name is Professor Rose," Rose dried her tears and sniffed. "It would serve you well to remember that."

"Fine, Professor Rose," the other voice called.

Rose took a shaky breath before opening the door. "Is there a reason for your intrusion, Violet?"

Violet lowered the book she was holding up. "I wanted help on my potions final, but it seems as if you need me more than I need you."

Rose scowled. "I do not need anyone."

"Of course you do," Violet answered.

Rose glared at her sister. "If you require assistance with your potions assignments, then I suggest forming a study group. That way, you can socialize while you learn."

"I would rather talk to you," Violet replied.

"Goodbye Violet." Professor Rose slammed the door on her sister.

"I'm not leaving until you talk to me," Violet called.

Rose stepped away from the door.

"If you don't answer the door, then I'll start recounting every episode of Stanley's Corner."

Rose made her way towards the kitchen.

"Then, I'll stat saying, 'yeah.'"

Rose stopped dead in her tracks.

"Yeah, I'll just shout 'yeah' until you open the door," Violet continued. "I'll carry on about how sexy Zach is, how badly he needs to be back with Kendall, and every other word will be 'yeah.' You would like that, yeah?"

Rose cringed.

"So, yeah, Zach was voted Australia's Sexiest Soap Opera Character seven years running. Yeah, Grandma told me the results of this year's poll came in yesterday. She was really happy, and yeah so was I. Yeah, we think Zach and Kendall have the best love scenes."

Rose flung open the door. "Why do you insist upon making my life intolerable?"

Violet put on the most innocent expression she could muster. "Because I love you."

Rose growled.

Violet frowned. "In all seriousness, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Rose grumbled.

Violet glanced at the hem of Rose's cape. "Your cape is too wet for this to be nothing."

"Obnoxious know-it-all brat," Rose mumbled.

"Sis," Violet's voice was soft. "You can tell me anything. I won't report anything to Mum or Dad…."

"Your dad," Rose snapped.

Violet closed her mouth.

"You won't tell your dad about me. My sperm donor could not care less about me if they tried."

"What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?"

"English is your first language. You should know exactly what I mean."

Violet shifted the book she'd been carrying from her right to her left hand.

"You should understand the difference between your biological father and mine. After all it is difficult to mistake a redhead for a man with long black hair," Rose ranted.

"What are you going on about?" Violet asked.

"I am discussing the main difference between us," Rose argued.

"The main difference between us is that you're a professor and I'm a student," Violet answered.

Rose deflated. "I wish that were the case."

"It is the case," Violet replied. "Whoever tells you differently is a moron."

Rose sighed.

Violet set her book on the ground and scooted it towards the wall. Then, she hugged her sister. "You are my sister, even when you're being an idiot."

Rose choked, "I should deduct house points for name calling."

"If you do so then I'll tell Victor not to make you any Christmas cookies," Violet answered.

"I do enjoy his cookies."

"I know you do."

Rose took another shaky breath.

"Which Weasley did you run into?"

"Excuse me?"

Violet released her. "Only a Weasley could tell you that you were unwanted and live to see the light of day. Which one was it?"

"It does not concern you," Rose replied. "None of my problems concern you."

"We're sisters," Violet answered. "Of course your problems concern me."

Rose backed into her quarters. Violet followed.

"I suppose you will know about this soon enough, so I may as well be the one to break this news to you," Rose began.

Violet paled. "Wh-what happened to Mum?"

Rose shut her mouth.

"Is her scar back? Has she relapsed? How much more time does she have?"

"Mum is well."

"She is?"

"Yes. My problem does not concern Mum, at least not directly."

Violet exhaled.

"My problem stems from an entirely different source."

"What would that be?"

Rose swallowed. "I was a dunderhead and decided to see Ronald."

Violet's eyes widened.

"It went about as well as could be expected."


Rose deflated.

"Merlin Rose, what did he say?" Violet asked.

Rose huffed. "He believes Dad has been abusing me for the last quarter of a century, and he was more than happy to allow it to happen."

"Dad has never so much as looked at you cross-eyed," Violet noted.

"I know," Rose replied. "Ronald found that difficult to believe."

Violet moistened her lips.

"I hope you always understand how fortunate you are. If Dad believed you were being injured in any way, he would intervene. He would ensure that you were protected." Rose's voice grew quieter. "I do not have such a dad."


"Violet! Watch your tongue."

"Oh don't give me a lecture on language when you're being the biggest dunderhead imaginable."

Rose bit her tongue.

"Dad almost lost his life defending you from lycanthropes. I would say he loves you very much based on that fact alone."

"He isn't the dad I'm talking about."

"He's the dad you have."

"Listen Violet…"

"No, you listen to yourself," Violet snapped. "You are making no sense right now."

Rose's face was rouge. "Do to raise your voice to me."

"Start making sense and I'll speak to you a little nicer and quieter."

Rose bit her tongue.

"Ronald donated sperm to create you, but he has not spent one nanosecond being your father. Dad is your dad."

"I know he is."

"Do you?"

"Of course I do."

"Then stop treating Dad like he's nothing compared to some vapid dunderhead."

"It isn't that simple," Rose argued. "You were raised by the man who created you. I was not."

Violet smirked. "Do you really think Severus Snape didn't create you?"

Rose's voice was low, "I know how to read a DNA spell."

"I'm not talking about some stupid DNA spell," Violet replied. "I'm talking about your robes, your job, your personality, and your stubborn refusal to listen to anyone who dares to interrupt your pity party."

"I am not having a pity party," Rose growled.

"See." Violet pointed to her. "That's exactly what Dad would say if he was behaving as you are."

"Dad wouldn't say anything if he was in my position because he doesn't throw pity parties," Rose argued.

"He doesn't throw any pity parties now because Mum won't have it," Violet argued. "Still, most people know Dad's story. He spent two decades grieving over a twat who did not deserve twenty seconds of his time. Why? Because he was too busy feeling sorry for himself to listen to the right people."

Rose wrapped her cape around her fingers.

"You are hung up on some sperm donor who almost got you killed. Instead of enjoying your last few days before you get swamped with grading, you're busy throwing a tantrum because Ronald turned out to be an arse. His behavior shouldn't have even come as a surprise given his reputation."

"Do you think I was not aware of his reputation?"

"Of course you were, but for some reason you decided to ignore it."

"Are you implying that I am stupid?"

"You said it, not me."

"You do not understand a thing about this."

"Then make me understand. Why did you go and see Ronald?"

"I wanted him to care about me!"

Violet closed her mouth.

"Damnit Violet, was it too much to ask for him to feel at least a sliver of affection for me?" Rose croaked.

Violet hugged Rose again. "In a perfect world no."

"Well, this is not a perfect world, and he feels nothing but outright apathy for me."

"I am so sorry."

"I wanted him to feel something, anything towards me. He doesn't feel a thing towards me though. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't know my middle name."

"I know."

"He's just as slimy as everyone said he was," tears welled in Rose's eyes once more. "The only time he took any interest in me was when he asked me to go to a bar or gamble with him."

"He wanted you to gamble with him?" Violet asked.

Rose hummed. "He even wanted me to provide the galleons."

"What an arse," Violet whispered.

"All I wanted was a reason for him not to want me. Deep down inside, I wanted him to care for me."

"If he were any kind of man he would have."

"If I were any kind of daughter he would have."

Violet broke away from Rose. "Now you stop that right now."

Rose's eyelid quivered.

"He didn't want you because he's an arse, not because you aren't good enough."

"I wasn't wanted."

"Oh now that's a load of bollucks and you know it."

Rose opened her mouth.

"If Mum didn't want you then you would've been raised in some orphanage. If Dad didn't want you he would've married a dunderhead rather than marry a pregnant woman," Violet continued.

"Dad wanted his galleons."

"I swear to Merlin, Rose, you are the second most stubborn person I have met."

"Who would be the first?"


Rose crossed her arms over her chest.

"Do you have any idea what it was like growing up with you as a sister?" Violet asked.

Rose huffed.

"Every time you came home, Dad would drop everything to take you down into his lab. You two would talk for hours about the Potions section of The Daily Prophet. Sure, he loved Victor and me, but there was something special about your bond. I used to wonder what it would be like to be you, just so I could get that much attention from Dad."

"He always did show me affection at every opportunity."

"He loves you Rose. I honestly don't think he ever gave a thought to your biology until the day you started raising a stink about it," Violet replied. "So what if he didn't hand out cigars to every person he met when he found out about you? Who cares if he married Mum in part to gain his fortune? He has always loved you, and has a bond with you Victor and I could only dream of having."

"He loves both of you."

"I know he does, but he loves you too."

"I know."

"Mum and Dad wanted you, just like they wanted me and Victor."

"It's 'Victor and me.'"

Violet burst out laughing. "Only you could give a grammar lesson in the middle of a meltdown."

Rose cracked a smile. "I suppose this is an unusual time to brush up on one's grammar rules."

"It is," Violet answered.

Silence fell between them.

"You don't need a dunderhead like Ron in your life," Violet continued. "You need to focus on the people who love you, and there are several people who love you."

"I know," Rose choked.

"I love you," Violet continued. "Even if you are being a dunderhead."

"You should be thankful that you are my sister. Otherwise, I would have deducted at least one hundred and fifty points from you today."

"Honestly, you should give me one hundred and fifty points for snapping you out of this."

"Do not push your luck."

"Don't worry, I'm intelligent enough to know when to quit."

"Usually, but you do have your moments."

Violet grinned.

"All that being said," Rose stood up straighter. "You initially came down here because you had a problem with one of your potions essays."

"Yes I did," Violet replied. "I was having some difficulty determining the proper amount of snake venom for muscatara sarpe."

"What is the proper dosage?"

"Let's start with a child."

"What is the height and weight of said child?"

"I uh, might need my notes for that."

"Yes," Rose replied. "I would suggest grabbing your notes."

Violet scurried out of Rose's quarters to retrieve her book. Rose's lips curled up.

When had Violet gone from being obnoxious to being wise?