Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 65

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The room temperature plummeted with each knock of the door.

"Is there anybody in there?"

Rose's throat dried. Her pupils dilated.

"If you can hear me, open this door!"

Rose remained frozen in place.

The doorknob turned.

Snape cast a muffliato. "Who is at the door?"

"I wish I knew," Rose whispered.

"The door's warded," a voice began.

"Oh shit," the first voice began. "Something may have already happened!"

"Do you think Severus Snape is in there?"

"We may not have much more time to find out."

"They want me," Snape whispered. "They want me."

Rose's muscles tensed. "I won't let them lay a hand on you."

"Undo those wards as fast as you can!"

The door shuddered under the force of the spells.

"You need to leave now," Rose hissed.

The door rocked.

"Leave now," Rose hissed.

"No," Snape whispered.

"What do you mean no?"

"I refuse to leave you alone to fend for yourself."

"Do not worry about me," Rose whispered. "I can manage by myself perfectly well."

"While that may be true," Snape began. "Allegedly you are my daughter. How could I abandon my daughter to a group of strangers?"

"It is quite easy. All you need to do is throw the floo powder into the fireplace and step inside. Then, have faith that I can combat these aurors."

"While I have faith in your ability to defend yourself, I will not abandon you."

"Open the door!"

Rose opened his mouth, but Snape's brow was furrowed. It was clear that he would not allow her to get in one more word.

"If you must go somewhere, then go into my laboratory. They'll be less likely to find you there."

Snape remained in place.

"Please Dad, just go where you will be safe."

Snape snuck off towards Rose's laboratory.

"I am coming," Rose called.

The shaking stopped.

Rose stood up straighter and put her hand over her wand. After taking a deep breath she opened the door.

"Is there something I can do for you?" she asked.

A group of ten people stood before her, all of whom were wearing crimson shirts underneath black jackets. The woman at the front of the group lowered her wand. "Are you Professor Rose Snape?"

Rose cleared her throat. "I am."

The woman held out her hand. "My name is Danica McGath."

Rose shook her hand.

"I am here to protect Hogwarts from the victims of amnesia."

"Do you mean to tell me that the Ministry has found time to do their jobs and protect us?"

"The Ministry has formulated an action plan which should end the amnesiac attacks."

"How do you plan to go about accomplishing that?"

"Ultimately, we hope to find a cure."

"But you have not found one."

"No, we have not."

"If there is no cure, then how do you plan to protect us from the amnesiacs' attacks?" Rose demanded.

"That is classified," Danica answered.

"Classified?" Rose spat. "How can our protection fall under the category of 'classified?'"

"We do not want the average citizen interfering with our ability to protect everyone."

"Should I want to interfere with your plans?"

"I would think not."

"Then why not explain to me what they are so I will be certain not to stand in your way."

Danica raised an eyebrow. "You seem overly concerned with our methods."

"My only concern is that everyone escapes this night uninjured," Rose replied. "Everything else is secondary."

"I assure you that everyone is being well-taken care of, and that no harm will befall either the amnesiacs or those whom they have attacked."

"That is certainly a relief."

"Indeed." Danica slid closer to the doorway. "Now, I need to secure the premises to ensure that you are not attacked sometime later in the night."

"Do not worry about securing my rooms. I am quite capable of defending myself," Rose replied.

"With all due respect, you should not have to defend yourself. You should be able to sleep peacefully in the knowledge that both you and your students are safe."

"I am already confident that my students and I will come to no harm."

"True, but the Ministry would like extra insurance that you are in fact safe."

"I would like extra insurance that my right to privacy is respected."

Danica sighed. "I was hoping I would not need to resort to this."

Rose pulled her wand out of her pocket. "Resort to what."

The head auror pulled out a parchment from her pocket and unfurled it. "By order of the Ministry, I have the duty, no the privilege, of searching every room for potentially dangerous persons."

Rose scanned the document.

"As you will see, everything is in perfect order."

"Well then, I suppose I have no choice but to welcome you in with open arms."

Danica answered. "No, you do not."

Rose continued. "If I were you, I would stay away from my personal laboratory though."

Danica twisted her lower lip. "What exactly are you doing in there?"

"I am running a series of experiments. Many of the potions I am brewing are unstable, so I would strongly suggest not entering."

"Thank you for the warning."

"Sure, although if you want to be safer, then come back in two hours when they will be less volatile."

Danica pushed rose aside. "I have several other rooms which need to be investigated before the night is through. We are searching the premises. All of it."

The nine aurors behind Danica stormed into Rose's chambers.

"You explore this area at your own risk," Rose warned.

"Compared to the risks I take in my job each day, I'd imagine your quarters are fairly safe," Danica replied.

Madame Serpent raised her hood.

An auror yelped.

The snake hissed.

"I suppose I should have mentioned that I possess a king cobra," Rose mused aloud.

Danica gulped. "It would have been nice to have been aware of it."

Two aurors stared at the snake.

"I dare you to touch it," one whispered.

"No way," the other gasped. "You touch it."

"Hey," Danica barked. "We're here to search for amnesiacs, not stare at snakes."

Madame Serpent hissed again and raised her hood.

The two aurors darted into Rose's bedroom.

Danica turned to the professor. "Where are your personal labs?"

"I will guide you there," Rose answered. "But you should not be in there for longer than a few minutes."

"Don't worry," Danica answered. "I am very efficient in my work. I should not need to be there for longer than a few seconds."

They strolled towards the laboratory.

"What exactly are you brewing in there?" Danica asked, with more curiosity than hostility in her voice.

Rose replied, "I hope to create a cure for eliminating the dark magic associated with cancer. It will not be a cure, but it will be a treatment which will make a cure more feasible."

"That sounds ambitious."

"It's the least I can do for my mother."

"Is she a cancer survivor?"


"Oh," Danica's expression softened. "What type of cancer did your mother suffer from?"

"Uterine," Rose replied.

"I am deeply sorry," Danica answered.

Rose put her hand on the door. "She is living with her condition as best she can. Dad has found a way to keep the dark magic in her body in check, but his potion could become ineffective any day now. That is why I require that these potions be left alone for as long as possible. I do not know if I could live with myself Mum's potential cure is destroyed because of a Ministry search party."

Danica turned the door knob, "I will be sure to keep this portion of the search brief."

"Thank you," Rose answered.

Danica opened the door. She scanned the room. As expected, there were gold and tin cauldrons filled with liquid. Pink fumes wafted out of a silver cauldron while blue smoke billowed from a golden one. In the corner was a pack of vials.

Danica crept inside the lab. "Hello?"

No answer.

She approached a figure in the corner. "Is there someone there?"

Behind her, Rose was sweating.

Danica aimed her wand at a dark corner, only to confirm her suspicions that Rose was not alone in her quarters.

Her eyes bulged. "Mr. Snape?"

"Yes," he growled.

The auror moved backwards. Snape emerged from the shadows, his scowl as deep as the day he began teaching.

She turned to Rose. "Is this why you were so jumpy earlier?"

"If you were at risk of disturbing my dad's work, then you would be jumpy too," Rose replied.

"Point taken," Danica muttered.

"Is there a reason you insist upon disrupting my daughter's evening?" Professor Snape snapped.

"We are securing the premises from the recent string of amnesiac attacks."

"As you can see, the area is quite secure."

"So you say."

Snape's glower could have chilled a fire.

"I must say," Danica began. "I am impressed with this laboratory. It must be nice to be able to brew so many potions."

Snape gave a small hint of a smile. "I am very proud of the work my daughter has done."

"I'm sure you are," Danica answered. "Especially considering the work she's doing to cure your wife's condition."

Snape twisted his lips.

"I mean to search for a cure for," Danica glanced down and snapped her fingers. "A cure for…"

"Cancer," Rose stated.

"Thank you," Danica answered. "Cancer. Ooh, but what kind was it?"

"It was…"

Danica held up her hand. "I think your father is more than capable of telling me what kind of cancer his wife was afflicted with."

Snape's heart was arrhythmic. I went through the memories too quickly. I know she had cancer, but I am at a loss as to what kind.

Danica leaned in closer. "What kind of cancer did your wife have?"

Snape looked to Rose. She was pointing to her pelvis.

"Ovarian," Snape answered in a strong voice.

Danica smirked. "That isn't what your daughter said."

Snape gave the auror a blank look.

Danica pointed her wand at him. "You need to come with us, sir."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you have a disease, and you need to be in a place where you cannot affect others."


They turned to Rose.

"You cannot take him somewhere against his will," Rose retorted.

"Where exactly am I being taken?" Snape asked.

"Someplace where you cannot hurt others," Danica answered.

"Why does he need to go anywhere. He is not hurting anyone here," Rose retorted.

"Stand back." Danica pointed her wand at Rose's chest. "This does not concern you."

"The well being of my father is my utmost concern," Rose pulled out her wand.

The auror locked eyes with Rose. "I ought to have you arrested for interfering with an investigation."

"How do you plan on accomplishing that?"

"To begin with there are subduing spells..."

"Are you seriously going to begin a fire fight in a laboratory?" Snape interrupted.

The women glanced at him.

"If you want me to leave with you then I will do so, provided that no harm comes to Rose," Snape answered.

"No, Dad," Rose argued.

"Rose," Snape swallowed. "I have not been the best father to you as of late, but this is something I can do."

"But Dad…"

"Do not argue with me."

Rose bowed her head.

"Before we go," Snape turned to Danica. "May I please retrieve my wallet? I left it on my daughter's coffee table. It would be a great source of comfort if I could have some type of identification on me."

Danica lowered her wand. "I am more than happy to acquiesce to that demand."

"Thank you," Snape replied.

Snape followed Danica out of the room.

"See," Danica began. "This does not need to be messy. It can be as simple as."


Danica crashed to the ground.

Rose looked back at Snape.

"Scream," he hissed.

Rose smirked and nodded. "No Daddy! Stop!"

"Don't call me that!"

Snape poked his wand against her back and grasped her left hand gently.

"Please Dad," Rose whined. "Do not do this."

"Start walking," Snape demanded.

Rose trudged into her sitting room, Snape close behind her.

The five aurors in the room gasped and directed their wands towards Snape.

"If anyone so much as thinks about following me, the results will not be pleasant," Snape warned.

Rose sniveled.

The aurors kept their attention on him.

"Do not follow me," Snape warned as Rose opened the front door.

The aurors stood by as Snape led Rose across the potions classroom.

Once they reached the hallway, Snape released her. "I pray I did not harm you."

"No, you did not," Rose replied. "You were barely touching me."

"Good," Snape answered. "Now, show me where the nearest apparation point is."

"We could find a floo," Rose suggested.

Snape shook his head. "If we find a floo then I will have to yell out the name of my location, something I do not wish for anyone to hear."

"Great point," Rose answered.

"Glad you agree," Snape poked his wand into Rose's back. "Now, let's go."

With a smile, Rose led the way.