Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 29

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Jordy Driver was sex on a stick.

The secretary fanned himself as he drooled. He'd seen pictures of Driver in other publications, but Witch Weekly was able to get a few images of him shirtless. Those images alone were worth the subscription increase.


The secretary startled.

A woman stormed into the room, a copy of this morning's Daily Prophet under her arm. Without acknowledging the secretary, she made her way to the door on the other side of the room.

"Ma'am," he set down his magazine. "You cannot go in there."

The intruder put a hand on the door knob.

"Ma'am," the secretary stood up. "Mr. Weasley is busy at the moment and does not want to be disturbed."

"He's not too busy for me," she snapped.

"Ma'am, he is in the middle of…"

The intruder burst through the office door. "Percy!"

The door slammed behind her.

The secretary swallowed before sitting down. Perhaps if I tell Percy I was in the restroom when she came, he'll forgive me for letting her through.

After shuddering, he took another look at his magazine. A smile crept across his face. It was impossible to be upset when Jordy Driver was looking up at you…


He glanced up from the fireplace.

"We need to talk."

He glared at her.


"What in blazes, Ginevra. Can you not see that I am in the middle of an important meeting?"

Ginevra grabbed nearby oak chair. She pushed it until it was in front of his desk. Then she plopped down and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'll wait."

Percy cleared his throat and returned his attention to the fireplace. "Well, I uh, believe our meeting has concluded."

"Indeed it has," the woman on the other side replied. "Expect an official endorsement from the Pediatricians of Wizarding Britain within the next few hours. Your plan to reduce the number of squibs is brilliant, and we're thrilled you could get it through the Ministry in such a timely manner."

"I deeply appreciate all of your support," Percy answered.

"The pleasure is all mine," she replied.

The flames died.

Percy strolled over to his sister. "What is so important that you felt the need to disrupt my day?"

"This." Ginevra tossed the newspaper onto his desk.

Percy scratched his chin and examined the headline. "What exactly is so infuriating about the average wage of muggleborns increasing?"

"I'm not upset about muggleborns receiving equal pay," Ginevra growled.

Percy wiped his brow. "That is a relief. For a moment I believed you were absorbing the pureblood supremacist views of your spouse."

"First of all, my husband is not a pureblood supremacist."

"Excuse me, former pureblood supremacist. My deepest apologies."

"Like hell you are."

Percy's frown deepened.

"Anyway, I am outraged that this story was on the front page. There is a far more important event which the paper should be focusing on," Ginevra argued.

Percy raised an eyebrow. "What would that be?"

"The random attacks on various citizens."

"Attacks on citizens?"

"Yes, citizens such as me are being attacked in the middle of the night."

"You were attacked?"

Ginevra rolled up her sleeve, revealing a gash on her left arm. "Last night, I was struck by several cutting curses."

"Someone hit you with a sectumsempra?" Percy asked.

"No, these will not leave a scar."

"That's a relief. For a moment I believed there was dark magic afoot."

Ginevra scowled. "Aren't you the least bit curious as to who gave me these wounds?"

Percy twisted his lips. "Who?"



"Yes, Proudfoot."

Percy tapped his fingers on his desk. "I was unaware that he had launched an investigation against the Malfoys."

"He hasn't," Ginevra argued. "Nobody has launched an investigation against us, yet for the past two nights aurors have been attacking my house."

"Aurors have been attacking you?" Percy asked.

"Yes, aurors," Ginevra answered, "and we have not been the only victims of their attacks. We went over to Malfoy Manor. There's barely anything left of it."

"Ginevra," Percy slid his leather padded chair out from beneath his desk. "I deeply apologize for the trouble you seem to have found yourself in, but you were warned that an event such as this could occur. I believe Mother and Father tried to discourage you from marrying an ex-Death Eater in part because of his various enemies. You refused to listen though, so you cannot come crying to me because our worst fears are being realized."

"According to Blaise Zabini his house was attacked last night as well," Ginevra replied.

Percy sat down. "Again, the former Death Eaters have various enemies. I cannot assist you in tracking down all of them."

Ginevra asked, "How many enemies does Hogwarts have?"

Percy shrugged. "Not many I'd imagine."

"Well, Hogwarts has been attacked as well."

Percy closed his mouth.

Ginevra continued. "According to Scorpius, for the last two nights aurors and former students have burst into Hogwarts and attacked the staff. So far there are no injured students, but how long can we expect that to last?"

Percy scratched his desk.

"You're the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. You're also a candidate for the Minister of Magic. Surely you can think of some way to protect us," Ginevra demanded.

Percy glanced down.

"Damnit your daughter goes to Hogwarts!" Ginevra exclaimed. "If you can't help me, then at least help her."

"I will admit that the aurors' latest actions have been distressing."

"So you are aware of them?"

"Indeed I am."

"Great. Do something about them."

"I fear it isn't that simple."

Ginevra's eyes bulged. "H-how complicated can this be? People are attacking us, and we need protection. Shouldn't that be enough of a reason to act?"

"Of course we must act," Percy admitted. "But we must behave rationally."

"B-behave rationally?" Ginevra sputtered.

Percy nodded.

"How would we go about doing that?"

"We should not speak of these attacks until we know more information about them."

"So in other words, cover it up."

Percy said nothing.

"What is rational about covering this up?" Ginevra demanded.

Percy's voice lowered. "Do you understand what you are claiming?"

"I am claiming that I was attacked, an accusation I can back up with the condition of my house and the scratches on my body."

"No, you are accusing Wizarding Britain's finest of assaulting you for little reason."

"They believe their fighting in the Second Wizarding World."

"So they're sick?"


"Do you know the source of their illness?"


"Then there's nothing left to say."

Ginevra's face reddened.

"Dear sister," Percy began. "I cannot have people running amok claiming that they are being attacked by amnesiac Ministry employees. It would erode people's faith in those who are supposed to protect them. They will begin to doubt the efficacy of the Ministry."

"If you refuse to act, then people will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Ministry is ineffective."

"Can you explain to me why the aurors are attacking?"

She pursed her lips.

"Can you explain to anyone where their amnesia originated?"

Ginevra squirmed.

"That is what I thought," Percy leaned back in his chair. "The Ministry is all too aware of the attacks. We are diligently working on ascertaining the origin of this amnesia. Until we have concrete answers though, we refuse to release an official statement."

"So in other words," Ginevra drawled. "The people have no one to defend them."

"No," Percy raised his finger. "The Ministry is doing everything in its power to prevent an unnecessary panic. The minute we can determine the cause of the amnesia is the minute we will inform the public."

Ginevra gritted her teeth.

"Now that that's settled," Percy continued. "How is Orion faring?"

"He's terrified out of his mind because his home is being attacked on a nightly basis," Ginevra argued.

"Tell him not to fear," Percy replied. "The Ministry will protect him."

"No," Ginevra stood up. "The Ministry will cover its ass until it can take credit for solving a problem it helped perpetuate."

"Ginevra, don't be this way," Percy replied. "Settle down and consider my viewpoint."

She stomped towards the door.

"If you were in my position then you would understand the wisdom of my actions," Percy argued.

Ginevra placed her hand on the doorknob. "Oh I understand your actions perfectly well. As for being in your position…" she chuckled. "Be careful what you say. One day I may be sitting in your chair."

Percy raised an eyebrow.

"Good day," Ginevra trilled before stepping outside and closing the door behind her.

"Mr. Malfoy," the secretary began. "You cannot…"

He stopped. "Ginevra?"

Ginevra grunted. "I take it you've returned from France."

"I arrived home roughly a half hour ago," Lucius replied.

"I'd imagine you would like to speak with my brother about the condition of Malfoy Manor."

"It seemed like a logical course of action anyway. After all, he is a Ministry candidate. You would think he would be interested in the well-being of his citizens."

"Don't bother discussing anything with him," Ginevra answered. "He has his head so far up his arse he can barely breathe."

Lucius hummed.

Ginevra lowered her voice. "Whatever you're planning on doing, don't."

"Who said I was planning anything?" Lucius purred.

"I know you," Ginevra replied. "You have a plan."

"This time I do not." Lucius patted her on the shoulder. "For once, I will allow the chips to fall where they may."

With that, Lucius glided away.