Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 86

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"Dad knew you weren't his the entire time?"

Rose nodded before sniffing.

"Oh my God," Violet whispered.

Victor continued massaging Rose's back. "I am so sorry this is happening."

"Why are you apologizing?" Rose asked. "Mum and Dad are the ones who deceived me. They were the ones who pitied me for my entire life, not you."

Victor rubbed her back harder.

"I could recover from Mum's lie. She was terrified of living on the street, and desperate for us to have a name. If I am honest with myself, I cannot blame her. Perhaps in her position I would have done the same. Yet Dad," tears trickled down Rose's cheeks. "How could he spend his entire life feeling sorry for a child he claimed to love? How could he spend his entire life pitying me?"

"I don't think he ever pitied you," Violet whispered.

"Are you certain of that?" Rose asked.

"Yes," Violet answered.

"Then tell me how he viewed me," Rose demanded.

"I think he viewed you as his oldest daughter."

"No, he never did. I was only an object of pity for him."

"You cannot really think that," Violet began.

"Of course I can think that," Rose snapped. "He never would have adopted a child unless he pitied her from the bottom of his heart."

"Perhaps pity had nothing to do with his emotions towards you," Violet offered.

Rose wiped her face.

"Maybe he was willing to open his heart to you because he saw himself in you," Violet offered.

"He saw the worst aspects of himself." Rose snorted. "He saw that poor boy who grew up with nothing, and he was terrified that I would live a similar life."

"That sounds like compassion, not pity," Victor offered.

"No, it is pity at it's finest," Rose retorted. "Dad never saw me as anything other than that little girl who needed saving. I wasn't a child with promise, but a cause he desired to take on."

Violet blinked.

"He wanted to rectify all the wrongs which had been done to him, so he adopted me. Sure, he may have appeared to care for me, perhaps he did at points, but the reality is that I have always been an object of pity for him. He…he only loved me because I could give him his fortune. If he didn't need those galleons he would have left me out on the streets. He would have…" Rose's sobs prevented her from speaking any further.

"Oh Rose," Violet embraced her sister.

Rose cried on Violet's shoulder. "How could he and Mum have felt nothing but pity for me?"

Violet hugged her sister tighter.

"You two were the children Mum and Dad wanted, not me. They never pitied you, which is more than can be said for me," Rose finished.

"That isn't true, and you know it," Violet answered. "In your heart you know that Mum and Dad have felt nothing but love towards you."

Rose continued crying.

"I know things look horrible now," Victor began.

"Don't you dare tell me things will get better," Rose growled.

"I know they won't get better right away," Victor replied. "Nothing I say will change that fact that Mum and Dad lied to your face for a quarter of a century."

Rose untangled herself from Violet.

"Still, they did raise you. That has to count for something."

"It counts for little when you realize their true motives."

Victor answered. "You cannot truly believe that Mum and Dad feel nothing but pity towards you for these past twenty-five years."

Rose gasped for air. "I honestly do not know what to believe anymore."

"There's no need to believe anything right now," Violet answered.

Rose wiped her cheeks.

"The only thing you need to do right now is feel," Violet continued. "Tonight, feel free to feel whatever emotion you'd like."

"Believe me," Rose replied. "I have done quite a bit of feeling in these past few hours."

"Then let it out," Violet replied.

Rose raised an eyebrow.

"Go ahead and trash your quarters. You can throw all your clothes onto the floor, or tear up a few parchments. If you want, you can throw glass against the wall. You know how to repair it, so do it," Violet continued.

"You are being suspiciously specific in your descriptions," Rose noted.

Violet blushed. "I may have watched Zach do those things on Stanley's Corner after he discovered that Kendall slept with Ryan."

Rose scowled. "Of course you did."

Violet covered her mouth and snorted. Rose glared at her, but Violet smiled wider.

Victor stared at Violet, but she only burst out laughing.

"What in Merlin's name is so amusing?" Rose demanded.

Violet laughed harder.

"Dunderhead," Rose muttered. "I should have known those soap operas would rot out your brain. Now you can no longer reason properly."

Now Victor was rolling on the floor laughing.

"What is…" Rose smiled. "What is so amusing?"

"You," Violet gasped. "It's the way you talk and your expressions."

"What about them?"

"They are so you."

"So me?"

"Yes," Violet gasped. "When you re being yourself, well, it's nice to know that tonight's events haven't robbed you of your personality."

Rose chuckled. "I suppose I am somewhat unique."

"You are very unique," Victor replied.

Rose allowed herself to laugh along with her siblings. After a few minutes, they were taking deep breaths.

"Thank you," Rose inhaled. "I, I needed to laugh."

"We know," Violet answered.

Victor sat up straighter. "Regardless of what any DNA spell says, we love you."

"Even if I am only your half sister?"

"You are our full sister," Victor answered.

"Yes, you are," Violet added. "You are as much our sister now as you were yesterday."

"Thank you, both of you." Rose sighed. "I love you both, and will always consider you my full brother and sister."

"We are glad to hear it," Victor and Violet answered in unison.

Rose chuckled anew.

"It's good to hear you laughing again," Victor noted.

"It's good to laugh again," Rose replied before the light in her eyes died. "Still, I am confused as to why you two are here."

"What do you mean?" Violet asked.

"Well Violet, you are supposed to be in your dorm, and Victor, you must have an early morning."

Victor squirmed while Violet bowed her head.

"Why are you here?" Rose asked.

Victor and Violet glanced at each other.

"What brought you two here?" Rose demanded.

"Around eight, Victor stood outside the Slytherin Common Room and asked that I come with him," Violet began.

Rose turned to her brother. "You still do not have the courage to enter, do you?"

"The issue isn't one of courage, but of prudence," Victor argued.

Rose crossed her arms over her chest.

"I did not want to incur your wrath. After all, it was bad enough that Harry Potter snuck into the Slytherin Common Room on Dad's watch. The last thing I need is for you to discover that the same had happened to you."

"You are correct," Rose admitted. "Had I found out you entered, I would have hexed you into tomorrow."

"Indeed you would have," Victor answered.

"Still, neither of you is answering my question," Rose continued. "Why did you come to my quarters?"

No answer.

"Why are you here?" Rose demanded.

"We, uh," Victor swallowed. "We knew that you had recently discovered your true paternity."

The color drained from Rose's face. "How?"

"Rita Skeeter found out," Violet gulped. "And she wrote an article detailing the whole event."

"R-rita Skeeter?" Rose whispered.

Violet's eyes said it all.

"P-percy told Rita everything?"

"He did."

"And now the entire Wizarding World knows about Mum and Dad's deception?"

"I fear so."

Rose trembled.

"I," Victor cleared his throat. "I wish I could find a way to ease this blow, but I know nothing I say can possibly comfort you."

"Thank you for recognizing that," Rose answered.

"If it makes you feel any better," Violet began. "The Slytherins have all agreed that it doesn't matter who you are. We promise to stand behind you regardless of the circumstance."

"You have?" Rose asked.

"Yes," Violet nodded. "We have."

Rose's throat constricted. "It does not upset them that I may be a Weasley?"

"Not at all," Violet answered.

Rose said nothing.

"How could we not be anything but loyal to you? You are Professor Rose, the benevolent head of our house who doesn't allow those snotty Gryffindors to step all over us," Violet continued.

"Who are you calling a 'snotty Gryffindor?'" Victor asked.

Violet pointed to her brother. "You."

Rose's expression remained unchanged.

"We've heard the stories of what Hogwarts was like before you were hired as Head of the Slytherin House. For generations Gryffindors were the favorite house, and they were allowed to push us Slytherins around. When you came though," there was a spark in Violet's eyes. "You know how to intimidate Headmaster Longbottom into giving us a few privileges every once in a while."

Rose shrugged. "It has little to do with intimidation. Headmaster Longbottom is a sucker for Hershey's Kisses. If you promise him a bag of them he will do just about anything you want."

"Only you would find it appropriate to bribe the headmaster though," Violet noted.

"I suppose," Rose admitted.

"I know that the loyalty of the Slytherin House means little to you right now, but we are on your side," Violet promised.

Victor placed a hand on Rose's shoulder. "I am on your side as well."

Rose embraced her siblings.

It was always nice to have a Snape on one's side.