Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 71

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So many memories were on the other side of that doorway.

Standing in front of the door, inhaling the cool stale air, and hearing the shuffling of papers brought her back to her teenaged self. His strident voice echoed through her mind, barking out every sharp insult he could think of.

It was a wonder she had gotten through potions.

Graduation day had been nothing short of a relief. After seven long years she was free of him. No longer could he hold her grade hostage, or deduct points for belonging to the wrong house. At long last, she was free.

Free to investigate a case which led her back to the dungeons, interviewing Professor Snape's equally foul-tempered daughter.

She took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

No answer.

She jutted out her chin and knocked harder.


In a strong voice, she called, "This is the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Please open the door."

"Well," the voice on the other end drawled. "Since you asked so nicely, I shall be over in a moment."

The auror stepped back. Rose Snape's voice wasn't as low as she'd expected. In fact, it was downright feminine.

Rose Severa Snape was already full of surprises.

Professor Rose opened the door, her expression that of pure annoyance. Her black attire only accentuated her similarities to her father.

Yep, she was a Snape.

"May I help you?" Professor Rose asked.

"I need to get a statement from you concerning last night's events," she answered.

"What about last night do you want to discuss?"

"We would like a statement concerning your father's abduction of you."

"Yes, that," Professor Rose twirled the edge of her cape around her fingers. "I have decided not to press charges."

"I see," the auror answered.

"If you are quite finished Miss…"

"Bulaga," she interrupted. "Ms. Mattea Bulaga."

"Ms. Bulaga then," Rose stepped backwards. "If you are quite finished I have some essays which are in desperate need of grading."

"Danica McGrath has decided to press assault charges against your father," Mattea continued.

Professor Rose raised an eyebrow. "Has she now?"

"Yes," Mattea answered in a weak voice. "Which means you are a witness to a crime. As a witness, we need your statement."

Professor Rose clutched her cape. "I suppose I did witness an attempted abduction last night."

"Yes, and your testimony is valuable in this case," the auror argued.

"You're right," Professor Rose dropped her cape. "I watched Danica McGrath attempt to lock my father in St. Mungo's against his will, and I have yet to give a statement. I should go over the the Wizengamot and speak to them post haste."

"Danica did not attempt to kidnap your father."

"Yes, she did."

"Your father was posing a danger to himself and others…"

"Since when was having a civil conversation with one's daughter posing a threat?"

Mattea stepped back.

"My dad was calm and rational when Danica McGrath entered. He only became excited when it became clear that he was going to be detained in St. Mungo's against his will."

"Wait, what?"

"Did you not read the news today?"

"What news?"

Professor Rose handed her a parchment.

The auror glanced at the headline. "You really believe the things Draco Malfoy hands out?"

"In this case, I do," Professor Rose answered.

Mattea skimmed the first paragraph. Her eyes grew. "They finally found the cause of the amnesia?"

"Mum seems to think so." There was a spark of pride in Professor Rose's eyes.

Mattea smiled. "This is wonderful news! Perhaps we can find a treatment for everyone."

"That is my mum's fondest hope," Professor Rose answered in a soft, disarming voice.

Mattea's eyes glistened as she continued to read the parchment. "I do not know why your mum feels such guilt. Nobody could have foreseen this amnesia crisis during Fenrir's attacks."

"Dad has tried explaining that to her," Professor Rose answered. "It seems she is finally beginning to listen to him."

The auror held out the parchment. "This is honestly wonderful news, but it does not change the fact that your father is a wanted man."

"Have you read the second portion of the letter?"

"Why would I want to read more political drivel?"

"Are you sure it's merely political drivel?"

"Of course. I mean, other than your mum's article, all Draco Malfoy writes on are empty political promises."

"How certain are you of that?"

Mattela's face fell.

Professor Rose turned away from the parchment. "Keep reading."

The auror stared at the paper.

Professor Rose's voice was as deep as her father's. "Keep reading."

Mattea stuck her nose back into the parchment, feeling very much like the schoolgirl who was at the mercy of a dungeon bat.

The auror bit her lip. Beads of sweat formed the further along she went. By the time she had concluded that article, the parchment was shaking in her hands.

"Th-this isn't true," the auror stuttered.

Professor Rose's lips curled up. "What is not true?"

"The-the portion on the Ministry," she snapped. "It cannot be true."

"They have a source on record claiming to have heard Percy admit to the cover up himself."

"I'm sure it's another person jockeying for a political favor from Malfoy."

"Perhaps," Professor Rose admitted, "Though I cannot fathom what kind of political favor would entice a man such as George Weasley to betray his brother."

"George Weasley?" the auror squeaked.

Professor Rose nodded.

Mattea's eyes grew huge.

"Yes," Professor Rose answered. "George Weasley is the whistleblower."

The parchment fell to the ground.

"If I were you, I would scurry back to the Ministry and begin the paperwork exonerating my dad from any wrongdoing."

"He attacked an auror."

"Who was attempting to perform an illegal arrest."

Mattea swallowed.

"Go," Professor Rose hissed.

The auror fled.

Rose smirked.

Dad has taught me well.