Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 186

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The guard ran his thumb along the grooves of the golden galleon in his right hand. "You're positive that she is not amnesiac?"

Rose kept her focus on the steel door in front of her. "I am more than positive."

"How sure are you that you can prove it?"

"I am absolutely certain."

The guard made a fist over the coin. "If you can get the memory proving her guilt then go ahead and try. You'll be the prosecutor's best friend if you can help her get a conviction."

Rose's lips curled up. "I will do that and much more."

The guard opened the door and led Rose into a stark room. The walls were made of cracked concrete, the floor a faded red tile. What held Rose's attention was the red haired woman handcuffed to a steel table.


Rose winced. Did she ever get a headache from listening to her own voice?

"It's so good to see you after being stuck in that awful cage for so long!"

"You were correct." Rose sniffed and turned to the guard. "She does not recognize me, does she?"

The guard raised an eyebrow and drawled, "Well yes, out there we discussed how she was amnesiac."

"You told me but," Rose shook her head. "I did not want to admit how poorly off she was to myself."

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Molly asked as she stood.

"Please," Rose's voice cracked. "Please allow me to have some time alone with Grandma."

The gleam in Molly's eyes did not go unnoticed by Rose.

"Sure thing," The guard answered.

Rose kept her eyes on Molly as the door clicked behind her. "Oh Grandma, I was so worried about you!"

"Grandma?" Molly cocked her head. "Why would you call me Grandma?"

Rose strolled towards her. "Well, because you are my grandma!"

"H-how can I be your grandma, Hermione?"

"Simple," Rose sat down across from her. "I am not Hermione at all."

"You aren't?"

"No, I am the daughter she had with your son, Ron."

"Ron?" Molly asked. "How can Ron have a daughter?"

"He fell in love with Hermione, a few rounds of intercourse occurred, and I came into existence."

"No, he's too young to kiss Hermione, much less have a child with her."

"Apparently much has happened in the time between your latest memory and the present."

"Or so they tell me."

They sat in silence.

"What is your name?" Molly asked.


"Rose." Molly mused. "Why, what a pretty name!"

"I hate it," Rose frowned. "I have always hated it, but my father insisted upon that being my name, so I am stuck with it."

"Why would you hate your name?"

"It does not fit me."

"Why would you think that?"

"I never liked the idea of being named after a flower. I would have preferred to be named after a hero, such as Amata or Nymphadora."

"Those are pretty names."

"Indeed they are," Rose snorted. "I suppose I should not complain though. My middle name is worse than my first."

"What is your middle name?"

Rose shuddered. "I am ashamed even to say it."

"Surely it isn't that bad."

"Oh but it is. It is much worse than you could ever imagine!"

"What is it?"

Rose muttered something under her breath.

"Excuse me?"

Rose spoke up. "Severa. My middle name is Severa."

Molly turned green. "Why would anyone inflict that name on a child?"

"Because Mum cheated on your son with Severus Snape, and lied to him about my paternity. I was raised by him, despite the fact that he was a horrid father. She gave it to me to appease him, though it did nothing to soothe his temper."

"Wait?" Molly gasped. "Severus Snape raised you?"

"He did," Rose replied. "He was a neglectful father who made it clear he would never love me as much as he loves his biological children."

"That sounds horrible!"

"I know," a tear came to Rose's eyes. "The worst part is that I was denied a relationship with my real dad, Ron."

"But Ron and Hermione are so in love! How could she do this to him?"

"He loved her, but I do not believe she loved him. Instead of loving him, she hated him so much she had another man raise his child."

"How could she hate him?"

"I do not know."

"How did it happen? How did Snape get involved in all this?"

"Mum and Ron were together for seven years. Then they had a fight. He discovered she was cheating on her, but wanted to work things out. Severus had just inherited a large amount of money, and she wanted it. So she trapped Severus Snape into marriage by claiming I was his."

"I knew it!"

Rose blinked.

"Oh Hermione would do something that callous to Ron! I knew he should've stayed away from that awful woman!"

"I would say I wish Ron had stayed away from Mum, but then I would not have been born, and I quite like existing."

"I suppose that's true."

"A few months ago I discovered that my parents had lied to me about my paternity. I yelled at them and told them how loathsome they had become, but they threatened to cut me out of the inheritance if I rebelled against them."

"How much money do they have?"

Rose leaned closer and whispered, "They are worth over nine hundred million galleons."

Molly's eyes bulged.

"It was wrong of me to care about the money, but I need it to help my real father out of his gambling debts." Bile was racing up Rose's throat, but she did not so much as wince.

"Ron is in financial trouble?"

"He is," Rose leaned back "He has thousands of galleons in gambling debts. All I want to do is help him and establish a relationship with him, but my parents thwarted me at every turn. They forced me to say despicable things to him, saying if I did not they would disinherit me, making it impossible for me to help him."

Molly's face was turning red. "I knew the Snapes were horrible, but nothing could've prepared me for this."

"Last night was the final straw," Rose continued. "They have you and your sons imprisoned for a crime I know you didn't commit. I cannot stand the sound of their names anymore! I should really begin to call them Hermione and Severus. They never deserved the designation of my parents!"

"No, they did not."

"Something must be done."

"What do you plan to do?"

"To begin I am going to change my name. Then I am going to find a way to resort myself into Gryffindor to cut the last tie between myself and my supposed father. Then I am quitting my job as a potions mistress to become a reporter on Quidditch. That will show my dad how little control he has over me."

"That isn't enough," Molly's voice was low.

"What would be enough?" Rose asked in the most innocent voice she could muster.

"If I'm being honest I cannot punish them more than they are already being punished by fate," Molly admitted. "Cancer is a terrible disease. I can only imagine how much Hermione must be suffering now."

"Oh she is not suffering at all," Rose replied. "She is dead."

Molly's mouth hung open.

Rose sighed. "I suppose it has been unethical to speak so ill of the dead, but in circumstances such as this I feel honesty is in order."

"She, she died?" Molly asked.

"Yes, she is dead from magical overload."

"Oh you poor thing! You must be devastated!"

"Not particularly," Rose replied. "After all she did I am simply happy to have that toxic relationship expelled from my life."

"What about Severus? How is he handling the news?"

"Dad, I mean Severus, is beside himself. Yet he has told me he never wants to see me again. He will only interact with his biological children now."

"I should've expected as much from him."

Rose reached over and took Molly's hand. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears. "I want to build a relationship with you and your family, one free of the domineering influence of Severus Snape. I want to use the Snape fortune to pay off Ronald's gambling debts while my father suffers for all he put me through."

"And he will suffer!" Molly stood and banged the table. "Together we will not rest until he is on his knees!"

"What shall we do though?"

"First we need to strip him of his fortune and convince your siblings that he is not worth their time. He should be stripped of everything and everyone he loves."

"He should be! I mean look at all he's done!"

"Yes!" Molly exclaimed. "Oh I knew he was rotten from the minute I laid eyes on him. Spying for the light? Ha! He probably gave Voldemort most of our secrets with a smile on his face!"

"He was grinning the entire time," Rose replied. "He would brag about it to Mum sometimes too. He said that it did not matter who won the war because he would be well taken care of because he could always play both sides. It was all one big game to him!"

"Ooh that man! I should've known his innocent act was nothing more than a facade."

"What innocent act?"

"You know, how after the war everything was everyone else's fault! He stayed secluded in his shack and moped for years, at least until he seduced Hermione, God rest her soul."

"Wait, he stayed secluded in his shack after the war?"

"Yes he did. Sure, sometimes he would crawl out of his sewer and make a Ministry appearance, but for the most part he just brooded and made others as miserable as possible when he went to those balls."

"What balls are you referring to?"

"There was one a couple of years before your mother seduced him. He whined about the violins being out of tune and how bland the food was. Nobody was good enough to be his dance partner. Everyone who came in contact with him was miserable the entire evening, with the possible exception of your mum because she's just as awful!"

"He did not behave much better after I was born either, did he?"

"No, he didn't!" Molly continued. "There was one Ministry Ball commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Final Battle. He was complaining about how the music was too slow, and Hermione teased him about how he was simply too afraid to dance. He was so sour towards your mother I almost feel sorry for her!"

"This occurred when I was three, correct?"

Molly scratched the table. "Yes, I would say you were three."

"Do you know what I find amazing about this conversation?"


Rose gave her a predatory grin. "I was born seven years after the Great War. I find this fascinating because your sons do not remember anything before my dad killing Dumbledore."

Molly blanched.

Rose stood. "I could give you a speech about how much I love my parents and how thrilled I am that Mum managed to survive her ordeal. Yet, I think testifying against you in court would be far more satisfying. It is much better to allow my actions to speak louder than my words."

Rose made her way towards the door.


She knocked on the door. "Guard?"


The guard opened the door.


The guard glanced at Molly, then at Rose.

"I would like to speak to the lead investigator in this case. I believe I have some useful memories for her."


The guard blinked. "Yeah, I would say you do."

With that, Rose exited the room, leaving Molly behind once and for all.