Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 56

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Severus gazed at his sleeping wife, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind. Did I say something atrocious to her last night, or was I wise enough to keep my mouth shut? Does she still view me as her beloved husband, or am I becoming a monster to her? When all this has concluded, is there any way I could show her how grateful I am that she remains in my life?

Hermione rolled over.

Severus swallowed and threw on his nightshirt

It would be too cruel to sneak off into the library without at least giving her a proper greeting. Even if she is hurt by my actions, she deserves to know that my memories have returned, and that I am available, should she want me.

He slid onto his place of the bed.

"S-Severus?" Hermione breathed.

"Yes, love?" he whispered.

She moved closer to him. Her lips curled up into a half smile. "I was wondering when you would return."

"I am here now."


Severus kissed her cheek.

Hermione pried open her eyes. "Severus, we need to talk."

His stomach dropped. "What do you wish to talk about?"

"I did some research which will be of interest to you," she yawned.

Severus stroked her hair. "Can it wait until later in the morning?"

"I honestly don't know." Her eyes drooped closed.

"You need some sleep."

"No, no I need to tell you about my conclusions."

He wrapped his arms around her. "Later in the morning, you may tell me anything."

"No, I mean, what time is it now?" She asked.

He kissed her forehead. "It is a little after the dawn."

"Then I need," she opened her eyes. "I need to speak with you."

"You need to sleep."

"But, I did some research." She yawned again. "You need to understand my research."

"Am I going to perish within the next five minutes if I do not hear your conclusions?" he asked.

"You won't," she admitted as she closed her eyes.

"Then let's wait until you are more conscious to discuss this," Severus suggested.

Hermione buried her head into Severus' nightshirt.



"I'm glad you returned home safely."

Severus pulled her closer. "As am I."

He watched as her breathing slowed. His eyes fell upon her arm.

She had been scratching at it again.

I shouldn't care about them.

Scorpius allowed the floo powder to sift through his fingers. The fireplace was as cold as the November morning.

After everything Grandfather put Mum through, I cannot believe he would forgive Percy so easily. You'd swear my uncle's only crime was littering. What gives Grandfather the right to refuse to forgive Mum for marrying a man who adores her, yet he can forgive Uncle Percy for abandoning him?

I really shouldn't care where Percy took them.

Still, it is Mum's family. She deserves to know what Percy has done, if only for her own curiosity's sake. For all I know, this information could aid in Dad's campaign, or it could cause unnecessary drama. I suppose there's only one way to know how Percy's actions will affect Mum...

Scorpius threw the powder into the fireplace and called, "Malfoy Manor."

The orange flames crackled. Within a few moments, they became azure.


"Hello Orion. Are Mum and Dad awake?"

The boy grinned. "Maybe."

Scorpius frowned.

"Maybe not. I don't want to say."

"Orion, this is no time for playing games. I need to speak to them as soon as possible."


"Because someone may be doing some bad things, and that person may need to be stopped."

Orion gasped. "Did someone attack Hogwarts again?"

"Someone tried to, but they were stopped," Scorpius replied.

"Well, that's good," Orion answered.

"Indeed it is," Scorpius replied.

"So now that you aren't in danger, you can come over and play action heroes with me, right?"

"Maybe later."

"You always say that."

"Well this time I mean it. I will play action heroes with you if you tell me whether or not Mum is awake."

"I am quite awake."

The tension in Scorpius' body evaporated. "Hello Mum."

"Hello Scorpius." Ginevra's face appeared in the flames. "Are you hurt?"

"No," Scorpius replied, "But I do have some news which you may find important."

Ginevra gave Orion a look. "Dear, it's time to set the table."

"Can't the house elves do it?"

"I suppose they can, if you would not like a sickle for your efforts."

Orion's eyes lit up. "Bye Scorpius! I love you!"

He disappeared.

Ginevra sighed. "My son is turning into Abraxas. All you need to do is wave a sickle in front of him and he'll do whatever you ask."

Scorpius chuckled. "At least he's willing to work for his sickles."

"He does have that going in his favor," Ginevra cleared her throat. "But I suspect you did not call me to discuss Orion."

"No," Scorpius answered. "I did not."

"What do you need?" She asked.

He coughed. "Last night, Grandfather, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Charlie attempted to enter Hogwarts."

"Great," Ginevra muttered.

Scorpius continued, "Rose and I were about to stop him from entering before Uncle Percy came."

Ginevra's eyes grew. "Percy was there?"

"Yes," Scorpius replied. "And he convinced them to take a portkey to The Three Broomsticks."

"Wait," Ginevra drawled. "Why would he take Dad, Bill and Charlie, to a bar?"

"That's what I'd like to know," Scorpius answered.

"There are a few other things I would like to know as well."

"What kinds of things?"

Ginevra rubbed her chin. "First, how did Percy know where to find them? Second, if they believed to be fighting in the Second Wizarding War, then why did they trust him so willingly? Third, and perhaps most importantly, where did he actually take them?"

"I wish I had the answers," Scorpius answered.

"So do I," Ginevra hummed.

Scorpius fidgeted.

"Thank you for telling me about this. You've been a huge help."

"You're very welcome."

Silence fell between them.

"What are you planning on doing now?" Scorpius asked.

"I have no idea," Ginevra answered.

Scorpius exhaled.

"Still, I will find some way to get to the bottom of this," Ginevra promised.

"I'm sure you will," Scorpius answered.

Ginevra examined him. "Is their disappearance the only thing bothering you?"


"What else is wrong?"

"I'm sure you don't want to hear about it."

Ginevra's expression softened. "If I didn't want to hear about your issues, I wouldn't have asked you."

Scorpius grinned. "No, I suppose not."

"Then please tell me," Ginevra answered. "What is wrong?"

Scorpius continued, "When Percy and the others were talking, they discussed how Percy had abandoned the family."

"He hurt Dad deeply when he left."

"Yet they seemed to forgive him there on the spot."

Ginevra frowned. "Well, in retrospect I suppose Percy did very little to get back into their good graces. After a few of his apologies and a few of my mum's speeches, it was as if nothing had happened."

"Why did they forgive him, yet they won't give you a moment's peace?" Scorpius asked.

Ginevra looked up at the ceiling. "They wanted Harry to be their seventh son, and I did not comply with their wishes. Sadly, there's nothing more to it than that."

"That is no reason for them to treat you as they have," Scorpius noted.

Her voice was just above a whisper. "No, it is not."

Scorpius swallowed. "I did not mean to upset you…"

Her expression lightened. "Do not worry about me. I am fine."


"My family is my business. You need not worry about them or me. Do you understand?"

Scorpius stared into the flames.

"Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I do."

"Good," Ginevra answered. "Now, I would strongly suggest you get a couple hours of sleep before classes start. You need to be at your best when discussing the best ways to ward off a vampire."

"You're right," he replied. "I do."

Ginevra blew him a kiss. "I love you son."

"Yes." He blew one back, "I love you too, Mum."

The floo connection died.

Scorpius took a moment to stare at the ashes, wondering how someone like Mum could be related to someone like Uncle Percy.

"Pancakes?" Hermione asked.

Severus adjusted the table tray until it was in front of Hermione. "Yes, I thought you would enjoy them."

"I do enjoy pancakes, but you did not need to make them for me."

"Yet I wanted to."

Hermione fluffed her pillows before sitting up straighter. "I, I don't know what to say."

He kissed her on the lips. "You need not say anything."

Hermione picked up her fork and began to cut her pancakes. Severus looked on, his eyes agleam.



"There," Hermione dropped the eating utensil. "We need to talk, now."

"What is troubling you?" he asked.

Hermione shook. "Last night, after your episode, I conducted some research. I compared a few lists, and I have reached a few conclusions."

"What would those be?" Severus asked.

Hermione trembled as she gazed into Severus' eyes. "It's my fault that you are having episodes."