Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 157

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Rose trudged through the fireplace. She took a deep breath before dusting the soot off her robes. Her cape swished as she moved, just as Dad's would.

Her lips curled up. Dad was right, I am quite the little Snape.


She startled.

A figured emerged from the shadows.

"Violet, how on earth did you get in here?"

"That isn't important right now."

"I would say that it is very important given that it is past curfew."

Violet kept her gaze on her sister. "How is Mum doing?"

The last of the soot fell from Rose's cape. She looked into her sister's eyes. Instead of a defiant teenager, she saw the little six year old clinging to her stuffed unicorn and asking to sleep in her sister's room because she had a nightmare.

Rose strolled towards her couch, "Mum is well all things considered."

"How well is well?" Violet asked.

Rose sat on. "She is fatigued, but in good spirits."

Violet relaxed. "I'm happy to hear that."

"She sends you her love. She told me to tell you that she wishes she could see you, but she knows you're doing well in your studies."

"Thank you."

"That being said," Rose frowned. "Mum would prefer it if you did not get a detention tonight."

Violet's eyes grew. "You would give me a detention for asking how my mom is doing?"

"No," Rose's voice was softer. "I would never give you a detention for asking about Mum. I am all too aware though that it is past curfew and that you are not the best at sneaking down the corridors. I fear you will have a run in with a prefect."

"First of all," Violet sat beside her sister on the couch. "I am excellent at sneaking around prefects."

"You are terrible at sneaking about. I can hear you coming from kilometers away."

"The only reason I can't sneak past you is because you have special older sister powers."

"Older sister powers?" Rose drawled.

Violet nodded. "No matter what I do you always know when I'm around. It's like you have some kind of special power."

"I am simply observant," Rose replied. "You need to be vigilant in order to be the head of a house."

"Maybe, but you and Dad detect everything. It's annoying beyond belief."

"No, what is annoying is that you insist upon going behind our backs to do things you know would upset us."

Violet gave her a lopsided grin.

"In all seriousness," Rose put a hand on Violet's shoulder. "You should not have risked a detention to see me. I would have told you about Mum in the morning."

"I know," Violet answered. "Still, I couldn't focus on anything other than Mum today. Every time I tried to do my work or plan my N.E.W.T.S. project my mind turns to Mum. I couldn't wait to know how she was doing anymore."

"I can imagine," Rose answered.

"I'm scared," Violet whispered. "I'm so scared for her."

Rose embraced her sister. "I am terrified for her too."

Violet choked, "I never thought about her getting cancer before. I knew it could come back, but I was so young when it first happened. I'd always imagined that a cure would be found before it returned, or that she'd be lucky and never have it return. Now that I can see the mark on her arm. I watch her go through that treatment…"

Rose squeezed her sister.

"It isn't fair," Violet sobbed. "Mum never deserved to be tortured for being a muggle born. She doesn't deserve to have all that dark magic cast into her body. Why does she have to endured a slow, torturous disease when people like Bellatrix died quick deaths?"

"I wish I knew," Rose massaged Violet's back.

"I know there's nothing I can do for Mum other than live my life, but I want to do more. I wish I could do more."

"You are doing everything you possibly can by studying for your magizology hunt and loving her."

"Does she know how much I love her?"

Rose pulled away from Violet. "How could you ever ask such a question?"

"Because I am not always the best daughter. You know how bratty I can be, and how I don't always do as I am told. Then there's the fact that I'm leaving soon. I'm going to search for Fawkes where I will be out of communication for as long as a few weeks. What if Mum gets sicker and thinks I've abandoned her?" Violet sniffed.

"Mum would never think that."

Violet wiped her face.

"Violet, Mum knows you love her, and she loves you. She would be proud of you if she knew what you planned to do."

"What if I fail and she gets sicker? Would the search for Fawkes be worth it then?"


Violet cocked her head.

"Even if you do not find Fawkes, you tried to succeed in your dreams. At the end of the day, that is all that matters."

"Is it?"

Rose gave her a small smile. "To Mum and Dad, yes."

Violet took a shaky breath. "Thank you, Rose."

"I am always happy to tell you the truth," Rose cleared her throat. "That being said, we should get you a cup of peppermint tea."


Rose nodded. "It is not advisable to return to your dorm upset."

"I would be less upset if I saw Mum and Dad," Violet squeaked.

"I know, but Mum is asleep, and Dad is reviewing some notes for a possible amnesia cure. It will do you no good to see them," Rose replied.

"Okay," Violet answered.

"That being said, I can make you some tea to calm your nerves. Then, I will personally escort you to your dorms. The prefects will give you no problems if I explain the situation."

"That won't be necessary."

"Excuse me?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you before," Violet reached into her pocket and pulled out a parchment. "Headmaster Longbottom gave me a note so I could see you tonight."

Rose took the note from her and examined it.

"He didn't think it was okay for me to leave the school grounds, but he thought it was fine if I spoke to you after you saw Mum," Violet explained.

Rose grinned. "So he did."

"Anyway, I can walk back whenever I feel like it."

"I would suggest you return within an hour or so simply so it doesn't appear as if you're taking advantage of the headmaster's generosity."

"That's fine."

"All that being said," Rose stood. "I did promise you tea."

"That you did," Violet answered.

Rose extended her hand. "You are an excellent sister and daughter. Do not ever forget that."

Violet took her hand and stood. "Thank you."

"I am only telling you the truth," Rose answered.

Violet squeezed her sister's hand. "For what it's worth, you're a good sister too."

"I try to be anyway," Rose whispered.

"For the most part you succeed," Violet gave her a playful scowl. "Except you did give me an Acceptable instead of an Exceeds Expectations on my potion essay last week."

"I told you." Rose began as she and Violet made their way to the kitchen. "You are a brilliant magizologist, but your knowledge of love potions leaves a lot to be desired."

"Well, if I'll never need a love potion then why should I care how to make one?" Violet asked.

"It is important to recognize one though," Rose argued.

"I can do that."

"I am less than confident of that given the content of your paper."

"It doesn't matter if I can identify one or not. If I ever get poisoned I'll ask my dad and my sister to help me. That seems like a decent solution."

Rose smiled. "I suppose when you put it that way, it seems like a more than acceptable solution."

"So I get an Exceeds Expectations now, right?"


Violet laughed. "I had to try."

Rose took a deep breath. "Yes, I suppose you wouldn't be the Violet I know if you didn't try."

Violet hugged her sister. "I love you Rose."

Rose returned the embrace. "I love you too."

Violet grinned.

It was nice to have an older sister who cared.

How dare they!

Molly paced the floor and raised her fists. She attempted to scream, but not a sound came out.

She hit the fireplace. Those Snapes think they can run all over everyone and steal my grandchildren. They have Rose so brainwashed that she can't see reason. No, worse, they raised her to be an ungrateful brat who doesn't care for anyone but herself! Those vile Snapes!

Molly's face went red. There has to be a way to get Rose to be reasonable, but what would it be.

She tapped the fireplace mantel. I could give Rose a potion which would make her listen to us, but she could probably sense it if I put it in her drink. I could challenge the Snapes to a duel, but they'll just shut me up with this stupid spell.

Molly slumped onto the floor. I have to do something. My family needs to be together, and the Snapes need to pay for what they've done. How can I make them pay though?

She scratched her chin. Then, her eyes lit up. She rubbed her hands together.

Yes, there was a way to make Rose see reason and get her away from these Snapes once and for all.