Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 88

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"I heard she's Professor Weasley now."

"Maybe she dyed her hair red."

"Where is she anyway?"

"I heard she fled to Paraguay the second the truth was exposed."

"Maybe she went to Peru to be with her real father."

"Who do you think our new potions professor will be?"

"Nobody. Professor Rose is still here."

"If she's still here, then why wasn't she at breakfast?"

"Great point."

"She must have been sick."

"Yeah, sick of pretending to be a Snape."

"You don't really think being exposed as a Weasley would be enough to force someone to quite their job, do you?"

"Wouldn't you want to leave if you found out your father was a disgraced Quidditch star who kidnapped you?"

"I suppose I would."

"Maybe she really is gone then."

"I'll bet our new potions professor will be Ms. Khan. I really liked her."

"I wouldn't get my hopes up. She probably didn't come to breakfast because she wasn't hungry."

"No, she quit."


The students startled.

Professor Rose stormed into the potions classroom, robes billowing behind her. She faced the students.

Nagini would have recoiled at her scowl.

Professor Rose began in a low voice. "Today you are to make an invigoration draught."

Complete silence.

Professor Rose pounded the ingredient jars onto her desk.

No one moved.

She barked, "Is there a reason you are staring at me instead of working on your assignment?"

A few Slytherins stood and crept towards her desk. The Gryffindors stared at her, as if she would hex them at any moment.

"Am I stuttering?" Professor Rose snapped. "This potion takes some time to create, time which you are frittering away by staring into space."

Half the Gryffindors made their way to the ingredients.

A hand shot up.

"Here you go," a Slytherin muttered as she handed the frog's tongue to a Gryffindor.

"Thank you," he mumbled.


Students scurried around the room, ingredients in hand.


"What?" Rose growled, never taking her eyes off of her jars.

"What are we supposed to call you?"

Everyone froze.

Professor Rose locked eyes with the student. "What did you just say, Molly?"

Molly smirked. "What are we supposed to call you now?"

Professor Rose snarled. "Fifty points from Gryffindor for asking such an inane question."

Two Gryffindors looked at Molly and shook their heads. A third mouthed, "shut up."

"It isn't an inane question," Molly continued.

The Gryffindor to her right set down his ingredients.

"All of us know your little secret. The Daily Prophet made sure to include every detail."

"I am pleased to know that you are capable of reading a newspaper. Now kindly stop yammering on about nothing and collect your ingredients."

"I need my question answered first," Molly argued.

Professor Rose made a fist.

"We don't know what to call you since you are not who everyone claimed you were," Molly continued. "What is your name?"

"My first name has remained unchanged," she replied. "You may call me Professor Rose as you always have."

Molly smirked. "Whatever you say, cousin."

The student sitting beside her scooted his chair as far from the redhead as possible.

In a low voice, Professor Rose growled, "You will serve detention with Professor Malfoy from today until Friday."

"Why am I getting a detention for asking a simple question?" Molly asked.

Professor Rose pointed to the door and hissed, "Go to Headmaster Longbottom's office."


"Get to Headmaster Longbottom's office now before I send him down here to collect you."

Molly shrugged. "Fine."

Professor Rose snorted. "Needless to say, you have failed today's lesson."

"Perhaps, but at least I know your name," Molly answered

"One hundred points from Gryffindor for your attitude."

Molly skipped out of the room, a smile plastered onto her face.

Professor Rose reached into her desk and pulled out a parchment. While the students finished collecting their ingredients, she scribbled down a note.

"The dunderhead probably ran off to frolic in the mud," Professor Rose muttered before snapping her fingers. "Headmaster Longbottom will have quite an enjoyable time hunting her down."

A brown, horned owl flew from her quarters to atop her desk. Professor Rose tied the note she'd been writing to her owl's leg. Then she ordered, "Take that note to Headmaster Longbottom immediately. He needs to know what types of dunderheads are running amok.

The last of the students returned to his seat.

With a hoot, the owl soared away.

Professor Rose sat at her seat and glared at her students. Nobody dared to converse. All was at peace for forty-five minutes.


Four rows from Professor Rose, the Slytherins watched as green muck oozed from a golden cauldron. The student responsible for the disruption trembled as her peers shifted away.

"What have you done?" Professor Rose snapped.

A large bubble grew until it was twice the size of the cauldron.

"I…I…" the student in question stammered.

The bubble erupted. Green slime covered the classroom.

"You dunderhead!" Professor Rose shouted, her face beet red. "Did you not know that the ginseng is added after the frog's tongue? It should never be added beforehand for this very reason. Did I not teach you that when you were in your second year?"

The student's lip quivered.

"One hundred points from Slytherin for Dolores' folly."

Dolores covered her face and sobbed.

Professor Rose's face returned to its usual hue. The scowl evaporated from her face.

"I'm sorry…" Dolores cried. "I am so sorry."

Professor Rose's voice was hardly above a whisper. "Go to the back closet and pick up a mop and a pail. Clean up as much of this mess as you can. Whatever you do not clean will be mopped up this evening."

She sniffed and nodded.

The students in Dolores' row moved their chairs, granting her access to the closet. She wiped her nose on her sleeve before opening the back closet.

All eyes remained on Dolores as she calmed herself and pulled out the mop.

Professor Rose exclaimed, "What part of this class ends in forty-five minutes is so difficult to grasp? Return to the task at hand or you'll be scrubbing the floors with her."

Everyone returned to their work.

Professor Rose slumped in her chair. She buried her head into her hands, knowing that once again, she was pushing away the very people who had promised to support her.