Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 135

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"Thank you for allowing me to spend New Year's with you," Molly dabbed her eyes with a piece of tissue paper and sniffed. "Everyone else is at George's house. They've all abandoned me! Everyone but you is gone!"

"Oh. I mean you could have gone with them too. I would've been fine on my own."

"No, I know it sounds awful, Ron, but I can't stand the idea of looking at your father, not after the way he destroyed our family. I asked if everyone would like to come over and spend New Year's Day with me, but everyone said they were too busy. Then I found out they were all with him!"

Molly burst into tears. Ron scooted towards her and embraced her. "There, there Mum. Everything is going to be okay."

"No it's not okay. Nothing is ever going to be okay," Molly wailed. "My family is falling apart, and everyone thinks it's my fault."

"I don't think it's your fault," Ron replied.

"You don't need to be nice to me…"

"I'm not being nice to you. I really don't think this is your fault."

Molly hiccuped.

"You're a great Mum, and it's terrible that no one sees that except for me."

Molly dug her fingers into the orange cushion of her son's couch. "You're the only one who understands my situation. Everyone else believes I'm a villain."

Ron patted her back. "You aren't a villain. You're the greatest Mum who ever lived."

Molly glanced up at him. "Do you really think so?"

Ron nodded. "I do."

She hugged him. "I love you so much, Ronniekins."

He bit his tongue. Why does she insist on calling me that awful nickname?

"This shouldn't be happening though," Molly whined.

"What shouldn't be happening?" Ron asked.

"I shouldn't be coming to you with my problems, not when there's so much going on in your life right now," Molly answered.

"Things have been okay for the most part," Ron released his mother.

"They have been?" Molly asked.

Ron smiled. "Thanks to Percy's payments I was able to pay off most of my creditors…"


Ron gulped.

"What did Percy pay you for?"

"It uh, doesn't matter."

"The heck it doesn't. I'm the mother of both of you. I have a right to know what he's paying you for."

Ron shook.

"What were you paid to do?" Molly demanded.

"Percy he uh," Ron paled. "He paid me to prove that I am Rose Snape's father."

"You were paid to say you were Rose Snape's father?"

"Well, actually I was paid to show proof that I was Rose Snape's father."

"What kind of proof?"

Ron blushed. "Do you really want to know?"

"No," Molly turned green "I don't."

"Anyway," Ron continued. "Percy paid off my gambling debts so long as I could that I could be Rose Snape's father."

Molly's eyes lit up. "But there's a chance you aren't her father."

"No," he answered. "Rose is my daughter."

"Hermione could have…"

"No, she never slept with Snape until they were married. She was only with me."

Molly frowned.

"Look, I'm really sorry I didn't wait until marriage. Looking back sleeping with Hermione was a mistake and I know I was irresponsible to let Snape raise her. I promise I'm fixing that now," Ron replied.

"Why didn't you raise Rose?" Molly asked.

"Do we have to do this now?"

"Yes, I want to know why you wouldn't raise Rose."

Ron groaned.

"How could you allow that awful Severus Snape to raise your daughter?" Molly asked. "You know what kind of man he is. How could you ever allow him within twenty meters of your daughter?"

"I was really scared of being a father," Ron admitted. "I didn't want to be a father, so I chickened out and let Snape raise her."

Molly furrowed her eyebrows.

"That, and I really didn't love 'Mione anymore either. You wouldn't want me to spend my life with someone I didn't love, would you?"

Molly scowled. "I wish you'd never met that bitch."

"I kinda do too," Ron replied. "She really is annoying."

"Ooh," Molly's face was rouge. Veins stuck out of her neck. "Hermione is a piece of work. Everyone acts like she's such a perfect heroine. In reality, you and Harry did all the work, and she just rode on your coattails. Nobody would've given her the time of day if she wasn't a muggleborn and people were so interested in promoting diversity."

"I only liked her because I felt sorry for her," Ron answered. "That and she was attractive enough. When she did her hair right she could be beautiful."

"Beauty is only skin deep."

"I know, and I've learned my lesson. I won't get engaged to someone just because she's hot again."

Molly gritted her teeth. "I just wish there was some way of making her pay for the pain she's put this family through."

"I don't know how to make her pay," Ron began. "But I know how to irritate her."


"I'm going to win back Rose."

Molly's expression softened. "You are?"

"Yes," Ron replied.

Molly drawled, "how?"

"Well, Severus and Hermione Snape have a lot of money. That means they can buy things for Rose, which is probably the only reason she likes them."

"Are you certain Rose only likes them for their money?"

Ron closed his mouth.

"I am no fan of the Snapes, but I will admit that none of them seems overly materialistic," Molly replied.

"'Mione only wanted my money," Ron argued.

Moly raised an eyebrow.

"When we were together, Hermione was some secretary making minimum wage. I was the Quidditch star making millions. That's why she kept pushing me for marriage: she wanted more money."

"Well, she did marry Severus fairly quickly after you broke up with her. If they both knew the entire time that Rose wasn't his then it stands to reason that her only motivation for being with him was money."

"Exactly, Snape had money. If he didn't have money she never would've looked in his direction."

"That does make sense," Molly hugged Ron again. "My poor baby! Snape stole your fiancée because he wanted money, and she left you because she wanted his money."

"I know," Ron snorted. "It's horrible."

"You are so lucky to be rid of them," Molly replied.

"I know," Ron sniffled. "But it doesn't change the fact that my daughter is being raised by them."

"Which is horrible!"

"But I think I know a way to win her over."


"Well," Ron wrung his hands and put on the most innocent expression he could muster. "I was hoping you would let me have a piece of jewelry that I could give Rose."

Molly growled. "You want me to give Rose my jewelry?"

"No," Ron answered. "I want you to give your granddaughter a piece of jewelry."

"I don't want anything of mine to fall into those horrible Snapes' hands!" Molly argued.

"I don't want that either," Ron replied. "But if I give Rose a family heirloom, she'll realize that I'm serious about wanting her in my life. She'll have no choice but to love me."

"How do you know she just won't give it to her miserable parents so they can wear it themselves?"

"Do you think the Snapes want our jewelry?"

"Good point," Molly muttered.

"Mum," Ron leaned closer to her. "I made a huge mistake in allowing Hermione to walk away from me, but I'm trying to make it right. I'm really trying to make up for what I've done."

Molly bit her lip.

"Please Mum," Ron folded his hands. "I only have one daughter, and she thinks she's a Snape. She thinks I don't care about her because her parents are turning her against me. I need help. I really, really need your help."

"Well," Molly's lips curled up. "I don't really need my wedding ring anymore, do I?"

"I mean, if you want to get back together with Dad you can," Ron noted.

"I don't want anything to do with that man anymore." Molly grabbed the run on her finger. "He never listens to me, he always treats me like a child, and there's no more passion in our marriage."

Ron swallowed the bile rising up his throat. The last thing he needed was the image of his parents feeling any type of passion toward each other.

"No," Molly yanked off her ring. "I am done with that man forever. As far as I'm concerned Rose can have this ring. Hell, Hermione and Severus can have this ring. They can melt it down and sell the diamond. I'm through with your father."

Ron's eyes lit up. "Oh thank you."

Molly placed the ring in his hand. "There is no need to thank me. It's about time I have a new start. It's time I start living life the way I want to."

"What do you plan on doing?" Ron asked.

"First and foremost, I am going to be the best mother and grandmother I can be," Molly began. "With any luck, I can even be a good grandmother to Rose."

"Rose needs a good grandmother," Ron noted. "Snape's parents are dead, and Hermione's parents are horrid."

"Don't remind me," Molly spat. "They were so ungrateful for my advice on how their daughter should behave, and never wanted to talk about things which interested me. All they did was complain about us. They never appreciated the sacrifices we made to come see them in Australia."

"I know! They're house was so stuffy and cramped. They always acted like it was an inconvenience that we were there, but we were just trying to liven up their holiday."

"Hermione gets her horrible manners from her parents. Really nobody could've expected her to be anything more than an ill-tempered bitch."

"See, Rose will love this ring because she'll finally have a real extended family, not that awful one given to her by the Snapes," Ron replied.

"Oh I am going to have so much fun with Rose," Molly's eyes glistened. "I am going to teach her how to do proper things such as cooking, running a household and being kind to others. This time next year, she'll realize just how wonderful it is to be a Weasley."

"Exactly," he answered. "We'll show her what it's like to be a member of a real family. Within a couple of months she'll forget that the Snapes ever existed."

"I'll be she'll even change her name to Weasley!"

"Yes, she'll be Rose Weasley, and forget all about the Snapes."

"Oh Ronniekins," Molly gushed. "Your father may have left the family, but now we're going to create our own. Things are going to be much better from here on out."

"Yes, they will be," Ron replied with a grin. "They will be."