Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 174

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What the hell have they done to you, Mum?

Victor stared at the ashen woman in the hospital bed. An IV stuck out from her right arm while a blood pressure cup squeezed her left. At random intervals her body would emit a green glow, evidence that the potions were counteracting her errant magic. At least there were no muscle spasms or seizures. She could be worse off. That was little comfort though given that she should not be in this hospital room to begin with.

Victor grunted before shifting in his faded blue chair. Although there was some padding, it was far from comfortable. Granted he was just grateful they were able to bring in three chairs, but would it kill for more hospital profits to be directed towards helping people sit without a backache?

The entrance of a Mediwitch interrupted his musings. With no grace, she yanked the blankets from Hermione's chest. She put a stethoscope on her patient's chest, then scribble down a few notes. Afterwards she pulled out a wand and mutter a few spells. First it turned purple, then blue, and finally red. She'd jot a few more notes onto her pad before taking the blood pressure again.

Rose cleared her throat. "Has Mum made any improvements?"

The Mediwitch glanced up from the clipboard. "She's having fewer magical spasms now than she was four hours ago, and the dark magic in her seems to be decreasing. The dark magical rates are still elevated, but with the cocktail of potions we're giving her it should be more than manageable."

Victor released the breath he'd been holding.

The Mediwitch pulled the covers over Hermione. "That being said, the most dangerous time period will be when she wakes up."

"Why?" Violet asked.

"When she awakens, her magic will increase, just as everyone's does once they're conscious," the Mediwitch explained. "The increase could be minimal and do no damage, or it could be life threatening. We do not know yet."

"Would it be safer for her to remain asleep?" He asked.

The Mediwitch squirmed.

"Does she need to be placed into a coma?" Victor asked.

The Mediwitch bit her lower lip. "That decision is best left to the Healers."

"Is there a chance she'll be placed in a coma?" Victor asked.

"Unfortunately, I'm not qualified to say anything," she answered. "That being said, there's no order to give her any sleeping draughts. That alone should be encouraging."

A million words flooded Victor's brain, yet all he could manage was a quiet, "Oh."

"Is there anything we can do for Mum now in addition to being present for her?" Rose asked.

"Again, a Healer would be better able to answer your questions, but for the moment, I don't think there's much you can do."

"Thank you for attempting to help us anyway," Victor answered.

"No problem," she answered.

The Snapes continued to stare at her.

"I'm sorry I cannot give you any more definitive answers. If you would like though, I can ask a Healer to speak with you.

"We would like that very much, thank you," Rose answered.

With that, the Mediwitch strolled out of the room.

Mum glowed green once more. Over the last two hours, the green had gone from a bright neon color to a dull, dark green. According to one Mediwtich it was a positive sign, though Victor was of the opinion that anytime one's mother glowed it was far from positive.

"The Healer will probably be of no help," Victor noted.

"I know," Rose admitted, "But if there's any chance we could do something for her though, I want to know about it."

"Agreed," Victor whispered.

Violet slid her chair closer to her mum. "I, I just had an awful thought."

Victor took a deep breath and braced himself for his sister's next words.

"Before her cancer, Mum was in the hospital for weeks because she polyjuiced herself to look like a cat," the youngest Snape began.

"What of it?" Rose asked.

"I always wondered how she broke the news of what happened to Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa."

"She did not break the news to Dad," Rose replied. "Madame Pomfrey told him what had happened, then he came in and saw her condition for himself."

"Oh," Violet replied. "How did he react?"

"Dad said he had never laughed so hard in his life upon seeing her," Rose's lips curled up. "He said she got what she deserved, and then bribed me with chocolate not to tell her he'd said that."

Violet smirked.

"I do not know how she broke the news to Grandma or Grandpa or how they reacted," Rose continued. "You would have to ask them."

"I might do that sometime," Violet asked.

"Why are we even talking about this?" Victor asked. "It seems disrespectful to talk about someone's humiliation while they are in the hospital."

"I meant no disrespect," Violet shrugged. "It was just an idea that came into my head."

Rose's eyes fell on the photo albums on the table beside Mum's bed. "It almost does not seem fair though."

"What doesn't seem fair?" Victor asked.

"Well," there was a spark in Rose's eye. "Mum has pictures of us while we were toilet training, wearing ridiculous outfits, and running naked around the sofa, yet we have no pictures of her when she was a cat."

"Why would you want a picture of her when she was a cat?" Victor demanded.

"Well," Violet drawled. "We could always threaten to expose it if she refuses to wake up and recover."

He raised an eyebrow. "You would blackmail your dying mother unless she recovers her health?"

"If it encouraged her to live, then yes," Violet admitted.

"It would be the Slytherin thing to do anyway," Rose mused.

"And Slytherins will do whatever is necessary to help their loved ones, even if it is less than scrupulous," Violet answered.

"Yes," Rose whispered. "We will."

Victor pinched the bridge of his nose. Why were his sisters so dedicated to their house?

"Do you think she can hear us?" Violet asked, her previous humor now evaporated.

"I would hope she did not just hear you threaten to release a humiliating picture of her," Victor answered.

"If Mum were here she would laugh and threaten never to make her famous omelets again if we even so much as considered releasing such an embarrassing photo of her," Rose replied.

Victor couldn't stifle his chuckle. "That's exactly what she would do."

"Then we would all smile and tell her that we loved her," Rose concluded.

"And she would say she loved us back," Victor whispered.

"Yeah, she would."

"Violet, what have I told you about saying, 'yeah?'"

Violet groaned. "Fine Rose, yes. Yes, she would say that she loved us."

"Thank you."

Victor shook his head and muttered. "My sisters are weird. First they want to see Mum as a cat, then they want to blackmail her into staying alive, and then they want to give each other English lessons."

"That's us," Violet replied with a grin.

His expression lightened. "At least Mum gave me two great sisters, even if you are two of the weirdest people I've ever met."

"As we said earlier, happy birthday," Violet answered.

"Yes, happy birthday," Rose added

They rushed over and hugged their brother. Before he could wrap his arms around them, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Rose called as she and her sister drifted away from Victor.

A man in lime green robes entered the room. He extended his right hand. "Hello, my name is Healer Clark."

Each Snape sibling introduced themselves and shook his hand. Then they all returned to their seats.

"So," Healer Clark began. "I heard you wanted to see me about your mother's condition."

"We did," Victor began.

"We would like an update," Rose added.

He hummed and glanced at a clipboard. For twenty agonizing seconds he thumbed through the pages. "So, your mother's test results are improving. Slowly the magic is getting under control."

"Good," Rose replied.

"As the Mediwitch told you though, we won't be able to assess the extent of the physical damage until she is awake," Healer Clark continued.

"I see," Rose replied.

"Are you looking at putting her in a coma?" Victor asked.

"Because there's been steady improvement, I see no reason to administer any additional sleeping draughts, though again this could change depending on how well she is progressing."

"How long would she be in a coma if she did begin to take a turn for the worse?" Victor asked.

"It would depend on the extent of her injuries and how violent her reaction to waking up is," Healer Clark replied. "Sadly, we won't know much more until she is conscious."

"I take it she'll wake up on her own then?" Victor asked.

"Right now, we believe it would be prudent to allow her to wake up on her own terms, though again, once she regains consciousness we can reevaluate our decision," the Healer answered.

"Thank you," Rose replied. "That has been very helpful."

"My pleasure," Healer Clark cracked a smile. "Are there any other questions?"

Victor stared at the sleeping patient.

Will I ever hear my mum's voice again?