Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 156

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Severus burst through the door, brandishing his wand. He stormed towards the fireplace and muttered, "I am going to hex that bitch into oblivion. I am going to barge into her home and hex her until there is nothing left."

"Severus," Hermione called.

He stopped halfway between the door and the fireplace.

"Please don't ruin my floo. It could take weeks to repair it," Hermione began.

"Come out here and face me!"

"Don't you think silencing Molly would be worth the cost of repairs?"

"Yes, but that marble mantle is only two years old. It took me forever to find a style I liked, so I would prefer that it stay intact."

"I can always buy you a new mantel, one which you may find even more beautiful than this one."

"You cowards!"

Severus squeezed his wand.

"Come here and give me back my granddaughter or else I'll show you both exactly how I defeated Bellatrix!"

Hermione scowled. "You're right, the marble can be replaced."

Severus' lips curled up. "I knew you would see it my way."

"I can hear your voices you treacherous cowards! Come over here and face me!"

"Do you need any help with her?" Rose asked.

"I should not," Severus answered. "Though I appreciate the offer."

Rose sat beside her mother on the bed and nodded.

Severus glided to the fireplace, robes billowing behind him. "How may I help you, Mrs. Weasley?"

Molly growled, "Give me back my grand baby."

"I do not have your grand baby," Severus answered.

"The hell you don't," Molly spat. "You know damn well you kidnapped my grand baby."

"I assure that I do not have your grand baby."

"Yes you do! My grand baby calls you Dad."

"I have three beautiful children who call me Dad, but none of whom would ever claim you as their grandmother."

"No, you have two beautiful children. You stole your oldest daughter from Ronald! I want her back and I want her back now!"

"First of all, I would appreciate it if you would not talk about my daughter as if she was the latest iPod."

"An iPod?"

"It's a muggle device. I'm sure your husband would be more than happy to explain it to you," Severus scratched his chin. "I forgot, you no longer have a husband."

"You bastard," Molly hissed. "You take so much joy in the fact that my family is falling apart. It must be so great to be so perfectly high and mighty. You get to decide who keeps their child and who doesn't. You are nothing more than a lowlife kidnapper and you know it."

"I have never kidnapped anyone," Severus argued.

"Yes you did kidnap her!" Molly shouted. "You did just that the day you married Hermione and stole my granddaughter."

"I did not steal your granddaughter," Severus replied as if he was talking to a toddler. "I agreed to raise my daughter, who was incidentally the same child Ronald abandoned."

"She was Ron's child! She always has been and always will be."

"No, I'm not Ronald's child!"

Severus turned to his daughter.

"See, you can't say anything to that can you?" Molly argued. "Even you can't argue that Rose is Ronald's daughter."

Rose made her way to the fireplace.

"You can read a DNA spell as well as I can. You knew that you could never be her father, yet you kidnapped her anyway…"

"No, Ron kidnapped me," Rose began. "He kidnapped me when I was six months old. Then in his stupidity he turned me over to Fenrir."

"Rose," Molly's voice softened.

Severus raised an eyebrow. Molly's scowl was replaced by a warm nurturing smile. Her facial muscles were relaxed, making her appear ten years younger. Who knew one shrew could change her appearance so quickly?

"Molly," Rose's voice was as low as Severus'.

"Oh Rose," Molly began in the sweetest voice she could muster. "I didn't expect you to be here. What, what are you doing right now?"

"I am visiting my parents," Rose replied.

"Severus," Hermione whispered.

Severus backed away from the fireplace and towards his wife's bed. "Yes, Love?"

"Let Rose handle this."


"Let Rose handle this."

Severus nodded.

"While I'm sure your mother appreciates seeing you, your father is in Peru and would love to see you just as much," Molly began.

"I am already with my dad," Rose replied. "Together we are tending to my mum."

"That man is not your dad."

"Yes, he is."

Molly took a deep breath. "I know it must be hard for you to learn that the man who raised you is not your real dad..."

"He is my real dad," Rose snapped.

Molly closed her mouth.

"Severus Snape clothed me, fed me, sheltered me, and loved me when I was being impossible. He is my dad in every sense of the word."

"He is only your dad because he signed that birth certificate," Molly replied in an even tone. "Had he not signed that birth certificate…"

"I would have been raised on the streets," Rose argued.

"Is that what your mother told you?"

"Indeed it is."

"That isn't entirely accurate."

"How is it inaccurate? If my dad hadn't agreed to marry Mum she would've been an unwed mother. The Wizarding World does not look kindly on them, and it is often difficult for them to get employment. I would have been born on the streets to a mother struggling to make ends meet."

Molly exhaled. "Listen Rose, I know Ron behaved very irresponsibly when he broke up with Hermione, but that is because she didn't know who your father was. She told him that Severus might be the father, and Ronald became upset. Surely you can understand someone becoming upset over the fact that they were cheated on."

"I can understand how not knowing the paternity of your partner's child could be distressing,," Rose admitted. "Assuming your story is true though, I do not understand why he did not ask for a DNA spell then and there, or how he could later claim that he knew with absolute certainty that he was my sperm donor despite his earlier denials."

"He was under an enormous amount of stress, and your mother wasn't helping to ease his mind."

"Are you blaming my mother for her own abandonment?"

Molly was still grinning. "You must admit that your mother isn't perfect. She had a reputation of messing around before marrying your father, one which can't be ignored."

"You mean the whole Viktor Krum affair?"


Rose rolled her eyes.

"She led him and Harry on."

"She was fifteen."

"Some habits start early."

"Are you calling my mum a slut?"

"You said it, not me."

Rose's eyes were as hard as those of a Death Eater prepared for a kill. She hissed, "Do not ever imply my mum is a slut."

Molly gulped.

Rose lowered her voice. "Mum has taken enough abuse from you over the years. It ends here and now."

Molly frowned. "Fine, your mother is not a slut, but it doesn't change the fact that she kept your father out of your life."

"No, Mum has done everything in her power to keep my dad in my life.'

"How could you say that?"

"Easily," Rose replied. "I was raised by my parents and saw how they interacted with each other."

Molly bit her tongue.

"My parents are far from perfect, and their marriage often reflects that. Yet each and every day they demonstrate how much they love each other. Neither would do anything to jeopardize our family, and I love them all the more for it."

"I am glad you are happy with your stepfather and that he loves you mother, but your true dad is in Peru desperate to see you."

"No, my true dad is sitting beside my mum, eager for us to get off the floo so we can resume our conversation."

"Rose, I know how confusing this all is…"

"Indeed, you seem to be extremely confused," Rose interrupted. "You think that I will immediately embrace you because of some asinine DNA test I never should have agreed to undergo. You think that if you take me to see Ronald and knit me an atrocious sweater I will instantly adore you. You think I will be happy in a family which does not include my parents or my siblings."

"You will be with your father if you join us."

"No, you will be doing everything in your power to cut Dad out of my life, which is unacceptable."

Molly's face turned red. "The only thing unacceptable is Severus Snape passing you off as his daughter."

"I am his daughter!"

"No, you are not."

Rose pointed her wand at the fireplace. "Say that one more time."

"You are not Severus…"

"Taci dracului!"

Molly's mouth fused shut.

Rose's eyes grew. "I had no idea that spell worked through the floo network."

"I did not think it would work either," Severus noted. "Had I known that I would have shut her up much sooner."

Hermione chuckled. "Think of all the headaches we could have prevented had we known we could have silenced Molly from the comfort of our own home."

Severus and Rose burst out laughing.

Molly raised her fist into the ashes, only to recoil when the ward was activated.

Rose strolled over to her parents. "How long will it be before she tires of trying to scream at us?"

"It could take hours," Severus replied.

Hermione yawned. "Sadly, I fear you're right."

"Great, I'll have to apparate into the snow to get back to Hogwarts," Rose groaned.

"Not at all," Severus answered. "We can apparate to the Malfoys and they can allow you to use their floo."

"That works," Rose muttered.

The flames died.

Hermione snorted. "For once, Molly did the intelligent thing and quit while she was behind."

"Indeed," Severus answered.

"Ignoring Molly for a moment," Rose choked. "I love you both. I am thankful every day that you two are my parents."

Severus embraced her. "I am thankful every day that you are my daughter."

"Yes," Hermione embraced Rose as well. "I could not imagine a better eldest daughter than you."

Rose wrapped her arms around her parents as best as she was able, knowing that as long as they were near, she would be home.