Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 121

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Even if he didn't expect her to write back, he couldn't help but perk up every time an owl.

Arthur watched the speckled owl disappear into the dreary skies. He hung his head and trudged to his worn orange recliner.

Percy approached him. "Dad, are you doing well?"

He nodded before plopping into his chair.

"Is there something bothering you?" Percy asked.

Arthur stared at a family portrait. It was taken three decades ago, at a time when he couldn't fathom Severus Snape raising any child, much less his grandchild.

With the holidays, Rose must be swamped with grading. In her spare time, she is spending time with family-her family. It is doubtful she has given any of us any thought.

Arthur rubbed his face. Every day since I've learned of Rose's paternity, I've thought of her. Could she ever consider me her grandfather? Will she ever accept my love? Is it too late to form a relationship with her?

"Are you ready?"

Arthur sighed and glanced up at his son.

"We need to leave soon."

Arthur hummed. "Give me another hour and then I'll go to St. Mungo's with you."

"Okay, but we cannot wait for too long," Percy replied. "The sun is already setting."

"I am well aware of that,"Arthur sighed. "Still, I would like to speak with Ron before I go."

"I'm sure he would like to speak with you as well," Molly interrupted before prancing into the room.

Across the room, the younger Molly looked up from her Wizarding chess game. "I would like to speak with Uncle Ron as well."

"Oh?" George slid his queen until it captured a rook. "Why would that be?"

The girl answered. "I need to speak to him about his daughter."

"Why would you need to do that?" George asked.

"Because somebody needs to get her under control," the teenager answered.

"Why would that be?" George asked.

The younger Molly frowned. "She gave me a troll in potions."

The older Molly gasped. "A troll."

The younger Molly furrowed her eyebrows. "Yes, she gave me a troll."

"How dare she?" Molly growled.

"I don't know," the girl pouted. "Ever since she found out she was a Weasely she has been cruel to me."

"Well that is going to change immediately," Molly replied. "The second the new semester begins I will be paying her a visit!"

"Don't you dare," Arthur snapped.

"No," Molly argued. "It's about time Rose leans how to respect her cousins!"

"It is," the younger Molly added.

"Let's not jump to conclusions," George turned to the younger Molly. "Have you been showing her any respect?"

"Excuse me?" the Weasley matriarch spat.

"Have you been showing Professor Rose any respect?" George asked in an even tone.

"How could you ask such a question?" Mrs. Weasley snapped.

George kept his attention on his niece. "Yesterday I was talking to Scorpius. He mentioned that you had served detention with him for an entire month due to being disruptive in your classes. From what he said, it sounds as if you've been more than a little rude to some of your professors, specifically Rose."

"You can't listen to Scorpius," the girl argued. "He always takes Professor Rose's side."

"What exactly did he say?" Arthur asked.

"He said Molly demanded that she be allowed to call Rose by her first name instead of 'Professor Rose.'"

"Is that true?" Arthur asked.

The younger Molly huffed. "I was asking her a simple question, and she went ballistic over it. It isn't my fault she couldn't control her temper."

"No, it isn't," the older Molly chimed in.

"Has she done anything else to you?" Percy asked.

"Well, two weeks before she left she gave me a detention because I told her that she should wear a color other than black," the girl answered.

"Molly," Arthur scolded.

"What?" she asked.

"Why would you do such a thing?" Arthur asked as Percy strolled towards his daughter.

"I was only giving her some friendly advice," the younger Molly answered. "She just snarled and gave me a detention."

"That detention was uncalled for!" Molly shouted.

Arthur blinked.

"You were only trying to be a good cousin to her, yet she treats you horribly!" Molly continued.

The younger Molly's lower lip quivered. "All I've tried to do since I found out that I was related to Professor Rose was be nice to her. I don't know why she has to be so mean to me."

"Don't worry," Percy put a hand on his daughter's right shoulder. "When I become Minister of Magic, there will be some significant changes at Hogwarts."

"Are you going to fire Rose?" Molly sniveled.

"I don't know yet," Percy replied. "But I will make sure that Neville understands that he cannot allow his professors to run roughshod over their students."

"Would you two listen to yourselves?" George asked. "You're drawing up plans for Hogwarts when you haven't won a bloody thing yet."

"I am ahead in the polls though," Percy argued.

"In whose polls?" George spat.

"In the ones taken by The Daily Prophet," Percy answered.

"The only people who participate in those polls are people loyal to the Ministry," George argued. "If you talk to the average person they can't stand your guts."

"Perhaps," Percy released Molly's shoulder. "But they hate Draco's even more."

"I wouldn't be so certain of that," George warned.

"Polls or no polls, Rose should not be allowed to bully Molly!" The other woman yelled.

Arthur covered his ears and grimaced.

"I need to speak with Rose as soon as possible and explain to her exactly what being a Weasley is," Molly continued. "When I'm finished with her, I'll sit Ginny down and set her straight on a few things as well. Both of them need to learn the value of family loyalty."

"Leave them alone," Arthur snapped. "All of you, leave Rose and Ginny alone!"

"Rose is hurting your granddaughter," Molly argued.

"Rose is being unreasonable," Percy added.

"Rose is mean to me for no reason," the younger Molly argued.

"Have you been listening to a thing George has been saying?" Arthur pointed to his granddaughter. "You are engaging in actions that would warrant a harsh punishment. If you ask me, a few detentions with Scorpius is letting you off easy."

"Arthur," his wife hissed.

"Do not Arthur me," Arthur argued.

"Bonjour," a voice called from down the hallway.

"We all talk about family loyalty and about doing the right thing, yet when we see one of our grandchildren rightfully disciplining her cousin, we're ready to march into her office and start screaming at her," Arthur replied.


Molly's eyes lit up. "Hello Bill."

"You need to learn to respect your professors and your headmaster," Arthur continued. "Otherwise you are liable to get expelled from Hogwarts."

The younger Molly scowled. "Headmaster Longbottom wouldn't dare kick me out of Hogwarts."

Percy rubbed her back. "No sweetie, I would never allow him to expel you from Hogwarts."

"If she continues behaving like a spoiled brat then she will be expelled from Hogwarts in a heartbeat," Arthur argued.

"Arthur look," Molly began. "Bill and Fleur are here."

Arthur turned back and replied. "Hello Bill, Fleur."

Bill reached down and gave him a hug. "Hello Dad."

"Yes," Fleur kissed him on the cheek. "Bonjour."

Molly leapt up and ran to her uncle and aunt. "Hello Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur. Is Dominique around?"

Bill shook his head. "She is a bit under the weather."

The girl replied, "Oh."

Arthur's expression hardened and he turned to his granddaughter. "As I was saying before, you need to start taking your education seriously and respect your professors."

"I am being very respectful," Molly whined.

Molly kissed her granddaughter on the head. "We know you are."

"No we don't!"

All eyes fell on Arthur.

"Do you not see what's happening?" Arthur's eyes were aflame. "We have been making so many excuses for each other that we no longer hold each other accountable for our actions."

"I won't let…"

"Mum be quiet!"

"George! Do not speak to me that way!"

"Dad's right," George answered. "We never held Ron accountable while he was with Hermione, and now his daughter considers Severus Snape her dad. We never held Percy accountable for his betrayal of us during the Second Wizarding War, so he imprisoned hundreds of people against their will. Now we're just going to allow Molly to be rude to her professors, and blame Headmaster Longbottom for trying to keep order in his school."

"Headmaster Longbottom has gone mad with power," the older Molly argued. "He's just like Snape…"

Arthur threw up his hands and stood. "I'm done."

"Excuse me?" Molly asked.

Arthur glared at his wife. "I was going to wait until January 2 to say this, but I suppose now is as good a time as any."

Everyone stared at their patriarch.

In a low voice, Arthur announced, "I am moving out and filing for divorce."

Molly paled. "W-what did you say?"

"I'm getting a divorce," he repeated.

The wind left Molly's lungs.

"I'm done," Arthur shrugged. "I'm done with all of your antics, your rantings, your ravings, and your inability to take responsibility for anything. You have run this family into the ground, and there's nothing I can do to save it."

"Dad, I know you are upset," Percy began.

"I have been thinking this over for months, no years, now, and I cannot take any of this anymore. I want, no I need, a divorce," Arthur replied.

The older Molly teared up. "It's the day after Christmas, Arthur. How could you want to announced your divorce now?"

"Because if I listen to one more nonsensical syllable out of your mouth, I am going to do something I regret," he replied.

"Hello, hello!" A voice called from the other side of the house.

"Dad, are you sure about this?" Bill asked.

"I have never been more sure of anything in my life," Arthur answered.

"You are tearing this family apart!" Molly shrieked. "You are destroying us!"

"Would you like to stay with me?"

Everyone turned to George.

He repeated, "Dad, would you like to stay with me?"

"Who is staying with who?" Charlie asked.

Molly burst into tears. "Your father wants a divorce."

"What?" Charlie snapped.

"I have a spare bedroom," George raised his voice above his mother's cries. "And the kids would love to see you."

Arthur gave him a soft smile. "I wouldn't want to intrude on your time with them."

"Nonsense," George stood. "They don't come until tomorrow. That should give you a few hours to settle in."

"Yes, but it's your week with them."

"They would love to spend some time with you."

"It's a full moon tonight…."

"I'll put in a muggle movie for you. Even in your amnesiac state you've always had a love for Die Hard."

"How dare you?" Molly growled through her tears. "How dare you support your father's decision to ruin this family."

George kept his focus on his dad.

"I would like very much to stay with you," Arthur answered.

"What about the hospital?" Percy asked. "You are due to go there within the hour."

"I think I would prefer to give my room to someone who needs it," Arthur replied.

"You need it," Percy argued.

"No," Arthur answered. "I need to take some time and decide what to do with the rest of my life."

"But your amnesia…" Percy began.

"I can control it without imprisoning him," George replied.

The elder Molly wailed.

"Are you at least going to stay and talk to Uncle Ron?" the younger Molly asked.

"Yes," Arthur answered. "But I'll be packing while I wait for him."

"Fine," Arthur's soon to be ex-wife wept. "But you need to be the one who tells Ronniekins that you're divorcing me."

"I will," Arthur promised.

With that, Arthur left the room, eager to begin a new chapter in his life.