Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 191

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I conceded to a Death Eater.

Percy gripped the iron bars as his contorted face turned a darker shade of red. The cold of the metal did nothing to soothe the heat welling within him.

I conceded to a Death Eater while in prison.

He ground his teeth. His body began to shake

I conceded to a Death Eater while in prison for protecting the Wizarding World from unnecessary panic!

Percy let out a scream.

"Percy dear, what's wrong?" A voice from two cells down called.

Percy shook the bars and continued his shouting.

"Percy! What is wrong?"

He deflated like an untied balloon. "Nothing Mum."

"That was not nothing."

"I'm just thinking about my miserable brother-in-law."

The second those words left his mouth he regretted saying them.

"Draco! Oh Draco!"

Percy released his grip on the bars.

"Oh don't get me started on Ginevra and her awful husband! I can't believe we raised such a treacherous daughter! I gave her everything! Everything! Yet look at her and her ungrateful attitude!"

Percy groaned as his face returned to its normal hue.

"It's all your father's fault! He spoiled Ginevra and never disciplined her! He spoiled George too much too! I should have stopped him! Oh I should have stopped him, but I never thought they'd become such awful people!"

"Shut up," Percy groaned.

"Then I let them around with that Hermione Snape! That good for nothing bitch! Then there's her husband and children! What a MISERABLE daughter she's raised! No manners, no decency, and she dresses all in black! Does she not care that a self-respecting woman has a few colors in her wardrobe!"

"Shut up," Percy growled.

"I should have homeschooled Ginevra! Maybe if Harry was the only boy she had contact with she would have had better taste in men! Harry would be alive and be your brother-in-law! Everything would be perfect except, oh no! He would've brought that horrible Hermione into our lives."

Percy made a fist and bit his tongue.

"I should've protected Ron from her! I would have reminded her of what a nightmare she is! She would never have been allowed in our house! She would have been alone and miserable like she deserved!"


Molly gasped.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Percy yelled. "God do you ever get tired of hearing your own voice?"

"Don't you DARE talk to your mother like that!"

"If it will get you to stop talking…"

"Why don't you both shut up?"

They turned to the guard standing between their cells. He patted his nightstick into his hand and scowled.

In weak voices they answered, "yes sir."

The guard glared at Percy until he backed away from the iron bars. He could hear his mother shift around in her jail cell as well.

The guard strolled to his right. Once he reached a steel chair by the doorway he sat down. Then he took a small radio from his pants pocket and set it on the floor. With the flick of his wand, it grew.

"We are waiting for Draco Malfoy to appear to his supporters," the grainy voice began. "He should be coming out any moment now."

"How dare you!"

The guard glowered at Molly. She closed her mouth and bowed her head.

He sat back and crossed his legs.

Not all methods of torture were illegal.

Rose considered asking her mother if she was well, but from the look on her expression it was clear Dad had been asking her that question every ten minutes. Instead, she settled for casting a sonorous so she could be heard over the crowd, giving a simple hug and saying, "You have no idea how wonderful it is to see you awake and out in public."

Hermione wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Where else would I be?"

"Do you truly want me to answer that?"

"I would have to be much sicker than I am to miss a day such as this." Hermione squeezed her daughter before releasing her.

"A fact she has made all too clear," Severus muttered.

Hermione gave him a look which would have made a lesser man wilt. Severus stood defiant. Rose covered her mouth and laughed.

"What, pray tell, is so funny?" He asked.

"It is just the way you two interact with each other. It is so unique to both of you," Rose snorted.

Severus quirked an eyebrow.

"I apologize, but it is so amazing to see both of you happy and standing next to each other again."

Severus smiled. "It is amazing to see your mother so healthy after all that has occurred."

Her expression lightened. "I am only happy that we do not have to worry about the moonlight tonight."

"Hopefully we will never have to worry about it again."

There was a flash of fear in Hermione's eyes. Severus put an arm around her.

"I think we have…" Rose's voice trailed as a red haired man passed by. Her eyes followed him. She glanced back at Severus.

He cleared his throat. "George?"

The red head spun around. "Yes."

"Thank you for helping to capture Percy."

"Yes," Rose added. "We are more than appreciative of your help."

"It was nothing really." George shrugged. "Ginny came up with the plan. All I did was help her with it."

"It was a brilliant plan," Rose replied.

"It was," Hermione echoed.

George's lips curled up. "What can I say? I should've known after that hat almost sort Ginny in Slytherin that she was capable of a plan such as that."

"Wait, Aunt Ginny almost got sorted into Slytherin?"

George nodded.

"Why did she never tell me that?"

"She never told me that either," Hermione replied.

"Oh she probably never said anything because as a teenager she was obscenely proud of her house and a little embarrassed she almost went anywhere else. As an adult she was holding out hope that one of her children would follow in her steps, even if it was clear none of them would."

"Technically Orion hasn't been sorted yet. There is still hope for him."

"Trust me, he is a Slytherin to the core. If you don't believe me, watch him when he's convincing his parents to give him the last cupcake. He's so devious I can't help but admire him."

"Violet was the same way," Hermione added. "She would've been sorted into Gryffindor had she not been a youngest child and known how to wrap everyone around her finger."

"Maybe," George replied.

The crowd whooped as the results of the popular vote were blared from the stage.

"I talked to Victor earlier today for a bit, but how is Violet?" George asked.

Hermione's lower lip quivered.

"Violet is very well," Severus began. "She is currently working on a school project in the Forest of Dean."

"Oh wow. That sounds intense."

"It is, but I am certain she will return soon."

"Or so I hope," Hermione squeaked.

George turned to Rose. "While we're on Slytherins, how are your little snakes doing?"

"Very well," Rose answered. "They get into trouble, but I would imagine they are angels compared to how you were in school."

George couldn't help but chuckle. "I don't think any students caused as much trouble as Fred and I did."

"Potter was a close second though," Severus replied.

"Yeah, I guess he was."

Hermione's expression became wistful. "I wonder what Harry would say about Minister Draco."

"I think he would've been the first person to vote for him," George replied.

"Truly?" Rose asked.

"Yes," George answered. "He would have seen the man Draco became and who Percy had become. That would've been enough for him to set aside any rivalry he had with Draco and vote for him."

"Potter always did act in the best interests of the Wizarding World."

"Yes, he did," George answered.

The group grew silent amidst the clamor of the ground.

"At some point, when all of this dies down, would you mind if I came into the store and played some Reusable Hangman?" Rose asked.

There was a gleam in George's eyes. "I would love that."

"I would like that too," Rose looked back at her parents. Severus nodded as Hermione grinned. Rose returned her attention to George. "I would like that very much, Uncle George."

A tear came to George's eyes as he extended his arms. Rose hugged him. He glanced at Hermione and Severus, who looked on in approval.

"Ladies and gentleman!"

The crowd grew silent. Rose backed away from George.

Ginevra marched onto the stage. "I would like to present to you your next Minister of Magic, my husband, Draco Lucius Malfoy!"

The crowd erupted in applause as Draco strode onto the stage. Close behind him were his children and his parents.

"Sorry," Victor panted as he took his place beside Hermione. "I just had the most amazing experience of my life!"

"You'll have to tell me about it later."

"Believe me, I will!"

"Friends!" Draco stood at the podium in the center of the stage and took a deep breath. The crowd quieted.

"Friends, I never thought I would be standing here today! I thought it was a pipe dream that I would ever be elected Minister of Magic. I believed that my past was too storied to overcome, my temperament would be too abrasive for some, and few people would have any reason to trust me after all of my dealings. I do not say this to be self-deprecating but to put into perspective how absolutely, deeply thankful I am to each and every one of you for electing me Minister of Magic!"

The crowd burst into applause.

Once the noise died down, Draco continued, "This is usually the part where the elected Minister recaps some of the policies he's discussed and give some type of timetable. Still, my whole campaign has been built on deviating from the norm, which is exactly what I plan to do. Instead, I want to discuss something much dearer to me than policies and reducing bureaucracy."

The room was silent.

"Friends, we have been through what can only be described as hell these last few months. We have watched our loved ones lose their minds and get into dangerous situations. We have seen politicians covering up the contamination of our water supply. We have seen fugitives attempting to escape justice. Yet we have also seen researchers working tirelessly to alleviate the amnesiacs' suffering. We have seen families come together and defend their loved ones. We have seen people turning over their most private moments in the search to find a cure, and been received that their trust has not been violated. We have seen evil, yet we have seen great good."

"Yes," a few people murmured.

"Tonight begins a new chapter in the Wizarding World. It is time to set aside our frustrations and focus on healing the Wizarding World. When I say we, I mean we! It is up to each and every one of us to create the Wizarding World we need!"

The applause resumed.

Once it died down, Draco continued. "Tonight is a night of unity. We need to aid each other in this time of crisis. The amnesia epidemic is not over. I cannot tell you when it will be. All I can tell you is that if we have compassion for each other and stick together, we will get through this!"

The crowd cheered again.

"Friends, we will overcome this amnesia epidemic, and we will face new challenges! Some of these challenges may be more daunting than this epidemic, and others may not be nearly as difficult to overcome. Still, I have all the faith in the world that we will overcome them. We are unified! We stand together! We are Wizarding Britain!"

"Yes!" the crowd cheered.

"Thank you again for your votes! Thank you again for your support! Thank you again for your confidence! Thank you again and good night!"

The crowd screamed louder than they had all night. Draco took Ginevra's hand. Lucius took his other hand. After the rest of his family stepped to the front of the stage and took each other's hands, they bowed.

From inside a jail cell, Percy silently wept.