Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 192

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Her children were growing up too fast.

Hermione stared out of her bedroom window. Beside her, Severus rolled over and draped his arm around her lap. Still, he did not stir. Hermione took his hand and kissed it. Then she returned to her musings.

While Victor was anything but a womanizer, this was not the first woman who had claimed to love him. None of the other women he had brought home impressed Hermione in the slightest though. Either they were more interested in his fortune than they were in him, or their personalities were not compatible. She always emphasized to Victor that he should make his own decisions, but she was always relieved when those relationships ended.

Hermione smirked. Severus may have been overprotective of his daughters, but she was overprotective of her son.

Carina was different though. Unlike the others she had always taken interest in Victor as a person. They had known each other for years, and always found a way to make each other happy. Hermione could see Carina being her daughter-in-law in a few years.

Hermione's stomach sank at the idea of having a daughter-in-law. It felt as if it was only yesterday when she'd taken a newborn Victor home from the hospital. Compared to his sisters he was a quiet and sleepy baby. Whenever she hummed Fawkes' lament, his eyes would droop. It was rare that he made his way through the entire song.

Violet on the other hand would stay awake through the entire thing, as if to memorize every note. When she grew older she would demand to hear it several times a night, calling it her favorite song.

Why had Hermione ever sparked in her daughter such an intense interest in phoenixes?

Hermione still remembered standing in the bathroom, her wand in her trembling hand. She had called her husband's name, her voice neutral despite the swirl of emotions within her.

He burst open the door. "Is there anything wrong, Love?"

Hermione took a shaky breath and kept her wand behind her back. "Do you remember when we discussed having a third child?"

"I do," he answered. "We were to wait six more months, unless that time table no longer works for you."

She swallowed. "That time table will no longer work for me."

"Very well then. We can wait longer if you would like."

"Waiting longer is not the issue."

"I understand."

"You see, things have changed and…"

He raised his hand. "You need say no more."

She closed her mouth.

"If you have changed your mind on having a third child then I respect your decision. Rose and Victor bring enough joy and chaos into our lives. We are a complete family even with only two children."

"No, that is not the issue at all," Hermione replied. "I still want a third child, but the time table needs to change."


"We need to move it up six months."

Severus raised an eyebrow.

Her lips curled up as she displayed her wand. His eyes grew. "I thought you wanted to wait until those conferences were complete before having another child."

"I did, but then I had strep throat and we were a little, uh, enthusiastic when I recovered, so enthusiastic we did not allow the contraceptive potion enough time to regain its potency."

"So we were."

She swallowed. "Are you happy about our third child? I know the timing isn't what you wanted."

"What do you want?"

"I want this child. I want it more than anything!"

"You do?"

"Yes, I want this child."

His face lit up as he lifted her up and embraced her. "I want this child too! I've wanted this child for years!"

"Me too!" Hermione kissed his cheek. "Me too!"

He froze. "What about the conferences? Do you think we need to cancel some of them?"

"I can still do them, but if it is becoming too burdensome I will cancel them. Honestly I couldn't care less about those conferences. I just want to meet my baby!"

"I do too." He captured her lips. "I do too."

Violet Lucille Snape had been a handful from the moment she was born. Although her siblings had an insatiable curiosity, Violet was on another level. It was not enough to read about kneazles; she needed to touch them. It wasn't enough to see her siblings flying; she needed to do it herself. While Severus had waited until Rose and Victor were eight to teach them how to self-levitate, he needed to teach Violet six, if only to prevent her from jumping off the furniture in an effort to teach herself.

Hermione's chest always constricted when she watched her children fly.

It did not matter that a self-levitating spell was safer than a broom, or that they were only levitating a meter off the ground during their first lessons. It was unnatural for people to be airborne. Little would persuade Hermione otherwise.

"Now try not to go too high your first time. It can be disorienting to fly, so be prepared for that."

From the look in Violet's eyes, she was only saying yes to appease her dad. She was going to go as high as she bloody well pleased.

"Do you understand everything?"

"Yes Dad."

"Very well then." Severus scanned the back yard. They were facing away from the pool, making drowning less possible. There were trees a few yards away from them, but if Violet was careful she would not hit them. In theory, there was little reason for her to become injured, though if she'd learned anything over the years it was that children always found a way to hurt themselves.

"Now levitate yourself like so." Severus raised himself a meter.

Violet's eyes grew.

"You can do it Violet. Just imagine yourself flying and focus your magic."

Violet scrunched her face and tightened her muscles. Nothing.

"You need to relax Petal. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself flying."

Violet exhaled and glanced up at her father. After a few moments she had raised herself a meter off the ground. Her face lit up. "I did it Daddy! I'm flying!"

"Very good," his eyes gleamed. "Now you probably cannot stay up for very long…."

"I wanna go forward."

"You may tire yourself out if you move too quickly."

"I don't care! I want to go forward!"

"Very well then." Severus flew over and turned his daughter around. "Relax. Let your magic flow through you. Envision yourself going forward."

Violet remained in place for a few moments. Then, she drifted away from her father. She beamed as she continued moving forward, her speed increasing and her altitude decreasing.

"Violet stop!" Severus yelled.

She slid face first into the ground. Her body began to shake. Hermione ran over and picked her up. "Oh I'm so sorry baby girl. You're going to be okay."

"Again!" Violet laughed. "I wanna go again."

"Excuse me," Severus rushed over to his wife.

"That was fun! I want to go again!"

Hermione blinked while Severus smiled. "Perhaps tomorrow we can, my Petal. Right now I think your mother has had enough of flying lessons."

Hermione began wiping off her daughter's face.

"But she isn't flying. I am."

"I know," Severus kissed Violet's clean cheek. "And you are quite good at it. Still, we need to be considerate of your mother's fragile nerves."

Violet sighed. "Okay."

A few hours later, her daughter and husband disappeared for what she could only imagine was another flying lesson.

I wonder if Violet is flying now. Is there any chance she will find Fawkes, or is she setting herself up for disappointment? Will she stay safe out there?

Hermione took a deep breath. There was nothing she could do for her daughter other than send her love. In the end, that may be all her daughter needed from her.

"Draco won the election by a landslide. Mum and Dad send their love."

Violet pulled the purple blanket closer to her chest. "Thank you Rose. Good night."

The cobra patronus gave a self-satisfied smirk before dissipating.

"That's some good news right there," Hagrid lay down in his sleeping bag.

"Yeah," Violet cast a warming spell before dimming her wand. "It is."

"Glad to hear that 'Mione is doin' well. Real relief that she's outta the hospital."

"You have no idea how relieved I am that she's well."

"I can only imagine." He lay down. "Get some good sleep. We gotta long day ahead of us."

"Yeah," Violet answered "We do."

Violet lay with her eyes open. After a few moments the tent rumbled from the sound of a giant snoring. She cast a silencing spell before shutting her eyes. Her mind wandered to her parents.

How late did they stay up with the Malfoys? Are they still celebrating his victory? Do they miss me?

She closed her eyes and pulled the blankets close to her.

Wherever you are Mum and Dad, I love you.