Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 3

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Dear Dad,

I hope you are doing well. For the most part I am fine, but I am having problems with Professor Rose again. Yesterday, she gave me a detention. That's the third time this month! All I did was stand up to one of her precious Slytherins. Dolores was using the word "mudblood" again. I pointed out that she shouldn't use that kind of language, but she just laughed at me. I'll admit that I might have shouted at her, but Dolores shouted right back at me. When Professor Rose came, I tried to explain that one of her students was using bad language, but she wouldn't listen to me! She took Dolores' side and removed house points from me for shouting at her. She wouldn't listen to what I had to say. Instead, I got a detention! Yes, I got a detention for standing up for muggleborns!

I know I shouldn't ask you this favor, but I need you to speak with the Hogwarts Board of Governors about Professor Rose and Headmaster Longbottom's refusal to discipline her for her obvious favoritism. It's clear that she lets Slytherins get away with everything and takes pleasure in deducting points from Gryffindors. It's even worse in my case because I'm a Weasley. She needs to behave professionally and stop giving me detentions for no reason!

Everything else is going well. Ravenclaw is playing Hufflepuff today. I will have to sit in the back row where I can't see anything thanks to Professor Rose's constant detentions, but somehow I'll manage as I always do. I don't play Quidditch until Monday, but we'll be playing Slytherin. I cannot wait to see the look on everyone's faces when I score thirty points again! Perhaps you can convince Headmaster Longbottom to let you sit in on the match. I would really love to see you again.

Love you!


Professor Rose crossed her arms over her chest. "Why exactly do we cling to this inane tradition?"

"Bored already?"

"Already?" Rose snarled. "Scorpius, this game has been going on for four hours, and there is no end in sight . No student has gotten within five feet of the snitch, they can barely get the quaffle through the goal hoops, and the sky is growing more gray by the second."

A drop of water fell on Scorpius' brow.

"It would be a far better use of my time to sit inside and grade papers," Professor Rose concluded

Scorpius snorted. "Only you would prefer to grading papers to a Quidditch game."

Rose's frown deepened. "Looking out over the audience, I get the impression tat many of these students would rather write papers than sit out in this kind of weather."

Scorpius looked at the crowd of students. About a quarter of them were watching the game. Several other students were talking while others had fallen asleep.

"Quidditch sure has lost its luster from when I was a child," a voice chimed in.

They turned their attention to the man beside them.

"Back when I was a student, you would go deaf from the amount of cheering in the stands," he continued. "Our voices would grow hoarse from all the shouting. Even after four hours we'd be yelling as if the game had just begun."

"No offense Headmaster Longbottom, but times have changed," Professor Rose commented.

"Indeed they have." Headmaster Longbottom shook his head.

"I mean no offense, but perhaps we should consider changing wth the times," Professor Rose suggested.

Headmaster Longbottom cracked a smile. "I suppose you would suggest we replace the Quidditch games with Gobstone tournaments?"

Rose grabbed the edge of her black cape and twirled it around her finger. "Students stay awake during the Gobstone tournaments. The matches are much shorter, which means more time can be dedicated to studying."

Headmaster Longbottom's smile grew. "You sound like your parents."

"They are intelligent people. Rarely are they wrong in matters such as this."

Headmaster Longbottom turned his attention to the Quidditch pitch. In the far east corner were a group of students with their noses in textbooks. To the west, a few students were writing on parchments.

"Fenrir really did a number on this sport. Before him, this was the epitome of excitement. Now though," Headmaster Longbottom sighed.

"Quidditch could be popular again," Scorpius cut in. "Once the memory of Fenrir's attacks fade, then wizards may learn to love the sport again."

Rose released her cape. "It's been almost a quarter of a century since his last attack on a Quidditch pitch, and attendance has continued to spiral downwards. Not to mention that none of these students remember the lycanthrope, yet the sport bores them past the point of tears."

Headmaster Longbottom exhaled. "While I appreciate your optimism, Professor Malfoy, Professor Rose may be correct. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate how the students spend their weekends."

"Perhaps," Scorpius' face lit up. "On a more pleasant note, my students have been studying boggarts."

"Oh they have," The spark returned to Headmaster Longbottom eyes.

Scorpius nodded. "They were all able to cast the Riddikulus spell within the first class period."

"That's excellent," Headmaster Longbottom replied.

"Indeed," Professor Rose replied. "Were there any interesting boggarts?"

The color drained from Professor Malfoy's face.

Professor Rose smirked. "There was one in particular which was exceedingly interesting, wasn't there?"

"I mean, they were the usual," Professor Malfoy wrung his hands. "Some feared wolves, others were afraid of dementors, you know, standard fears."

"Did any of the boggarts resemble me?" Professor Rose asked.

Professor Malfoy bit his lower lip.

Professor Rose's eyes glistened. "It happened! I finally have a boggart of my own."

"Well, uh…"

"What did I look like before the Ridikulus spell? How did they dispel me?"

"None of the boggarts resembled you," Professor Malfoy replied.

Professor Rose deflated. "None of them resembled me in any way?"

"No," he answered. "You have never been anyone's boggart."

Professor Rose took her cape back into her hands. "I'll have to try harder to intimidate certain dunderheads then."

Headmaster Longbottom burst out laughing. "Trust me, you're intimidating enough with your black clothes."

"I am?" She asked.

The Headmaster nodded. "Sometimes when I see you patrolling the halls I have to stop and remember you are not your father, and as Headmaster I cannot receive a detention."

"Is the resemblance that strong?"

"It is."

Professor Rose hummed.

"If none of the boggarts resembled Professor Rose, then who did it appear to be?" Headmaster Longbottom asked.

Professor Malfoy mumbled something under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"I said the student saw Headmaster Longbottom."

Professor Rose burst out laughing.

Headmaster Longbottom's eyes were wide. "D-did you say I was a boggart?"

"Yes," Professor Malfoy squeaked.

Professor Rose laughed louder. "Tell me, how could any boggart take on Headmaster Longbottom's form?"

"Yes how?" Headmaster Longbottom replied.

"The student in question was fearful that you would expel him," Professor Malfoy answered.

"Oh dear," Professor Longbottom replied.

"H-how did he dispel the boggart?" Professor Rose gasped through her laughter.

Professor Malfoy swallowed. "His Ridikulus was Headmaster Longbottom in lingerie."

"Lingerie?" Headmaster Longbottom exclaimed.

"Yes," Professor Malfoy explained. "You were in a light blue babydoll outfit."

Professor Rose caught her breath. "I have to tell Mum and Dad about this. It's all so rich."

"Well," Headmaster Longbottom winked. "Did I at least look pretty?"

"I mean, by certain standards I suppose so," Professor Malfoy replied.

Headmaster Longbottom grinned. "At the end of the day, that's all that matters."

Professor Malfoy relaxed.

Professor Rose felt another drop of water on her shoulder. "Do you think it's wise to have these students sitting out in the rain?"

"Students have sat out in the rain before with no great harm done to them," Headmaster Longbottom answered.

"Perhaps," Professor Rose replied. "But if they sit out in the rain for too long, then they are at a risk of catching a cold."

"They can take a pepperup potion," Professor Malfoy replied.

"Under normal circumstances that would be a viable solution, seeing as to how the second years would brew then. This year though there are several of them who shouldn't be trusted within twenty feet of a cauldron. I fear unleashing their creations on the rest of the student body."

Headmaster Longbottom out a hand on her shoulder. "Give yourself a few years, and you'll be someone's boggart. Anyone who sounds that much like Snape will become a boggart soon enough."

"If his students were anything like mine, then he had every reason to be concerned for the entire student body."

"Well, he did have me as a student, so he had reason to be fearful for the structure of his dungeons."

"Indeed he did."

"Is this game is still going on?"

The three snapped their heads to the right.

To the east of the Quidditch patch stood a teenager and a giant. The wind blew through the adolescent's long black hair. Her onyx eyes were as hard as coal; her frown was identical to that of her father.

"Please dear Merlin don't," Professor Rose muttered. "Just sit down. Please just sit down."

Without a broom, the girl took to the wind. The giant reached for her leg, but he only grabbed air. She flew in the direction of the golden snitch and grabbed it.

"Game Over!"

The audience erupted into cheers. The Quidditch players waved their fists at her, but her only response was a smirk.

Professor Rose shook her head. "Dear God Violet. Why can't you leave well enough alone?"

"So, uh," Professor Malfoy asked. "If a Slytherin catches the snitch in a Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff game which was tied, who wins?"

Violet stood on the wind as the Quidditch players landed their brooms.

"One hundred points from Slytherin for showing off at the most inopportune time," Professor Rose muttered.

Professor Rose watched as Violet flew laps around the pitch. The students continued to shout and wave their hands in her direction.

Headmaster Longbottom leaned down and whispered, "One hundred points to Slytherin for that excellent display of levitation."

Professor Rose took a deep breath, "Indeed."