Now That Your Rose Is In Bloom

Chapter 183

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How long does it take to review a deposition?

Severus scowled as the attorneys stood over the oak table. They ran their fingers over a few words, then muttered amongst themselves. For a moment he considered asking if he should edit it himself since he was more than capable of looking over spelling and factual errors. There was no reason to reread it ten times hoping everything was perfect.

"Everything seems to be in order," the head attorney announced

Snape leaned forward in his blue chair. "So glad it meets your standards."

"Thank you Mr. Snape," the head attorney extended his hand. "We appreciate your time."

He stood and shook his hand, his scowl fading.

"You are free to go to Australia, or if you so wish, to see your wife."

Severus heart sank. Why would Hermione ever want to see the man who endangered her by not considering that people were pursuing him? How could she have any use for a man like him?

"I know she would love to see you," he continued.

Snape huffed. No woman has ever been happy to see me.

His mind flashed to the sparkle in her eyes when she gazed at him.

Except Hermione. Every time we've met she has been thrilled to see me. In that regard, she is unlike any woman I have ever met. I cherish her all the more for it.

"She even said she wanted to see you. Something about not wanting you to be haunted by her and her injury."

Snape snapped to attention. "Haunted?"

The head attorney nodded. "She did not want to be another reason you beat up on yourself. Even if you are amnesiac, she does not want what happened to weigh on your conscience."

"Did she tell you this?"

"More or less."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I mean she allowed me to eavesdrop on a conversation you two had about your testimony."

"So I did see her once my memories returned."

"You did, and you had a long conversation where she told you she did not want to be alone tonight."

Snape scrutinized the man. On the surface, there was no reason for him to lie. If he was going to harm Snape, he would've done so by now. Still, it remained difficult for Snape to believe that any woman would want to see him alive, much less spend an evening with him.

"You do whatever you feel is best," the head attorney raised a briefcase and furled the document. "Still, if I had a witch as in love with me as Hermione seems to be with you, I'd run to her."

"I suppose I should see her, if only to assure myself that she is as well as you claim she is."

"That's what I would do anyway."

Snape twisted his bottom lip. "Can you ensure that nobody is pursuing me?"

"The security at St. Mungo's is very aware of what happened last night. You will have no further issues from any of the other amnesiacs."

Snape made his way to the metallic door. He opened it partway before pausing. He turned back. "Thank you again for taking my statement. I appreciate the opportunity to bring Molly to justice."

"We are more than happy to help."

Snape cleared his throat before exiting the room. Halfway down the hallway he paused to take a deep breath.

How was he ever going to face Hermione after what he had done to her?

Ginevra wiped her face and sighed. She needed to think of something, and fast.

Her mind wandered to Fred's death. There was a hole he had left in the universe which had never been filled. Was that when the family fell apart? Sure there were problems before, but had the loss of Fred doomed the Weasleys to complete dysfunction? What would he say if he was here and knew what Molly and his brothers had done in his absence?

Her eyes began to water.

Would Fred have ever accepted Draco as her husband? It was doubtful. Still he might have accepted him and been able to help everyone see reason. Maybe he could have prevented Mum from going crazy or Ron from treating Hermione so horribly. Granted if Ron wasn't so horrid to Hermione she may not have wedded Severus, unless he dumped her because he fell out of love with her. There must have been some way for Severus and Hermione to find each other and fall madly in love. In another universe Rose may be a biological Snape.

We all needed Fred much more than we realized. At the very least he would've made us laugh through all the drama. I miss laughing with my parents and siblings…

A tear fell.

Ginevra took a shaky breath. Here goes nothing.

She threw in the floo powder and sniffed, "Ron Weasley's casa."

The fireplace ignited. Tears clouded her eyes.



"Ginevra," he raised his voice. "What is wrong?"

"Oh Percy it's awful, everything is just awful!"

"What is awful?"

She sobbed. "I've been such a fool, such a bloody fool. I thought Draco cared for me. I thought he loved me, but when I need him, when everything is falling down around me, he, he doesn't care at all!"

He frowned. "What did Draco do?"

"He knows you're ahead in the polls, so he yelled at me," her voice cracked. "He got drunk and yelled at me for a half hour. He called me horrible names and then he said, he said…"

"What did he say?"

"He said that he wished he'd never married me!"

"I warned you he was no good the day you decided to go public with your relationship."

"I know, I know. It still hurts. Still, Draco isn't the most upsetting thing."

"What could be worse than your husband yelled at you?"

Ginevra sniveled. "Dad is deathly ill in St. Mungo's."

Percy's eyes grew. "What?"

"Dad's cough," she sobbed. "It wasn't really just a cough at all. It was the beginning of pneumonia."

Percy gasped.

"Dad is pleading to see you and Ron, just pleading for you both. It's tearing him apart that you aren't there."

"I, I don't know if it is safe…"

"Did you not hear a word I said?" Ginevra exclaimed. "You are ahead in the polls, Dad is dying, and I need my brother!"

"There is a warrant for my arrest."

"When you win the warrant will be revoked!"

"I need to win first before I come to Britain."

"What if Dad doesn't have that kind of time? What if he has hours, not days?"

"Is he that sick already?"

Ginevra covered her face with her hands. "I don't know! I really don't know! The healers' prognosis was so grim when I last spoke with them."

"Surely he can hold on for a couple more days."

"Again, I don't know that. He may be dead now for all I know!"

Percy groaned.

"At the very least you should allow Molly and Lucy to see him. They love him so much, and it would lift his spirits to see his grandchildren again."

"It would lift their spirits to get away from Ronald's gambling and drinking anyway," he muttered.

"Oh Ron! I'm so glad you mentioned him! He should see Dad too. Merlin knows Ron'll be worried sick about Dad when he hears how ill he is!"


Ginevra lowered her hands.

"I cannot allow Ron to visit Dad."

"Why not? Dad may be dying. Why shouldn't his son be near him?"

"We both know the Snapes will have him arrested the second he sets foot in Great Britain."

"Maybe, but if we could hide him…"

"He's too drunk right now to see Dad anyway."

Ginevra sniffed. "Is he at the casino again?"

"Unfortunately yes."

"Well, that won't improve Dad's mood."

"No, it will not."

"Seeing you though, well, it may give him the strength to fight for his recovery."

"Do you truly think that?"

"I know that"

Percy took a deep breath. "Okay, let me speak with George. Perhaps he'll have an idea of what to do."

"Why do you need to speak with George?"

"Because he may have some idea to sneak me into the country."

Ginevra's face lit up. "You, you'll really come and see Dad?"

"If George can think of a way to sneak me in then I will do so."

She clasped her hands together. "Oh that will be so amazing! Thank you Percy, thank you!"

"Do not thank me yet," he warned. "I have not so much as contemplated a plan of escape."

"Oh you will think of something. I know you will."

"In the meantime, I need you to do something for me?"


"Distract Malfoy."

"How would I go about doing that? He hates me right now!"

"You're his wife. Surely you can think of something."

She inhaled. "I suppose I can try to think of something, or at least have Scorpius engage him in some type of conversation. Worse comes to worse, we'll spike his tea with a sleeping draught."

Percy grinned. "Now there's an idea."

Ginevra relaxed.

Percy shook his head. "Let me get off the floo with George. Together I am sure we can at least think of a way to get Molly and Lucy in to see their grandfather."

"I know you two will."

He sighed. "Thank you again for telling me this."

"I needed to," she choked. "We need to be a family again."

"Yes, we do, and never forget that."

"No, I won't forget who my family is ever again."

With that the floo died. She stepped away and smirked.

Draco is right; I should've been sorted into Slytherin.