Chapter 100

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Harry was just returning to his office after presiding over a meeting when Deus grabbed his wrist,

"Harry, stop."

Harry came to a halt and found nothing but concern in Deus's eyes,

"What's wrong?"

Deus kept a tight hold on his wrist and spoke,

"He's here."

Harry raised a questioning eyebrow and Deus spoke,

"Dumbledore…he's in your office."

Harry felt the world tilt on its axis at the mention of that hateful name. All those painful memories assaulted him, and he gritted his teeth as he fought to push them back. Deus's hold tightened on his wrist and he spoke,

"Go back to the castle. It's not safe for you here."

Harry yanked his wrist away from Deus's grip and spoke,

"Are you saying that he's stronger than you?"

Deus sighed and spoke,

"I've never faced him before, so I can't judge the measure of his power."

Harry stared at him in disbelief and whispered,

"You're the bloody prince of hell. Are you really telling me that you're weaker than that bastard?"

He turned his back on him and stormed towards his office. Dumbledore was going to die today. Outside the door, he drew in a deep breath, pulled up his calm façade and stepped in. Dumbledore had been seated in his chair…in Voldemort's chair and that was enough to set him on fire. Instead he smiled and drew closer to the desk,

"I can't say I'm pleased to see you."

Dumbledore rose to his feet and his blue eyes twinkled with malicious intent. Harry heard Deus enter in the office behind him and watched as Dumbledore's gaze moved from him to Deus,

"Such a pretty boy."

Harry situated himself between Dumbledore and Deus and spoke as pleasantly as possible,

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

Dumbledore chuckled softly and then spoke,

"Why would I require a reason to visit my favorite student?"

Harry crossed his arms over his chest and felt Deus draw closer to him. He spoke in mock awe and spoke,

"Really, Professor? I'm still your favourite student? I feel so honoured."

He watched the way Dumbledore's smile grew strained and counted that as his first victory,

"I have heard that you are terminally ill."

Harry wanted to deny that but somehow, he felt that if he could elude Dumbledore into thinking that he was weak, he might get the upper hand,

"Yes, you've heard right, and I have you to thank for that."

Dumbledore's smile grew relaxed again and Harry saw nothing but sadistic glee in his blue eyes. How had he ever thought that those eyes were kind and that smile was warm. Dumbledore was the epitome of pure evil,

"How so?"

Harry let all his resentment out when he spoke next,

"You stifled my magical core…you damaged it permanently…I…I can't even cast magic anymore. You stole the most important thing in the world from me and now…now I'm losing my life too… You should rejoice, Professor…You should…"

He coughed and Deus rubbed soothing circles on his back to calm him. Dumbledore stepped closer to him and murmured,

"My boy, you should not have trifled with me."

Harry straightened up and squared his jaw,

"I don't regret anything."

Dumbledore smiled sadly and raised his hand to cup his cheek. Harry took a step back and his back came in contact with Deus's chest,

"I can save you, Harry. If you wish to live, then you need only ask me for help."

Harry rolled his eyes and tilted his head back,

"Yeah right. Do you want to save me so that you can whip me again?"

Harry unbuttoned his vest and murmured,

"Why don't you skip that saving me part and get straight to what you want from me. You want to punish me, hurt me…You want to save me just, so you can kill me…Why don't you just kill me directly?"

Deus grabbed his hands from behind to still them and Dumbledore ran his fingers through his beard,

"Tempting but that is not on my agenda today."

Deus released his hands and Harry forced them into the pockets of his jeans,

"Why the hell are you even here?"

Dumbledore took another step closer to him and this time Harry refused to back down. He snapped his fingers and a gold embellished envelope appeared in his hand,

"I came to hand deliver this."

Harry was about to take the envelope when Deus beat him to it,

"What is this?"

Dumbledore smirked and laughed cheerily,

"The invitation to the Annual Fundraising Ball for Hogwarts. The Minister pf Magic is always the guest of honour and since you are occupying that seat at the moment then I must extend the invitation to you."

Harry glared at Dumbledore. There had to be some ulterior motive behind this. Dumbledore patted him on the cheek and Harry bit down on his tongue as a biting, stinging pain spread from his cheek to the rest of his body,

"Where is Tom?"

Harry managed to slap his hand away and bit out,

"None of your bloody concern."

Dumbledore clenched and unclenched his fingers and Harry smiled despite the pain that was consuming him,

"We'll be there. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to."

Dumbledore swept out of the office with a cold, bitter smile and Harry instantly slumped down to his knees. Deus knelt beside him and rested his hand on his cheek, exactly where Dumbledore had touched him. The pain receded but Harry broke into a coughing fit. He couldn't breathe…He fisted Deus's robes as he struggled to breathe. Deus conjured something and held it to his lips,

"Drink, Harry…You need to drink…"

Harry struggled to get the potion down. It managed to stabilize him but left him utterly drained. Deus picked him up in his arms and laid him down on the couch,

"Rest, Mon Ravissement."

Harry closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath,

"Don't tell Voldemort. Don't you dare tell him anything about what happened."

Deus combed his fingers through his hair and murmured gently,

"I won't."