Chapter 28

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Harry struggled desperately against the cords as Voldemort relaxed against the desk. He had just opened his mouth to speak when a loud knock on the door interrupted him. He turned to the door and practically growled,


A timid voice spoke from the other side of the door,

"My lord, the head goblin from Gringotts is here."

Voldemort cursed loudly and Harry tried not to let his relief show on his face. Harry was mentally praying that Voldemort would leave. Voldemort turned to Harry and spoke,

"I shall deal with you in a moment."

Harry writhed against his restraints,

"Let me out of these."

Voldemort grinned maliciously,

"No. I wish to see you exactly in this state upon my return and we shall continue from here then."

Harry finally leaned back in his seat. He was hoping that the head goblin would kill Voldemort so that he would never return. Voldemort patted Harry's cheek,

"I promise I shall not take long."

Harry moved his head away and spoke sarcastically,

"Yeah, I just can't wait to spill all my secrets to you."

Voldemort chuckled softly and in the blink of an eye, he had Harry gagged,

"I cannot wait to hear them."

Harry's eyes widened and he screamed in rage but only a muffled sound came out,

"Just a precaution, Harry. I do not want you screaming for help and creating a scene in my absence."

And with that he stepped out of the office, leaving Harry gagged and bound.

Harry was staring blankly at the ceiling. He had no idea how long it had been since Voldemort had left but it felt like a long time ago. His body begged to differ because he was still feeling those distinct effects of Veritaserum. Harry hated this situation and he swore to himself that he wouldn't let Voldemort ever touch him after this. He would leave. He would most definitely leave as soon as he was out of these restraints.

There was a knock on the door and Harry tried to speak but the gag effectively stopped any sounds from leaving his mouth. He struggled against the restraints desperately, wishing that whoever it was, would just step inside without his permission. He had almost given up when the door was pushed opened and Harry looked up to fine Rabastan standing in the doorway.

Harry watched Rabastan take in the sight of him and saw his eyes grow as wide as saucers and his jaw drop open in shock,

"What…What's going on?"

He drew closer to him and removed the gag from his mouth. He waved his wand and attempted to free him from the bonds but nothing happened.

Harry had never felt more relieved to see anyone before in his life. Harry felt devastated when the restraints didn't come off and his brain formulated another plan,

"Leave the restraints, Rabastan. I need the antidote for Veritaserum ASAP."

Rabastan's eyes were clouded with confusion but Harry knew he didn't have the time to explain now. So, he pleaded and hoped Rabastan would just listen,

"Please Rabastan. Help me."

Rabastan seemed to contemplate for a minute and then replaced the gag in his mouth with a wave of his wand. Harry felt bitter disappointment well up in his heart as Rabastan left the office as abruptly as he had arrived.

Why had he thought a death eater would help him against Voldemort? He felt extremely stupid for even hoping it. Harry couldn't stop the tears that streamed down his cheeks. There was no hope for him now. Voldemort would return in a few minutes and get the truth out of him.

The door opened and Harry closed his eyes and turned his head. He didn't want Voldemort to see the tears in his eyes. He wouldn't give him the pleasure of seeing him this weak. Footsteps drew closer to him and his eyes shot open at Rabastan's voice,

"Are you crying?"

Harry turned to face Rabastan. It was his turn to be shocked now. Rabastan removed the gag and uncorked the vial in his hand. He held it to his lips,

"Just drink it all. It'll last a couple of hours."

Harry swallowed the antidote and as soon as he did, he felt that odd calm lift from him. He wanted to thank Rabastan but now was the time,

"I'll explain everything later. You have to go now."

Rabastan smiled gently and Harry felt truly warmed by it,

"I'll see you later then."

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Rabastan gagged him again and left. Harry felt overjoyed. His secret was safe. It was safe for at least a few more days. Now he was just looking forward to Voldemort's arrival. He really couldn't wait to lie to him.

Sometime later, the door opened and Voldemort walked in. Harry realized that he looked irritated and was practically fuming. He made his way towards Harry and removed the gag,

"How are you doing, Harry?

Harry closed his eyes. He didn't want to talk to Voldemort. But he realized he was supposed to be under the influence of Veritaserum and spoke,

"I'm doing terrible. You had me gagged and bound for heavens know how many hours."

Voldemort cast a tempus and then spoke,

"I had you gagged and bound for exactly four hours. I had not intended for the meeting to last this long. Goblins are stubborn creatures."

Harry huffed in annoyance and kept his eyes closed,

"Well ask me whatever you want and get this over with."

Voldemort regarded Harry and then picked up the vial from the table. He conjured another glass and added three drops of the potion to it,

"You must be parched, Harry."

Harry opened his eyes and looked at the glass of water in Voldemort's hand,

"Yes, I am. But I don't want to drink that."

Voldemort chuckled darkly,

"You are adorable when you are being honest."

Harry didn't meet Voldemort's gaze but he struggled as Voldemort force-fed him the glass of water again. This time Harry didn't feel the effects and that was how he knew that the antidote was working. Harry forced a look of disgust on his face,

"I really hate you."

Voldemort smirked victoriously and conjured a chair for himself,

"We have wasted enough time already. I am going to ask you some questions and you are going to reply without hesitation. Is that understood?"

Harry couldn't help but nod his head. He would have made a snide remark in usual circumstances but right now he had to act the part of a Veritaserum victim,

"Yes, I understand."

Voldemort's smile widened and then he spoke,

"What caused you to change?"

Harry closed his eyes and slumped back in the chair. Lies, he was thinking which ones would be acceptable,

"Sirius's death. He promised me that we could live together. He was the only real family I had. Sirius would have been alive if Dumbledore had told me about the prophecy. We could have been together like a real family. But now's gone and I don't want to live in this world anymore."

Voldemort was silent for a while and then spoke,

"Tell me about your ailment. Your persistent cough and your paleness."

At least Voldemort didn't know about the blood,

"My relatives weren't the best of people. They were abusive and I was nothing more than a servant to them. Their mistreatment combined with my own willingness to die probably had drastic effects on my health. It'll take me some time to recover from that malnourishment."

Voldemort scoffed,

"Really, Harry? I was expecting your secrets to be more exciting. This is just anti-climactic. Why could you not have told me this before willingly?"

Harry shrugged,

"I don't know. I like the notion of being mysterious. But I guess that's done now. You know everything about me."

Voldemort kissed Harry's lips softly,

"You are still the most fascinating mystery for me."

Harry pulled away from him and spat out,

"If you think that I'm going to stick around after what you did to me today. You are sorely mistaken."