Chapter 73

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Harry stood in the Manor's entrance and shouted out. He was incensed because he had checked his room and the package had been nowhere in sight. He swore if…His thoughts were cut short as Draco hurriedly made his way down the stairs and asked,

"Is there anything I can help you with, My Lord."

Harry grabbed him by his collar and shook him,

"Oh, don't you dare 'my lord' me. It might work with Voldemort but it won't work with me. Where's my package?"

Draco looked puzzled and Harry released him,

"My package. It contained some clothes that I purchased. I had it delivered here last night. Where the hell is it?"

Realization dawned on Draco's face and he spoke,

"Aunt Bella received it last night."

Harry cursed verbally and turned away from Draco. Rabastan rested a hand on his shoulder but Harry could practically feel himself fuming. Bella was begging for a fight and he was in mood to indulge her,

"Relax, Harry. I'll get it from her."

Harry hmphed in annoyance and stalked away towards the ballroom. He scanned the sunlit hall and made a mental list of things that he was going to change. Once he was done with that, he navigated his way to the kitchens and after finalizing his list of entrees, main course, desserts and drinks for dinner, handed it over to the house elves. When he returned to the ballroom, Rabastan handed him the bundle which looked surprisingly untouched and Harry finally smiled. He hugged him tight, thanked him and tossed the bundle to Draco, who was staring at them with a bugged-out expression,

"I want you to deliver that to my room."

When Draco had left, Harry wrapped an arm around Rabastan's waist and told him all the changes he wanted. When he was done, Rabastan smiled and pressed a kiss to his temple,

"Don't worry, Harry. Everything you want will be done."

Harry snorted and walked towards one of the stained-glass windows,

"I know it will be. I bet Voldemort has ordered them to stay out of my way today otherwise I'm sure I would have had a very interesting confrontation with Narcissa."

The rest of the day passed in a haze as Harry struggled to get everything perfect. By the end of the day, Harry was extremely pleased with himself and when he sampled the food, his joy increased tenfold. It was seven in the evening when Rabastan dragged him away from the ballroom and up to his room,

"You need to get ready. It won't look good if you're late to your own ball."

Rabastan was about to leave when Harry gripped his wrist and kissed his lips before pulling away abruptly. He didn't know why he'd done that. All he could feel was an illogical fear in his chest and a weird, twisted feeling in his gut. Rabastan eyed him for a moment before he touched his chin and tipped his face up,

"What's wrong, Harry?"

Harry swallowed and the concern on Rabastan's face only worsened what he was feeling,

"I'm fine."

He leaned in and brushed his lips against Rabastan's. Harry felt the way Rabastan tensed, his body taut with need. He spoke softly,

"I want it. Come on. Kiss me."

He brushed their lips together again. Rabastan instantly pulled him flush against him and sucked on his lip. Harry held him tighter and parted his lips. Rabastan's tongue stroked the inside his mouth, and Harry couldn't stop the small, needy sound that left his throat. Rabastan pulled back a little and Harry stared at him languidly,

"Are you alright?"

The feeling in his gut intensified but he smiled weakly and nodded.

"Are you sure?"

Harry nodded again and swiped his tongue across his lip. Groaning, Rabastan caught his tongue and sucked on it. Harry heard himself make that soft little gasp again, his hands gripped Rabastan's shoulders hard and savoured the kiss, just taking it and letting Rabastan do whatever he wanted with his mouth, and it was more arousing than it had any right to be. Rabastan thrust his tongue in his mouth and pulled him tighter, kissing him deeper, hungry and insatiable. He wanted him. He wanted to shove Rabastan onto the bed, tear his clothes off and kiss him everywhere. He wanted to make him beg to be touched. He wanted to claim Rabastan in every way possible. He wanted it so badly that he could barely think. He pulled Rabastan closer while his tongue went in deeper, his mouth growing more insistent as the desire threatened to engulf him. He was literally shaking, but he could do nothing about it. He couldn't control his body at all. It felt like something was broken inside of him. Rabastan was absolutely wonderful and he couldn't stop himself from wanting this again, and again, and again. Damn, he wanted to have him. He needed to take him.

Someone cleared their throat.

Damn it.

Breathing hard, Harry wrenched his lips away and found a death eater standing in the doorway. He glared at him murderously and ground out,


Rabastan was blushing red and so was the death eater. He didn't relinquish his hold on Rabastan though and asked again,

"What the hell is it?"

The death eater bowed his head and murmured,

"The Dark Lord wishes to see you in his…ummm…his bedroom."

Harry nodded his head and dismissed him with a wave of his hand. Once he was gone, he kissed Rabastan's flushed cheek and yearn to whisper those three words in his ear. He bit his tongue and said instead,

"I'll see you in a while."

Rabastan nodded dazedly and Harry watched him leave with a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. What the hell was wrong with him? He coughed and opened the package. After setting aside his jeans and shirt, he grabbed the robes he had gotten for Voldemort and found the death eater waiting for him at the corner of the corridor. He still looked mortified but Harry signalled him to lead the way and followed him through an unfamiliar corridor and came to a halt outside a polished dark door. The death eater left and Harry pushed open the door without knocking. He found Voldemort standing in front of the mirror dressed in a pair of black pants and a black silk button up shirt. Harry resisted the urge to lick his lips at the sight. He looked absolutely impeccable. Harry stepped closer to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. Voldemort raised an eyebrow at him in the mirror,

"I expected to see you all dressed up."

Harry grinned and kissed his cheek,

"You don't get to see me all dressed up until the very last moment."

A beatific smile crossed Voldemort's handsome features and amusement lit up his crimson eyes,

"Perhaps I can see you dressed down then."

Harry laughed and pulled the robes over Voldemort's shoulder. He expected Voldemort to scowl or say something about the colour but Voldemort's smile only widened and for the second time in the last few minutes, he was overcome with the desire to say those three words…the three words that were reverberating inside his head…,

"They're absolutely beautiful."

Harry turned Voldemort around and took a step back to admire the view. The robes were nothing compared to how utterly beautiful Voldemort looked in them…far better than he had imagined. Voldemort's crimson eyes looked absolutely stunning and more noticeable,

"You look gorgeous, Lover."

Harry watched as Voldemort's jaw dropped,

"I believe that is the first real compliment you have paid me."

Harry shrugged and then spoke nonchalantly,

"Well I chose those robes for you. I knew they would make you look amazing so technically I paid myself a compliment."

Voldemort took his hand and brushed his lips against his knuckles,

"Thank you for bestowing me with such a wonderful gift."

Harry pulled away his hand and chuckled softly,

"Don't think that you can sway me with your pretty words. You still owe me a shirt."

Harry pressed a swift kiss to Voldemort's lips and swaggered out of the room with a grin on his face,

"See you later, Lover."

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