Chapter 47

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Summary: Madness is not a state of mind. Madness is a place. What happens when Harry stumbles into it and gets trapped there? A Harry Potter version of Alice in Wonderland but a thousand shades darker.

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Voldemort's lips didn't leave his neck, instead they moved up to the sensitive skin underneath his jaw. Harry's eyes fluttered shut. He should step away. He had to get away from Voldemort. But Harry couldn't. No matter how hard his mind tried to make his body move, it didn't. Voldemort's lips were smouldering hot, burning his skin and Harry found every sensible thought leave his mind. He couldn't feel anything that wasn't Voldemort. His hands balled into fists and he bit his lower lip to stop himself from moaning out. It was too much. The pleasure spreading from his neck and coursing through his blood was way too much. He arched his head back unconsciously, giving Voldemort better access to his neck and Voldemort took advantage of it immediately. Harry couldn't hold back the moan that slipped past his lips when Voldemort's kiss on his neck grew rough and aggressive. Just when Harry felt like his legs would give out underneath him, Voldemort wrapped an arm around his waist and resumed the onslaught of pleasure on his neck.

When Voldemort pulled away, Harry's entire body protested against the loss. He drew in several deep breaths in an attempt to clear his head. What had just happened? How could he have been so bloody thoughtless? Hating himself he took a step away from Voldemort and unconsciously reached up to the spot, Voldemort had kissed. As soon his gloved fingers brushed it, he hissed out in pain. Oh, something was wrong. He spun around and saw a truly demonic grin plastered on Voldemort's face. It didn't take long for Harry to put two and two together. Heat rushed up to his cheeks but he ignored it and gritted out,

"What did you just do to me?"

Harry hadn't thought that Voldemort's smirk could get any wider but it did,

"See for yourself, Harry."

He conjured a mirror and held it out to him. Harry snatched it from his hand and looked at his reflection in it. A dark reddish, purple bruise stood out starkly over the pale skin of his neck, just above his collar, his lower lip was swollen and bleeding where he had bit into it. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were sparkling. Overall, he looked debauched. He felt oddly fascinated by the bruise on his neck. It was beautiful in a weird kind of way and Harry found himself cherishing it because Voldemort had left it on him as a mark of ownership. But he couldn't let Voldemort know that. He thrust the mirror back in Voldemort's hands and practically growled,

"You bloody bastard."

Voldemort vanished the mirror and casually leaned against the desk,

"You did not want me to have anything that belongs to you. That bruise on your neck, that's my mark because you belong to me whether you want to or not."

Harry didn't know why his heart just fluttered at that declaration. He turned his back to Voldemort not wanting him to see how moved he was by his statement,

"Fine. Have it your way."

He was about to step out the door when Voldemort spoke,

"A delegation from the Vampires shall be visiting tonight. I expect you to be present."

Harry spat out sarcastically as he stepped out of the office and signalled towards his neck,

"Oh goodie. I'm sure they'll be proud of your work."

He made his way back to his office. He received several incredulous glares by the death eaters in the corridor but he was way beyond caring. The office was exactly how he had left it. He summoned Bellatrix and settled down in his seat. He needed a shower before he met the Vampires tonight. They could probably smell his blood on him. Harry had almost been hoping that Bella wouldn't come but when his door burst open and she stepped in. The expression on her face was of pure malice and rage. Harry couldn't help but smirk,

"Miss me, Bella?"

Bellatrix gaze widened when they came to rest on his neck and Harry saw something akin to jealousy burning up in her dark eyes. Maybe the hickey really wasn't that bad. He rose to his feet and stalked closer to her,

"Wanna know who gave that to me?"

Harry saw Bella's eyes glinting with murderous intent but she remained silent. Harry realized he was enjoying this immensely and spoke playfully,

"He really missed me a lot. Said he couldn't live without me…couldn't breathe without me…He wants me too much."

She was about to whip out her wand when Harry spoke,

"Don't bother, Bella dear. I'm still your superior."

He retook his seat and noticed how Bella was positively shaking with rage. She pulled out her wand and shrieked out the curse,


Harry ducked under the table just in time to miss it but the move made an intense wave of pain shoot through his back


More curses flew towards him, hitting the desk and Harry knew he wouldn't be able to avoid them any longer. His back was aching like hell. Despite the pain, Harry laughed as loudly as he could because he knew it would irk Bella further. Voldemort's cold voice rang through the room. The curses stopped and Harry went silent. He crawled out from underneath the desk and rose to his feet. Voldemort's face was contorted with rage but Harry knew it wasn't directed at him,

"Why don't you ask him, Bella?"

Bella was on her knees in front of Voldemort and constantly begging for mercy,

"Ask me what, Bella?"

Harry sat back in his chair. Standing on his feet was way too difficult. The pain in his back steadily grew unbearable again but it was totally worth it. Seeing that look on Bella's face was totally worth it. Harry could feel fresh droplets of blood rolling down his back and getting soaked in the bandages. It made him wonder how he was still able to function normally? Voldemort roared out,


Harry leaned back in his seat and drawled,

"Bella says that I'm your whore. But I don't think it's just Bella. I think every single one of your death eaters thinks that."

Voldemort gripped Bella by the hair,

"Atrium NOW!"

Bella scrambled up to her feet and rushed out of the office. Voldemort turned to Harry and Harry saw his expression soften,

"It is your first day back and you have already stirred up enough trouble to make up for your absence."

Harry didn't feel like getting up to his feet but he didn't want to prove himself weak. He pulled himself up as gracefully as possible and spoke,

"You started it. Now you get to bear the consequences. I bet you wish you hadn't given me this hickey"

Voldemort narrowed his eyes and spoke,

"Unlike you, I do not regret my actions."

Harry knew Voldemort was referring to what he had said that day and shot back,

"I took those words back. You don't get to use them against me anymore."

Voldemort turned his back to him and spoke,

"I apologize for Bella's words and I shall make certain that she apologizes as well. You do not deserve to be labelled with such a derogatory term."

Harry covered his mouth with his hand to stop the gasp from escaping. Had Voldemort just apologized?

"You mean you don't want me to be called your whore?"

Voldemort turned to him and Harry saw his crimson eyes burning up with rage,

"Did I not mention that you belong to me? I shall not stand for anyone insulting what is mine and that includes yourself. If I hear that word on your lips one more time, I shall punish you. Is that understood?"

Harry smirked,

"What about slut, prostitute, harlot, tramp…."

He couldn't finish his list because Voldemort had his hand clamped tight over his mouth,


Harry was glad for that because he had really started running out of terms. He pulled away from him and walked out of the office casually,

"You can shut my mouth but you can't shut everyone up, Lover."

Ohhh Harry nearly squealed with delight. He was itching to turn around and see Voldemort's reaction to the new nickname but he was afraid of showing his glee. It was purely ironic how the world's most sadistic bastard had love and lover concealed in his name.

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