Chapter 114

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The duel came to an abrupt halt and a hushed silence fell over everyone. Dumbledore's grin widened and he spoke,

"You cannot bear to see him lose, can you?"

He took a step forward and Voldemort spoke,

"Harry, do not take a step closer."

He ignored it. Voldemort would have lost if the duel had gone on and he couldn't bear that. He couldn't bear to see him hurt or worse. Dumbledore raised a silver eyebrow questioningly and he spoke,

"I'm willing to surrender, Professor."

Voldemort shouted,


Voldemort had raised his wand to cast a spell when Dumbledore disarmed him effortlessly. The wand caught Harry's eye and he ran his hand down his chest, feeling the bundle, that was the invisibility cloak, under his jacket. He needed that wand by any means possible. Dumbledore opened his arms,

"Come, Harry…Come closer…"

He took a few steps closer to Dumbledore until he was standing barely a feet away from him. Dumbledore signalled to his feet,

"Kneel and beg for forgiveness, Harry."

He went down on his knees effortlessly and spoke,

"Forgive me for everything, Professor."

Dumbledore chuckled darkly,

"Beg, Harry. You need to grovel at my feet…"

Voldemort spoke,

"No, Harry...Please…No…"

Voldemort was about to step closer to him but something stopped him…a barrier stopped him. along with the curses that were fired at Dumbledore by the death eaters. Dumbledore stepped closer to him and grabbed him by the hair. He closed his eyes and bowed his head,

"Kiss my feet, Harry…"

He balled his hands into fists and hesitated. Dumbledore's voice grew stern,

"DO IT!"

Dumbledore pushed his head down and he resisted,

"I can see that there is still a sliver of defiance left in you."

Dumbledore ran a hand down his back and he shivered involuntarily,

"Another lashing will certainly change that. Do you remember the last one?"

He didn't reply…couldn't…All he could think about was a way to get that wand,

"Do you remember?"

He nodded silently,

"Go on, Harry. Kiss my feet."

He lowered his head and brushed his lips against Dumbledore's flamboyant purple velvet shoes before lifting his head again. Dumbledore laughed and pushed his head back down,

"You belong there, Harry, don't you?"

He coughed and Dumbledore laughed,

"How long do you have, Harry?"

He didn't have an answer to that,

"How long?"

He murmured,

"I'm out of time."

Dumbledore grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to his feet but he couldn't stay on them. His legs had no strength. Dumbledore's grip was the only thing keeping him upright,

"Open your eyes."

He opened his eyes and met Dumbledore's icy blue gaze,

"I shall not allow you to die, Harry…not yet…not until you have paid me back for all the disgrace you have brought upon me."

He tore his gaze away from Dumbledore's and stared at Voldemort standing on the other side of the barrier and shouting something. He passed him a wane smile and spoke,

"I love you so much."

Voldemort went quite but the tears that were flowing down his cheeks didn't stop. Dumbledore gripped his chin and spoke,

"Tell your lover to leave along with his forces."

He held Dumbledore's gaze and spoke as loudly as he could,

"You have to go, Lover."