Chapter 31

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Harry decided against going to Voldemort's office. The bastard would surely know by now that he had arrived and if he wanted to see him, he would just have to come to him. With these thoughts in mind, he pushed open the door and stepped in his office. Harry hadn't even settled in his seat when a knock on the door startled him,


A death eater stepped inside followed by a severe looking wizard. Harry raised an eyebrow at the death eater, who flushed, cleared his throat and spoke,

"This is Barnabas Cuffe, the editor of The Daily Prophet."

Harry cursed. He had completely forgotten about the interview. Well, if he was going to give an interview, he would have it on his own terms,

"I want Rita Skeeter."

The man, Barnabas eyed him critically and then spoke,

"The Dark Lord personally asked me to interview you."

Harry opened up a file and began rifling through it,

"I won't repeat myself."

Barnabas stomped out of the room in anger and the death eater followed hot on his heels. Harry chuckled and closed the files. Half an hour passed and then there was another knock on the door,

"Come in."

This time Rita Skeeter stepped in and she halted in her steps when her gaze came to rest on him. Harry rose to his feet and flashed her his most charming smile. He loved the shocked expression on her face,

"I presume you're here for my interview. Take a seat."

Rita's blonde hair were set in elaborate curls that contrasted oddly with her heavy-jawed face. She wore jewelled spectacles studded with rhinestones, and had thick fingers ending in two-inch nails, painted crimson. She was carrying her crocodile-skin handbag, inside of which Harry knew she carried her acid green Quick-Quotes Quill. She looked extremely flustered and took a seat,

"Well I haven't gotten all day. Can we begin now?"

Rita shook out of the daze she had been lost in and began rummaging through her bag for the quill and a roll of parchment. She stretched out the roll of parchment on the table and placed the quill upright on the parchment, where it stood balanced on its point, quivering slightly.

Harry was remembering the last interview he had had with Rita and he instantly knew that this was going to very very different from his previous one. Rita seemed distant and Harry knew it was because of his scent or looks or maybe both,

"So…. So, you seem different. Let's start with that. Rumours say that you switched sides the night, The Dark Lord was brought back."

Harry chuckled softly and watched the quill dashing across the parchment writing words after words,

"I haven't switched sides because there are no sides to switch."

Rita leaned back in her seat and blinked owlishly,

"So, what are your plans? What do you hope to achieve and what are your aims?"

Harry relaxed in his seat as well and wondered about that. Right now, his only plan was to tick Voldemort off as much as possible but he didn't want that to be published in the paper,

"I am currently working on some reforms for Muggleborns and Magical Creatures such as Werewolves and Centaurs. I plan to bring them at par with normal Witches and Wizards and put an end to Pureblood supremacy. You'll see some positive changes in the next couple of days."

Harry watched with satisfaction as the quill wrote it all down. He spoke,

"Off the record, if you edit this interview or allow anyone else to edit it, I'm going to let slip that you're an unregistered animagus."

Rita paled and Harry smirked vindictively. She shook her head and spoke,

"The rumour mill has been running overtime when it comes to you these days. And our readers have submitted several questions that they want answered by you."

Harry fiddled with a button on his military jacket,

"Ask away."

Rita dove right into it,

"Are in a relationship with The Dark Lord?"

Harry wasn't unfazed by the question. He had expected Rita to ask him something like this,

"No, I'm not."

Rita surveyed the roll and then continued,

"Did you sleep with him in exchange for sparing your life?"

That was something he hadn't expected. But he felt infuriated. He rose to his feet in rage and Rita started and quivered. He looked at her. Was his rage really that apparent,

"No, I have NEVER slept with Lord Voldemort. And I've never asked that BASTARD for anything."

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. Calling Voldemort, a bastard on record was perhaps going too far,

"Scratch that bastard part."

Rita exhaled a long breath. It seemed she had been stressed about getting that part printed as well,

"Did the Dark Lord coerce you into taking this post?"

Harry shook his head. As if Voldemort could coerce him into doing anything. What were the people thinking? Well he didn't really care what they were thinking,

"I am doing this job quite willingly and I can assure you that I enjoy everything about it other than the paperwork."

Rita looked at the roll of parchment which was almost full,

"Are you in a relationship with anyone else?"

Harry sighed. Why was his love life so sensational?

"No, I'm not seeing anyone and I don't plan to."

Rita chanced a glance at the parchment again,

"Where are you staying these days? Rumours say that you are staying at Malfoy Manor."

Harry smirked,

"Past tense…I was staying in Malfoy Manor. I've moved out."

Rita dabbed at her forehead with a silk handkerchief. It seemed his presence was finally getting intolerable for her,

"Care to share where you're staying now."

Harry shook his head and laughed softly,

"Nope. That is none of anyone's concern."

Rita tapped her nails on the table nervously,

"Any message for the readers."

Harry thought for a while and then spoke,

"Stop spreading and believing rumours."

The quill finally paused scribbling. Rita picked it up and dropped it in her bag. Harry took the roll of parchment before Rita could grab it and began reading through the text on it. After he was done, he rolled it up and handed it to her, making sure that he brushed his fingers against hers afterwards,

"This is perfect. Make sure it's printed exactly like this."

Rita's face was unnaturally red and she had just moved to hurry out of the office when the door opened and Voldemort stepped in. He eyed Rita for a minute and his eyes narrowed when he noticed the blush on Rita's cheeks. Rita hurried past him wordlessly.

Harry watched Voldemort's attention turn to him. He looked up and noticed that Voldemort's eyes were dilated with lust and pleasure. He felt extremely satisfied with that look but he wanted to see more. Harry rose to his feet and stepped closer to Voldemort. Voldemort inhaled sharply and had raised his hand to touch him when Harry slapped it away and spoke,

"Uh huh, you're not allowed to touch me anymore. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do."

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