Chapter 72

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"Wow, you absolutely suck at this."

Harry laughed and turned away his head as Voldemort attempted to get the fork to his mouth. They had been at it for the past fifteen minutes and Harry felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment because Voldemort hadn't been able to feed him a single bite of the pancakes. The fork dropped to the plate with a clatter and Harry grinned,

"Ready to give up?"

Voldemort had a maniacal grin on his face. Uh oh, that definitely wasn't good. In a flash, his wrists were bound over his head to the back of the bed and he found himself unable to move. He ground out,

"Let me go."

Voldemort's grin widened and he picked up the fork again. Harry kept his lips sealed shut and tossed his head from side to side so that Voldemort couldn't get the morsel into his mouth. Harry's head was forced to grow still when something soft snaked around his throat and pulled his head back against the bedstead. Damn it. He struggled against the restraints and coughed which caused a light to go off in his head and inspiration struck him. He struggled harder and coughed out,


He definitely deserved an award for how suffocated he sounded. He wasn't expecting it to work but the restraints vanished and Voldemort was holding him close to his chest in an instant. Harry felt like he had been swept off his feet…in a good way of course. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach at the way Voldemort was holding him…asking him if he was alright…apologizing…he was bloody apologizing… He couldn't believe his ears. He had been talking to Deus about alternate universes last night. Had he somehow ended up in one? He was absolutely stunned…dazed…completely speechless…Why would Voldemort care about him? How could he care about him so much? This wasn't making any sense. His silence must have aggravated Voldemort further because he felt Voldemort's grip tighten on his body and he could hear the panic and worry in his voice. And then to top things off Rabastan rushed into the room and Harry saw how he paled with concern at the sight of them. He was on the bed beside them in an instant and rubbing his back. He heard him ask,

"What happened?"

Harry couldn't wrap his head around this…couldn't comprehend what he had done to warrant the care and compassion of these two men. As far as he knew his performance of being a prickly bastard was beyond exemplary then why? Why was he being showered with so much affection? Voldemort was about to lay him back on the bed when Harry held onto him. He felt Rabastan's warmth on his back and he spoke,

"I'm fine."

They didn't seem convinced so Harry laughed softly and whispered in Voldemort's ear,

"I can't believe you fell for that."

Harry practically felt the tension being drained out from Voldemort's and Rabastan's bodies. Before they could grab him, Harry slipped out from in between them and jumped off the bed. Voldemort practically growled out,

"Your well-being is not a laughing matter, Harry. Do you have any idea how terrified we were?"

Harry didn't miss the fact the Voldemort had used "we". He scuffed his nails on his shirt and made a show of examining them,

"Maybe you shouldn't have restrained me then."

Harry jumped back as Voldemort and Rabastan leapt off the bed together and stalked towards him. Harry felt a thrill run down his spine as he ran from the room and felt them hot on his heels. They landed on the couch in a tangle of limbs and Harry broke into giggles as two pairs of hands tickled him. He felt Voldemort grab his hands in one of his and felt Rabastan's arm snake around his waist. He was completely overpowered as they used their combined strength against him to hold him down. Harry squirmed and swore at them between breathless laughter while he felt a hand…Voldemort's or Rabastan's…Harry had no idea, slip under the hem of his shirt, dragging his nails lightly over his upper ribs. He moaned and his hips bucked up against Voldemort and rubbed their fabric-covered erections together. At the same time, he felt Rabastan's erection brush against his hips. They were all getting excited from the intimate contact. Harry gasped as he tried to shift away from the hands,

"S… stop… Lover…Stop…"

The hands went on tickling him relentlessly and Harry felt his eyes water as he laughed. Voldemort spoke in a low growl,

"You tried to play me. I believe that warrants some kind of punishment. Doesn't he deserve to be punished, Rabastan?"

Harry groaned when he heard Rabastan speak,

"Yes, He does."

Harry panted and laughed as he tried to writhe away from my tickling.

"It was a joke, Lover. Stop. For the love of Merlin, stop!"

Harry could never imagine how much his little joke had terrified him. He pretended to consider it. Harry's face was flushed, and strands of his raven black hair, damp with sweat, clung to his forehead and cheek. Except for the desire he could still see in his beautiful emerald green eyes, he looked like a someone who'd been thoroughly pleasured. He was so going to make that look a reality and had a delicious idea of how to do it. He let go of his hands and backed off him, pulling him into a seated position. Laughter, desire, and a question lurked in his eyes at them suddenly stopping the tickling. He was so damn beautiful when he looked at him like that. It was a miracle that he hadn't claimed him. He watched as Harry relaxed against Rabastan's body and whispered to him with a laugh,

"Traitor! You're supposed to be on my side, Rabi."

He smirked a little before he grabbed the edges of his shirt and yanked. Harry's eyes went wide, and he swore when the fabric tore. He grabbed his hands in a strong grip and scowled,

"Bastard, that was a new T-shirt and I liked it very much."

Rabastan pressed a kiss to his neck,

"I'll get you a new one."

Harry didn't seem placated and continued to glare up at him,

"I shall buy you a new one. I want to see you naked."

Harry's glare gained intensity and he gave a put-upon sigh and muttered something about finding the most expensive shirt he could to replace it before pushing him away and getting up to his feet,

"In your dreams."

He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his bare chest,

"Let's get a few things straight. You're not getting me naked. We're not having sex."

He reclined back in the couch and gave Harry a once over before saying,


Something shifted in Harry's eyes…something like sorrow before it vanished and a self-assured grin lit up Harry's face and he shrugged,

"Who knows?"

He had a vision of turning Harry against the wall and taking him right then but shook it off. The time would come when Harry would consent and offer himself up willingly. It was just a matter of days. He just needed to be patient. Harry snapped his fingers and then spoke,

"I need a new shirt now unless you want me to go out like this."

Rabastan conjured a black button up and rose to his feet to hand it over. Harry pulled it on, buttoned it up and thanked Rabastan with a kiss to his cheek before focusing his gaze back on him,

"You still owe me a shirt, Lover."

He rose to his feet and asked,

"Where are you going?"

Harry finger combed his hair and spoke,

"I do have a ball to prepare for and I'm not trusting the Malfoys with this. Will you come with me, Rabi?"

He watched as Rabastan nodded silently and conjured Harry a pair of boots. Harry sat down on the edge of the couch and began pulling them on when he remembered something and looked up with a glint in his eyes,

"I got you some robes last night. I want you to wear them to the ball."

Something about the fact that Harry had gotten him something made warmth blossom in his chest and he spoke,


Harry nodded as he finished lacing up his boots and spoke,

"Yeah, robes. I'm assuming you'll be at the Manor in the evening so I'll deliver them to your room personally provided those bloody Malfoys or Bella haven't messed with my things."

He didn't know what kind of robes Harry had gotten him but the excitement in his eyes was absolutely endearing. Harry waved him goodbye with a cheery smile before walking out of the apartment with Rabastan right behind him.

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