Chapter 79

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The pain vanished as abruptly as it had started and left Harry feeling drained and tethering on the verge of the consciousness. He hadn't screamed…He was sure he hadn't screamed and that knowledge brought him satisfaction and utter contentment. He grinned and expected Nicholai to rip his throat out and tear him apart but that didn't happen. Instead Harry felt the chains slither away from his wrists and his hands dropped to his sides. What the hell? Had Nicholai given up? Was this another game? He cracked open an eyelid and despite the lingering pain in his body, he pushed himself to a sitting position, ripped the collar away from his throat and threw the offensive thing as far away from himself as possible. Rubbing the raw skin of his wrists, he sniggered,

"Did you give up so soon, Nick?"

When he looked up, the sight that greeted him forced him to gasp. Nicholai was pinned to the wall by what seemed like liquid darkness. It was wrapped around his wrists, his ankles, his waist, his throat and his mouth. He didn't know what had happened but this was pretty amazing. He stopped rubbing his wrists and forced himself to his feet to take a closer look. Nicholai's aquamarine gaze was filled with animalistic rage. Harry leaned forward, gripped Nicholai's chin and cooed,

"Awww it doesn't feel so nice to be bound up, does it, Nick?"

He released his chin and struck him hard across the face. The sound echoed around the room and Harry felt savage pleasure in his chest at the way Nicholai's head snapped to his side by the force of the blow,

"Revenge is definitely sweet."

He brought his finger close to Nicholai's bond and was about to touch them when a voice spoke from behind him,

"Don't touch them. You'll get burned."

Harry spun around and clamped his hand over his mouth to hold back his gasp. He didn't know who he'd been expecting but it hadn't been him…,


Deus stepped closer to him. His blonde hair seemed to glow golden but his face was all wrong. That cherubic face was distorted into an ugly demonic grin and the blue eyes were filled with cruelty. Harry shivered internally and resisted the urge to take a step back. Had he been pulled out of the frying pain just to be tossed into the fire? Deus…if it really was him…took a step closer to him and his grin grew wider,

"Your fear and distrust are justified, Mon Ravissement."

Deus's voice was nothing like it had been that night at the club. It was creepy and made his skin crawl. Harry crossed his arms over his bare chest and felt the warm locket against his skin. He had forgotten he was wearing that,

"I have no idea what you just said but it sounded wrong."

Deus threw his head back and laughed. Harry gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to cover his ears because the sound was worse than nails on a chalkboard,

"This is why I chose you, Harry. You are the perfect model of defiance in the face of adversity and an absolute delight to watch."

He was so done with this. He needed to get back. Hopefully he wouldn't have missed Rabastan's funeral. He stepped around Deus and began walking out of the room. He had no idea where he was but he would find a way out and get away from this place,

"Thanks for all your help, Deus."

He hadn't even reached the door when Deus appeared in front of him and blocked his way. Harry looked up at him and quirked up an eyebrow,

"Do you want your payment for saving me?"

Deus shook his head and cupped his face,

"No, Mon Ravissement."

Harry sighed and stepped away from his touch,

"What then?"

He was tired of these games. He was tired of everything. He just wanted to curl up in a quiet corner and mourn Rabastan's loss. Deus snapped his fingers and watched as the sword materialized in his other hand. He extended it towards him and Harry hesitated. How was Deus touching it? Nicholai had said that no one but him could touch it. It had to be a fake,

"I don't have time for your tricks. Just do what you want to me and get this over with. I have a funeral to get to…if it hasn't already ended."

Deus unsheathed the sword and held the blade up so that Harry could catch a glimpse of it. There was something carved on the black metal surface and Harry had to inch closer to read what it was. Two names…one written on top of the other…


Harry James Potter

The knowledge hit him like a lightning bolt and Harry wanted to bang his head against the wall for not seeing it sooner. Asmodeus…Deus…Damn it. He had been so stupid. He looked up and internally cringed at how spine-chilling Deus's grin was,

"So, you're the demon of lust."

Deus brushed back a lock of his hair away from his forehead and Harry repressed a shiver,

"The one and only."

Harry eyed the sword in Deus's hand and asked,

"How long have you been following me around?"

Deus laughed his weird creepy laugh again and Harry sighed,

"Can you please stop laughing? It's very nerve grating. I hate it."

Deus stopped laughing and swiped his thumb over his lips,

"Hell can be a very boring place and currently you are the most entertaining thing residing on this plane."

Harry was about to take a step back when Deus grabbed a hold of the chain and held him in place,

"Entertaining thing? Really? I can't say I'm glad that I caught your attention."

Deus held him in place and leaned closer to him,

"Well, I am very glad that you did. You see, I know all about your little secret…You are on your way to hell…to me… I simply could not wait to have you on my plane so I came to visit you here. You proved to be my best discovery and far better than I imagined you to be."

Harry closed his eyes and sighed. Faking nonchalance was the only way to get himself out of this.

"I have no idea what you're talking about and by the way, you're a terrible demon of lust because I can't imagine anyone being attracted you with that voice, that smirk and that laugh."

Deus released the chain and Harry saw his face revert to what it had been that day at the bar…Purely innocent, his mannerisms reverted to the shy person he had met that day and his blue eyes grew wide and so full of naivety. He spoke and his voice was purely melodic…Angel…Just like that night…Angel was the only word that came to his mind. Well he still didn't feel anything for him just like he had felt nothing that night. Harry grinned and patted him on his cheek,

"Nice try but that won't work on me."

Deus features contorted once again and that unworldly demonic grin was back,

"That is why you are so special, Mon Ravissement. You are immune to my magics."

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. He just wanted to get away from this place,

"If you're done with your bloody ranting then can I leave now?"

Deus smirked and released the chain,

"You cannot attend a funeral looking like that. Let me dress you up."

Harry laughed and moved towards the bed where the remains of his tattered silk shirt lay,

"Are you supposed to my Fairy Godmother?"

Deus spun him around and snapped his fingers,

"More like your Guardian Demon."

Harry forced himself to remain still as that velvety liquid darkness creeped out of Deus's fingers and began to wrap around him. Was Deus going to tie him up like he had tied up Nicholai? Well, he forced himself not to be terrified. He was going to get out of this. He expected the darkness to be cold but it wasn't…It was surprisingly warm as it enveloped him and felt oddly pleasant when it came in contact with his skin. Harry closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath as it began to cover his face. He mentally prepared himself for suffocation but that didn't happen,

"Open your eyes, Mon Ravissement."

Harry did and came face to face with himself. He was dressed up in a fitted black suit that seemed like it had been sewn on him, his raven black locks were behaving themselves and looked oddly tame. His pale skin was the same though but his eyes conveyed his grief perfectly. His lips looked like they'd been painted red. The marks and bruises from his face were gone. He looked relatively untouched…he felt relatively pain free. Deus forced the handle of the sword in his hand and spoke,

"It is rightfully yours as long as you live."

Harry wrapped his fingers around it and smirked at Deus's reflection,

"So, you mean to say that it's mine forever?"

A flicker of confusion crossed Deus's face and Harry's smirk widened,

"Don't think too much. I don't want you to hurt your little demon brain."

Deus was about to say something when Harry cut across him and spoke,

"Aside from being a terrible demon of lust, you happen to be a lousy guardian demon too. You were supposed to save me before Nicholai started torturing me."

Deus snatched away his glasses and handed him a pair of black sunglasses,

"Your eyes give you away."

Harry slid the sunglasses on. He had thought he wouldn't be able to see a thing through them but surprisingly he saw everything too clearly and in great detail. He couldn't recall his vision ever being so sharp,

"Thanks. Can I go now?"

Deus slid his glasses into the pocket of his suit jacket and traced the air with a finger. For a moment, he couldn't understand what he was doing but when a dark portal appeared. It became all too clear,

"Step right through."

Harry eyed the portal suspiciously,

"Are you luring me into hell?"

Deus pushed him in and spoke,

"I don't have to lure you there. You are already on your way."

Harry laughed as he stepped in,

"I was on my way. Visiting hell is not on my bucket list anymore."

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