Chapter 109

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Harry was in the middle of studying the file when Voldemort spoke,

"How are you feeling."

He looked up from the file and stared at Voldemort seated behind the desk,

"How do I look?"

Voldemort smiled and twirled the quill between his fingers,

"You look mine."

Harry smiled softly and stretched out on the couch,

"I'm all yours."

There was a knock on the door and he went back to studying the file as Voldemort dealt with the death eater,

"They're expecting you in courtroom seven, My Lord."

Harry asked without looking up from the file,

"What's in courtroom seven?"

The death eater replied,

"A hearing for the appeal that the order filed against imprisonment."

Harry looked at the death eater,

"How did they file an appeal when the conviction was non-appealable."

The death eater bowed his head,

"The Wizengamot allowed it."

Voldemort dismissed the death eater, rose to his feet and came to sit beside him. He pulled his head in his lap and pressed a kiss to his forehead,

"Whatever you want will happen, Love."

Harry closed the file and gazed up into Voldemort's crimson eyes,

"I'm not sure about what I want."

Voldemort smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his lips,

"Why don't you decide on the way?"

Harry smiled against Voldemort's lips,

"That sounds like a good idea."

Voldemort rose to his feet and was about to pull him up into his arms when Harry shook his head,

"I can walk, Lover… I want to walk."

Voldemort sighed and offered his hand. He took it and pulled himself to his feet. His head spun a bit and his legs trembled but he managed to stay on his feet. Voldemort wrapped an arm around his waist,

"I really wish that you would just rest."

Harry laughed,

"You know perfectly well why I'm here. You stop caring about the ministry when you're at home with me and that's not acceptable at all. Look at what the Wizengamot did while we were away. If we'd stayed away another day or two, I'm sure they would have invited Dumbledore to take over."

Voldemort led him into the elevator and Harry leaned back against the back wall as he struggled to catch his breath. He bent over and coughed, and Voldemort was holding him immediately,

"Harry, power is irrelevant in comparison to your health."

Harry pulled away from him and laughed breathlessly,

"If the Voldemort from a few months ago heard you now, he'd be so disappointed."

Voldemort smiled and shook his head,

"I'm proud of the changes you've brought on in me. I never thought I could ever feel complete again but with you I do. I never thought that my life was missing so many things until I got to know you."

Harry blinked back tears,

"Now, you're making me cry."

Voldemort cupped his face,

"I could never dream of that."

Harry rested his head against his chest,

"I love you."

Just at that moment, the elevator door opened and cameras flashed. He was about to pull away but Voldemort held onto him tight,

"I love you too."

They stepped out of the elevator and several questions were fired their way all at once. Several of them were about his illness. It seemed Dumbledore had been hard at work in their absence. Harry felt the way Voldemort tensed beside him at the questions and then spoke,

"There is nothing wrong with Harry's health. Surely, you have all been misled."

The next question was about the increased chances of Dumbledore taking over and Harry answered that,

"All of you need to check where you're getting your information from because your source is seriously messed up."

Together they answered all the questions and just when they were about to walk towards the courtroom, a reporter asked,

"You've been engaged for more than a month now. When can we expect the grand wedding?"

Harry ducked his head and snickered at that. They were practically married now. He'd never considered a proper wedding but maybe that was something they should think about. Harry felt himself being pulled tight to Voldemort's side and Voldemort spoke,

"We shall announce it very soon."

Harry couldn't help but smile at that. It gave him one more thing to look forward to…one more thing, worth living for…He cupped his hands over his mouth and coughed. Voldemort's concern was audible in his voice when he thanked the reporters and began leading him to the courtroom. They stepped in and Harry felt Voldemort tense up next to him at the sight of Dumbledore seated on one of the benches. His happiness from a moment earlier evaporated and was instantly replaced by anger. Voldemort began leading him towards their respective seats on the highest bench.

Harry sat down and coughed again. Harry saw the way Voldemort flinched every time he coughed. It was almost as if he felt his pain. He rested his head against the desk and tried to stifle it but it was getting worse and he realized that he couldn't breathe. His stomach and chest ached like hell and he clutched it. Voldemort held him and rubbed soothing circles on his back as he urged him to keep breathing. It took him everything he had in him to draw air into his aching lungs. Voldemort forced a flask to his lips and he forced it down with sheer will. He hated what Dumbledore's presence did to him. It took a few minutes for him to gather himself. Voldemort spoke,

"I'm taking you home now."

Harry shook his head as he straightened up,

"I'm not going anywhere."

Voldemort cupped his cheek and wiped away the trickle of blood running down the corner of his mouth. The anger was evident in his voice and his crimson eyes,

"Don't be stubborn now…not when it comes to your well being…"

He leaned back in his seat and smirked,

"Stubborn is my middle name."

Voldemort looked on the verge of tears and Harry cupped his face,

"I'm fine, Lover."

Voldemort held up the handkerchief he'd been using to wipe his chin clean and spoke,

"Look at this, Harry. This isn't fine."

Harry snatched the handkerchief from his hand and spoke,

"I'm fine. Can we start the hearing now?"

Voldemort sighed but he looked like he'd accepted defeat. He ran a rage filled gaze around the courtroom at the Wizengamot and everyone else who'd been staring at them before commencing the hearing.