Chapter 11

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Harry downed the nutrition potion in one and grimaced at the taste. It had been two days and he had been surviving on nutrition potions. Harry rose to his feet quietly and stealthily made his way out of the potions lab. He made his way up the stairs as silently as possible and peered through the crack in the door at the oak door. He felt his hopes come crashing down once again as he saw two death eaters standing guard on it. He had checked the door thrice before and had been disappointed every time to see death eaters standing guard over it.

Harry made his way back down to the potions lab and entered the supplies room. He was agitated and frustrated. Harry kicked the wall in frustration. He had to get out of here. There had to be another way out. But how could he explore this manor without getting caught? There was no way he wouldn't be spotted. He missed his invisibility cloak dearly and vowed to retrieve it as soon as he got out of this place.

He slumped back against the wall and slid to the floor. Why couldn't Voldemort just forget about him? Why wouldn't the man just give up? Harry closed his eyes and curled up in his corner. He hadn't gotten a wink of sleep for the past two days and it was beginning to take its toll on him. Surrender was beginning to sound preferable.

Voldemort adjourned the meeting. The death eaters had risen to depart when Voldemort spoke,

"I have not dismissed you yet."

The death eaters reclaimed their seats. Voldemort smirked victoriously. He would have the ministry under his control by the end of this week. It was time to get Harry back. He had given the boy enough time to surrender but the boy had proved to be far more obstinate than he had imagined. He turned to Nagini and hissed to her in parseltongue,

"Bring him to me, now."

Nagini hissed back and slithered away immediately,

"Yesss master."

Harry had nearly dozed off when he felt the breath knocked out of his body. He attempted to struggle and opened his eyes to realize Nagini's body coiled around him. He held back the scream that threatened to escape his lips. No, he was not a coward. Harry struggled harder than ever. He screamed when he felt Nagini's fangs sink into his shoulder and felt her coils tighten around his body.

Voldemort chuckled darkly as Harry's distant scream reached him. Music to his ears. The death eaters seemed to have realized what had happened and jeered across the table. The door burst open and Nagini slithered across the floor with a very haggard looking Harry, struggling weakly within her coils. She uncoiled herself from around Harry after depositing him at Voldemort's feet.

Harry clutched his shoulder as soon as Nagini released him. He realized that he was bleeding profusely and Nagini's venom was probably coursing through his veins now. He was aware of his surroundings and despite the agonizing pain. he raised himself into a kneeling position. He would not prove himself weak. He was not weak.

Voldemort regarded Harry. The wound on Harry's shoulder did not go unnoticed by him. He admired Harry's defiance as he raised himself into a kneeling position. The death eaters jeered and catcalled. Voldemort silenced them with one gaze and turned to Harry,

"Did you honestly believe that you could escape?"

Harry didn't reply and instead continued to stare down at the floor. His one hand clutched his bleeding shoulder tightly and his other was balled into a fist. Voldemort had played with like a predator with his prey. The bastard had known that Nagini would be able to track him down in a matter of minutes. Harry felt incredibly stupid. How could he have forgotten Nagini? He bit his tongue when Voldemort grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it. He would not scream. He would absolutely not scream.

Voldemort smirked as he squeezed Harry's battered shoulder. The warm blood coated his fingers almost instantly. He wanted to see Harry break but Harry's spirit was commendable. He wondered where Harry got this determination from? He released Harry's shoulder when he grew certain that he would not scream and spoke,

"Harry, your spirit is commendable but it shall not win you, your freedom."

Harry had his eyes closed tightly and Voldemort noticed how Harry's body trembled from the strain. His gaze took in the pool of blood that surrounded Harry and felt concerned. Killing Harry was not his aim anymore but leaving him unpunished would give rise to questions in the mind of his death eaters. After all, the only reason he had made them stay was to witness Harry's couldn't tear his gaze from the pool of blood surrounding Harry. The boy was losing too much blood, too fast.

To hell with the death eaters. He dismissed them with a wave of his hand and locked the door when they had departed. Immediately he conjured the antidote to Nagini's venom and held it to Harry's lips. Harry resisted and Voldemort spoke,

"You have to drink this, foolish boy."

Harry pushed away the flask and managed to speak out,

"Just... Just let me bleed to death."

Voldemort shook his head in exasperation, forced Harry's mouth open and emptied the contents of the flask down his throat. He then vanished Harry's shirt and healed his shoulder. Harry attempted to struggle through it all but the blood loss had weakened him and Harry couldn't move a muscle anymore. Voldemort couldn't fathom what kept Harry on his knees.

He vanished the blood, bandaged Harry's shoulder and forced a blood replenishing potion down his throat. Harry was still semi-conscious and refused to fall unconscious. Voldemort knew that Harry required rest. He would have a conversation with him when he was more coherent and less obstinate.

Voldemort pointed his wand towards Harry and put him to sleep. He caught him before he fell back and held him upright. Gently, he rested Harry's head in his lap and moved his blood soaked fingers through Harry's hair. Harry had grown weaker over the past two days. He had fully intended to punish the boy for attempting to escape but seeing Harry's condition had made him stop. There was something mysterious about the boy. Harry's determination and resolve had grown stronger and he needed to know where they were rooted. Something had changed within the boy and he needed to know what it was.

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