Chapter 30

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Harry woke up with a start and it took his brain a while to catalogue his surroundings and remember where he was and how he had wound up here. He was sprawled out on the couch. He had fallen asleep here last night after watching a bunch of random shows on the TV. Harry sat up straight and looked up at the clock. It was 8:30. Why had he woken up so early? Well he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now so he might as well get up. He was gripped by a coughing fit as soon as he sat up. Right, his morning just wasn't complete without coughing up blood.

Harry made it to the sink, just in time. After washing away the blood. Harry decided that he had enough time to test out the bath tub. He filled it up and found a collection of bath salts and shower gels. He couldn't help grinning mischievously as an idea captured him.

After a long, relaxing bath, Harry pulled on his boxers, grabbed a bathrobe and donned it. He hoped Rabastan would get him the clothes he had asked for and right on queue Harry heard the door opening. Harry cautiously made his way out of the bathroom. Maybe it wasn't Rabastan. He peered out into the hallway and relaxed when he saw Rabastan standing there with a couple of bags in his hand.

He stepped into the hallway and watched Rabastan eye him from head to toe. Harry sauntered over to him and took the bags from his hand,

"I assume these for me, Rabi?"

Rabastan's cheek instantly flushed with desire. He gulped visibly and nodded his head. Harry grinned. If Rabastan's expression was anything to go by, he must be smelling pretty amazing. He knew the combination he had created. bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, cinnamon, saffron and at the very end, tobacco. He yearned to see Voldemort this defenceless,

"I used some of your bath salts and shower gels. I hope you don't mind."

Rabastan looked so dazed. It took a while for Harry's words to reach him and then he shook his head and spoke.

"Uhh…It's no problem…You smell….."

Harry grinned wickedly because Rabastan's voice trailed off as he drew closer to him and assaulted him with his scent again. He leaned closer to his ear and whispered,

"Intoxicating? Is that what I smell like?"

Rabastan's eyelids drooped and he moaned out,


Harry nipped at his ear,

"Get it together, Rabi. I'm going to change."

Rabastan groaned in protest. Harry stepped away from him and noticed the bulge forming in Rabastan's pants. He snickered and walked back into the bedroom. Damn, he really needed to see Voldemort like this.

Harry emptied the bags on the bed and regarded them. They were exactly what he had wanted. Harry picked out a dark purple V neck and a pair of skin tight black pants. He laced up the black knee length combat boots and in the end pulled on the black, waist length, fitted military jacket. He messed up his already messed up hair and stepped out of the bedroom.

Rabastan who looked like he had just recovered from earlier fell back into that state again. Harry watched with extreme satisfaction as Rabastan moved his tongue over his dry lips to moisten them. Harry chuckled darkly and snapped his fingers,

"Can we go now, Rabi?"

Rabastan nodded his head dazedly and rose to his feet. He looked way too adorable but the only person he wanted to reduce to this state today was Voldemort. Harry grabbed the cloak and pulled it on. He definitely didn't want to be recognized. They were just making their way down the stairs when Rabastan cast something on him. Harry turned around and demanded in a voice loud with rage

"What did you do?"

Rabastan walked past him,

"You have no idea how intoxicating your scent is right now. Do you really want everyone in Knockturn Alley to be attracted to you, Harry?"

Harry shook his head and felt guilty about his tone. He really had some very deep trust issues and he needed to get over them when it came to Rabastan,

"Thanks, sorry."

Rabastan shook his head and smiled warmly,

"You're precious, Harry. No wonder The Dark Lord is so obsessed with you."

Harry began walking again,

"I told you, it's not a healthy obsession. I'm not going to become one of his possessions."

Harry laughed at himself. That had almost rhymed. Once they were near Borgin and Burkes, Rabastan dropped a handful of galleons in his jacket pocket,

"You'll need some money to use the fireplace at Borgin and Burkes. Go on ahead and I'll obliviate the shopkeeper later."

Harry nodded. It wasn't safe for Rabastan to travel with him or to be even seen with him and there were only so many people they could obliviate. Just as Harry entered Borgin and Burkes, he felt whatever spell Rabastan had placed on him, to hide his scent, lift. As soon as he entered the shop, the shopkeeper rushed to him and Harry could practically read the desire to please in his eyes,

"How may I serve you, Sir?"

Harry knew that the man would do anything, he looked willing enough to take his own life. It seemed like he wouldn't be needing the money after all. Harry shook his head and went straight to the fireplace and flooed himself to the ministry.

Harry stepped into the crowded Atrium and felt every gaze fixated on him. Witches and Wizards stepped out of his path. He could get used to this. But this power wouldn't mean anything if it didn't work on Voldemort. Harry entered the elevator, he began to get irritated as he felt people brushing against him on purpose in that enclosed space and he gritted out,

"I'll sack anyone who touches me again."

The rest of the elevator ride passed without Harry having to fire anyone. He exited the elevator and made his way to his office. He was about to enter when he thought if he should pop into Voldemort's office and wish him good morning. Well he didn't really have any good wishes for that bastard. He was just excited to see his reaction to him today. Voldemort had messed with the wrong person and Harry fully intended to torture him in every way possible.

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