Chapter 58

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Harry stepped out of the room and made his way downstairs. He was just about to enter the living room when Draco's voice made him halt,

"Potter, breakfast."

Harry turned around and noticed that Draco had his gaze lowered. This was another thing that Voldemort had done. Two weeks ago, he had appointed Draco with the responsibility to ensure that Harry had breakfast before leaving for the ministry. Usually, he snapped at Draco or ignored him and left without breakfast because his appetite was literally dead now but today…today he felt like playing with him a bit,

"Draco…sweetheart…look at me."

Draco never looked up at him anymore and Harry imagined that Voldemort had explicitly ordered him to behave this way. He almost missed the old Draco…almost...Draco kept his gaze fixated on his feet and Harry stepped closer to him. Draco flinched when Harry rested his gloved finger underneath his chin and raised his head. Draco closed his eyes and Harry smirked. Wow…Voldemort must have really terrorized him. He was about to speak again when Narcissa boomed out,

"Get your hands off my son."

Harry felt Draco's body loosen up with relief and Harry nearly laughed…He was definitely a Mama's boy. Instead of letting him go though, he gripped Draco's chin and instantly felt Draco tense up again,

"Tell your mommy to leave, Draco. I'm in an extremely good mood and she's ruining it."

Draco kept his eyes closed and spoke,

"Mother, you should leave."

Narcissa huffed but refused to move. Harry released Draco's chin, leaned forward and whispered in his ear,

"Voldemort will not appreciate it if you spoil my mood, sweetheart."

Draco spoke louder,

"Mother, leave!"

Narcissa was about to say something but thought better of it and stormed off. Harry laughed softly when she was gone. He released Draco's chin and cooed,

"Come on, sweetheart. Show me those grey eyes."

Draco didn't budge and Harry's smirk widened. He knew deep down Draco hated him, was probably cursing him but Voldemort's fear was the only thing holding him back,

"I know you still hate me, Draco…hate the way I've taken over your home…hate the way you have to bend before me…I want to see that hate again, sweetheart. Show me your old self…your real self… and I'll never bother you again."

Draco took a step back,

"I can't afford The Dark Lord's wrath."

Harry chuckled softly and moved his hand through his hair,

"Does he punish you when he realizes that I don't have breakfast and you fail to fulfil your responsibility?"

Draco shook his head but otherwise remained silent. Harry knew Draco never got punished because always lied for Draco,

"I'll have breakfast but for merlin's sake, open your eyes. I can assure you that I'm not a basilisk. Looking at me won't turn you to stone."

Draco shook his head,

"I can't."

Harry sighed. This was hopeless,

"You're a bloody coward, Draco."

Draco's eyes flew open and he gripped Harry by the lapels of his waistcoat. Harry smirked when he saw the familiar distaste in Draco's grey eyes,

"Ever since you've come into my life, you've ruined everything. First, at the school and now in my house as well. You're a bastard, Potter…You're a bloody bastard and I'm jealous of you…Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Harry pulled himself away from Draco and straightened out his waistcoat,

"Don't be. You wouldn't be jealous of me if you knew...I'm not worthy of your jealousy."

Harry's gaze scanned his surroundings and returned to Draco's,

"You have a home, a family and your entire life ahead of you. I don't have any of that. What are you jealous of then, Draco? If anything, I should be the jealous one."

Draco stood there silent with his lips pursed,

"I don't understand."

Harry patted Draco on the shoulder,

"I don't expect you to."

He turned around and headed for the fireplace,

"You said you'd have breakfast if I…"

Harry turned around and grinned,

"I lied, Draco. But it's good to see your old self."

Ten minutes later, he was making his way through the Atrium and garnering stares from visitors and Ministry workers alike. He hadn't really been stared at for the past two weeks mainly because he hadn't dressed up like this. He was making his way past the fountain when he spotted Rabastan and was instantly overwhelmed by the urge to hug him. He'd done so much for him and he deserved to know that he was recovering. Harry stepped closer to him. Rabastan acknowledged his presence and spoke in a low voice,

"You look stunning, Harry."

Harry had no idea how Rabastan always managed to make him feel so warm inside,

"I miss you, Rabi."

Rabastan made a show of adjusting the papers in the file he was holding and Harry spoke again,

"I regained sensation in my hands and my fingers moved a bit this morning."

The file slipped from Rabastan's hand and the papers scattered all over the floor. Rabastan met his gaze and Harry saw nothing but pure, unadulterated joy in his eyes,

"Harry, that's amazing. I would hug you right now if I could."

Harry nodded and attempted to keep his expressions as neutral as possible but he knew his eyes were saying it all and Rabastan grabbed his hand hurriedly and pressed a kiss to it. He released it as fast as he had grabbed it and spoke softly,

"I am so happy for you, Harry. You have no idea how much…"

There were tears in Rabastan's eyes and Harry stepped forward and resisted the urge to wipe them away,

"I want to hug you too, Rabi. Can I come by your place later?"

Rabastan's expression instantly shifted and he spoke,

"It's not viable, Harry."

Harry shook his head,

"I don't care."

Rabastan frowned and his eyebrows creased together. For a moment, he said nothing. Finally, he sighed, gathered his papers with a wave of his wand and turned his back to him,

"No, Harry."

Harry leaned forward and whispered,

"Try and stop me, Rabi."

Rabastan walked away and Harry followed him with his gaze until he disappeared into the crowd. Harry knew Rabastan had only said no because of Voldemort…speaking of Voldemort…he still had to surprise him and he should be getting on with it.

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