Chapter 6

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Harry instantly covered his mouth with his hands. He shook his head and spoke,

"I didn't mean to say that."

Voldemort wore a pleased smirk,

"I know exactly what you meant to say, Potter. You cannot fool me."

He made his way to the chair again and sat down. He signalled Harry to do the same. Harry cursed himself internally. What had he done? He wouldn't let Voldemort know. He would just make something up. Harry retook his seat and stared down at his hands. He finally found the perfect lie and spoke,

"I'm tired of breathing. Sirius died and took my will to live with him. I don't want to live in a world without him."

Voldemort conjured two items in front of Harry with a wave of his wand. A knife and a vial of poison,

"Pick one and end your life."

Harry knew that he was stuck. But he wouldn't give up that easily. He didn't have much to lose anyway. Harry picked up the vial of potion. His hands trembled but he calmed himself. He assured himself that this was better than dying at Voldemort's hands or in his captivity. Harry drew a deep breath and downed the potion. He felt a chill run down his spine but apart from that nothing happened. Wasn't he supposed to die?

Suddenly, it all began to make sense. The potion hadn't been a poison. Harry opened his eyes and grabbed the knife. He held it over his wrist and attempted to slash it but nothing happened. The knife didn't even leave a scratch. Voldemort chuckled darkly and vanished the two objects,

"Are you really that desperate to die, Harry?"

Harry kept his gaze down on the table. He felt humiliated. Voldemort had successfully managed to make a fool out of him. Harry was about to rise to his feet when black restraints appeared and bound him to the chair. Harry struggled against them,

"Let me go."

Voldemort rose to his feet and laughed darkly,

"How many of your suicide attempts have gone awry?"

Harry closed his eyes and saw both of them swim in front of his vision. He finally spoke,


Voldemort grabbed Harry by the chin and hissed out,

"Tell me about them."

Harry didn't open his eyes. He just spoke,

"I tried slashing my wrist at the park but my cousin came there with his friends and I had to hide the knife away."

Voldemort softly murmured in his ear,

"Tell me about the second attempt."

Harry hesitated. He cried out as sudden pain flashed through his scar. It vanished as soon as it had appeared and Harry spoke,

"I managed to do it the second time. I was in my room and I had managed to slash my wrist. I remember I was bleeding out, all alone in my room. My eyes must have closed for a fraction of a second and when I opened them again, I was in a hospital and a doctor was tending to my wrist and I saw…"

Harry broke off in mid-sentence. Voldemort smirked,

"What did you see, Potter?"

Harry struggled against the restraints again,

"Let me go now. I answered all your questions."

Voldemort gripped Harry's hair tightly and spoke,

"I am not done with you, Potter. Now answer the question."

Harry winced as the pain rose in his scalp. Voldemort released his hair and spoke,

"What did you see?"

Harry felt a tear slide down his eyes. He couldn't say it. Voldemort whispered softly in his ear,

"Say it, Potter."

Harry cried out as sorrow constricted his heart,

"Sirius…. I saw Sirius in the corner of the room. I thought he had saved me."

Voldemort vanished the restraints. Harry slumped back in the chair and buried his face in his hands. He hadn't wanted to remember that. He had convinced himself that it had been an illusion. Voldemort retook his seat and Harry finally spoke,

"It wasn't real. Sirius is gone and he won't come back."

Voldemort twirled his wand in his fingers thoughtfully and spoke,

"I shall not allow you to kill yourself."

Harry rose to his feet and slammed his hands on the table,

"I am not your slave. I can do whatever I want to with myself."

Voldemort rose to his feet and murmured softly,

"I shall have to do something about that."

Harry turned his back to Voldemort and was about to walk away when Voldemort gripped his wrist tightly. Harry struggled to pull his arm out of Voldemort's grasp,

"Let go of me."

Voldemort laughed humourlessly and threw Harry against the wall. Harry lost his balance and collapsed on his knees. Voldemort drew closer to him and seized him by his shirt collar. He pulled Harry to his feet and apparated.

They appeared in a bedroom that Harry recognized as the one he had woke up in a while ago. Voldemort threw Harry on the bed and spoke,

"You are not in a right state of mind, Potter."

Harry sat up straighter and stared defiantly at Voldemort,

"Why do you care? I mean you wanted to kill me then why do my suicidal tendencies bother you? I'm crazy, I admit it. Now just please let me go."

Voldemort sat down beside Harry and spoke,

"I find it fascinating. I find you fascinating, Harry Potter and I shall not be letting you go."

Harry looked away and spoke,

"Can you at least leave me alone?"

Voldemort chuckled and caressed Harry's cheek. Harry immediately pulled away. Voldemort continued to laugh softly and spoke,

"Has anyone ever told you about how exquisitely gorgeous you are?"

Harry felt something stir in the pit of his stomach. Was Voldemort praising him? Harry shook his head. Even if the man was praising him, why did it affect him? Voldemort held Harry's wrist and managed to successfully caress his cheek,

"You are blushing, Potter."

Harry pulled his wrist out of Voldemort's grip and pulled back from Voldemort's touch,

"My name is Harry."

Voldemort smirked deviously,

"Very well. You are blushing, Harry. Does that sound better?"

Harry felt his cheeks burning up. What was wrong with him?


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