Chapter 106

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Harry leaned back against the headboard and stared at all the clothes Voldemort had bought him. He had been true to his word and hadn't let him down from his arms once. It had been utterly ridiculous but so beautiful. They had garnered so much attention and countless times he'd felt that pang of jealousy as men and women alike had looked at Voldemort with longing and desire. He coughed and Voldemort stirred, fear and concern instantly taking over his relaxed features. Even in his sleep, he didn't stop worrying about him and that tore him up. He laid down beside him and snuggled into his arms. Voldemort's features instantly relaxed again as he pulled him closer. He stroked his hair gently and breathed in his familiar scent.

He had to break the pact he'd made with Deus. He just had to break it somehow. Voldemort would remain miserable for the rest of his life if he died without breaking it. He raised his head up and looked at the clock. They still had three hours before the ball. It was good that Voldemort was resting before it. Harry knew he never slept at night. And he must have been exhausted by carrying him around all day.

Tomorrow, he'd have to go through all those tests and scans again. It was extremely pointless, but he knew he'd have to go through them for Voldemort's peace of mind. He loved him. He'd do anything for him

He must have dozed off because when he woke up, Voldemort wasn't laying beside him. He pushed himself into a sitting position and found him standing by the window, dressed in the wine-coloured dress robes he'd picked out for him. A black gothic pattern was embroidered all over the hem. Voldemort had paired it off with a black silk shirt and black form fitting pants. He looked absolutely beautiful.

Voldemort turned around and Harry realized that he'd been frowning. He schooled his features and smiled gently but Harry had already seen the worry,

"You're awake."

Harry nodded and rose to his feet before making his way to Voldemort. He ran his fingers through his hair and pressed a kiss to his lips,

"You look stunning."

Voldemort stroked his back and hummed in delight against his lips. When they parted, Voldemort spoke,

"Have you looked at the time?"

Harry shook his head and then turned around to look at the clock before cursing,

"We're already late. Why didn't you wake me?"

He didn't wait for Voldemort to reply though and rushed straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When he emerged, Voldemort dried him off with a wave of his wand. Harry pulled on his briefs and then his skin tight black jeans. Voldemort pulled the wine-coloured silk shirt over his shoulders and then began buttoning it up. Harry left it half untucked and pulled out the locket to put it on display. Voldemort sat him down and then pulled the black dragon hide boots over his feet before lacing them up. When he was done with that, Harry got up and Voldemort began attempting to straighten out his rebellious locks. Harry couldn't help but laugh when he failed. Voldemort smiled and kissed his forehead,

"You look absolutely gorgeous. But I have several reservations on the tightness of your jeans."

Harry grinned and tipped his head back,

"You know it's all part of my evil plan to keep you in possessive mode all night. I'm in even counting on you tearing off some heads. Oh, and it'll be so much fun when you'll have to strip them off me tonight without any magic."

Voldemort smirked and took his arm in a firm but gentle hold,

"You are pure sin."

Harry leaned into his shoulder,

"And you love that about me."

Voldemort chuckled before apparating,

"I love everything about you."

The fundraising ball was happening in the great hall and he felt slightly nostalgic as he walked through the door. He had felt so at home here once. Dumbledore had ruined all of that. This was the first time, he'd stepped back into the castle after the torture Dumbledore had inflicted on him. The sound of the whip cracking and his own screams drowned out the music and for a moment, he felt that agonizing, stinging pain cut across his back,


He blinked and realized that he'd sagged against Voldemort's shoulder and Voldemort's arm around his waist was the only thing keeping him standing,

"Harry, we can leave now…"

Harry shook his head and straightened up,

"I'm fine. It was just a…"

Dumbledore's hateful voice piped up,

"A memory…a flashback…"

Harry felt Voldemort pull him closer to his side. The murderous intent was pouring off him in thick, heavy waves. Harry hitched up a grin and spoke,

"Exactly, I was having a flashback of how you failed to killed me."

Dumbledore's smile fell and he whispered in a serious tone,

"I can assure you that you will be so lucky the next time."

Voldemort practically growled and Dumbledore smiled,

"Do you know that Harry is terminally ill. He does not have long to live. It saddens me that you have such a brief period of time to spend with him."

Voldemort looked ready enough to throttle Dumbledore with his bare hands. Harry steered him away,

"Let's be civil tonight. We'll see you around."

Voldemort murmured,

"I want to kill him now."

Harry kept a tight hold on his arm,

"You're the Minister of Magic. You can't kill him…not here…not in front of so many witnesses who still worship him."

Voldemort gnashed his teeth,

"He had the nerve to threaten you..."

Harry took his hand and kissed his knuckles,

"We'll make him pay for everything."

Voldemort grumbled something but then smiled when he did,

"Let's enjoy our night and make that old man burn."

Voldemort grinned and pulled him close,