Chapter 16

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Harry ignored the pain in his scar. This was better. He knew that Voldemort would never give him back his wand now. So, he decided to go all the way and annoy the man further. Harry finally spoke,

"If you're wondering who killed the Dursleys, then let me tell you. That was me. I killed them because I had had just about enough of their treatment. Professor Dumbledore knew about the way they treated me and still sent me to that hell, every summer."

Scrimgeour's lips were pursued and his expression was grim. Everyone else in the courtroom wore similar expressions. Dumbledore rose to his feet and was about to approach Harry when he was struck with a stunning charm. Shouts and cried echoed through the courtroom and everything was in chaos. The members of the Wizengamot had their wands out and were looking for the source of the stunner. Harry looked around at the mayhem around him. This was the perfect time for him to get out. He was about to get up when the chains began to wrap themselves around his wrists and arms. Harry struggled but he knew it was futile. He heard Voldemort's cold laughter and felt his hair stand on end,

"You can forget about getting your wand, Harry."

Harry growled in rage and struggled more against the chains restraining him to the chair. He tried to turn his head to catch a glimpse of Voldemort but couldn't. Instead he was forced to stare up at the horror-struck faces of the Wizengamot. Voldemort's cold voice filled the courtroom and everyone instantly grew silent. The tension in the room was palpable and Harry could practically taste the fear of everyone in the room,

"Everything that Harry spoke is a lie."

Harry was lost in thoughts of his own. Why hadn't Voldemort killed Dumbledore? Why had he just stunned him? Why was Voldemort even here? Harry was about to speak when Voldemort spoke first,

"You had your chance to talk, Harry. Now I believe that it is my turn."

Voldemort stepped forward and Harry finally saw him. He was back in his snake persona. Harry wondered why he hadn't come in his human form. Well the reason was obvious to Harry. No one would be intimidated by Voldemort's human form. Harry closed his eyes and leaned back in the seat. He might as well relax now.

Voldemort observed Harry's relaxed posture and felt mildly amused. It seemed that Harry was not affected by anything anymore. He finally spoke,

"My Death Eaters have neutralized your Aurors. I can only advise you to surrender peacefully and bow down before me."

Harry chuckled silently. So, this was what it was about. Voldemort hadn't cared about his trial. He had only taken his hearing as an opportunity to take over the ministry. Scrimgeour fired a curse towards Voldemort which was deflected effortlessly.

Harry opened his eyes and watched how Voldemort duelled thirty people at once. The fight was hardly fair but Voldemort was managing it effortlessly. Harry couldn't help but notice the grace with which Voldemort duelled. The wooden doors of the courtroom burst open with a bang. Harry was still unable to look behind him but he knew that the Death Eaters had finally arrived.

In five minutes, most of the Wizengamot was dead including Scrimgeour and the one's that had survived were brought down and thrown on their knees. Harry begrudgingly noticed that Umbridge was alive. Voldemort turned to Harry and drew closer to him,

"Did you enjoy the show?"

Harry didn't reply. He could only glare at the man. But Harry's glare was broken as he heard Hermione scream his name. What did they want now? Harry ignored them. He knew that they thought Voldemort was going to torture him or kill him or do both but Harry knew that Voldemort wouldn't do any of that. But he also knew that they didn't care about him. He knew that they were relying on him to save them from the death eaters. They wanted him to beg Voldemort to spare them. They wanted him to play the hero. Harry didn't blame them. They wanted to live. They wanted to survive and they were willing to do anything for survival. Well they didn't know that he couldn't save them. He wasn't the hero. He wasn't the chosen one and after a few months he wouldn't even be The Boy who Lived.

Harry kept his mouth shut as Voldemort observed him curiously,

"Are you not going to save your friends?"

Harry met Voldemort's gaze,

"What friends?"

Voldemort chuckled darkly and then spoke,

"I shall kill them then."

Harry looked away,


Voldemort tilted his head and regarded Harry with intense inquisitiveness,

"I shall deal with you later. In the meantime, I shall allow your friends to leave."

Harry kept his gaze averted,

"Fine. Do whatever you want."

Voldemort addressed his Death Eaters,

"Today, we have conquered the Ministry. Today, we have emerged victorious. Today shall be forever remembered because today our rule over Magical Britain has begun. But we shall not stop here. The wizarding world shall be ours."

Harry closed his eyes. He didn't care. This was just meaningless. It was all meaningless. Everyone was getting what they wanted. Why couldn't he have what he wanted? He wasn't asking for much. He just wanted Bellatrix to die and He, himself just wanted to die in peace. Harry looked at Voldemort and wondered if he should tell him. He looked down at the chains holding him and decided against it. Voldemort could not hold him forever. Voldemort could not chain him to life.

Harry listened silently with his eyes closed as Voldemort spared every single one of his friends, except Dumbledore. Where was Dumbledore? Voldemort had stunned him but where was the body? Come to think of it, he didn't recall seeing Dumbledore fall. He listened as Voldemort assigned his Death Eaters to take over different Departments. It was pretty obvious that Voldemort was going to be the new Minister for Magic. Voldemort called out Harry's name and spoke,

"Harry Potter, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic."

Harry's eyes flew open and his lips parted in shock.

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