Chapter 116

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When he opened his eyes again, he was laying curled up, where he'd lost consciousness. He blinked back the haze that clouded his vision and his sword came into clearer focus. He grabbed it and rose to his feet immediately. Taking a deep breath, he grinned when he didn't feel any of the usual pain he'd been suffering from. His lungs felt perfectly good…He could properly breathe again. That steady of thrum of energy that was flowing through his blood told him everything he needed to know about the success of the spell. The joy that he felt was truly indescribable.

Dumbledore's soft, barely audible pain filled groan attracted his attention and a bout of laughter burst from his lips,

"Oh, look at how the tables have turned."

He grabbed Dumbledore by his beard and pulled him up to face him,

"Look at me, Bastard...Look at me…"

He watched the way Dumbledore struggled to open his eyelids and repeatedly failed. He dropped him back on the floor and spoke,

"I told you I'll survive…I told you that I'll live…I told you that I'll make you pay…"

He ran his gaze around the dark dungeon and grinned,

"Well its time I made good on my word."

Dumbledore coughed and sputtered and Harry put his foot over his chest and pressed down,

"I won't let you die, Bastard. Death will not touch you without my permission."

He traced Dumbledore's cheek with his sword and laughed as Dumbledore shrunk away,

"Are you scared, Professor?"

Dumbledore didn't reply and Harry pressed his foot down on his chest before leaning down,

"Don't worry, Professor. I'll show you the same amount of mercy as you showed me."

He took a step few steps back from Dumbledore and regarded him coldly,

"This is so poetically just, isn't it? I was at your mercy all those days ago…You were standing exactly where I'm standing right now. All that's missing is a post and a whip…"

He couldn't finish the sentence because the door burst open with a loud bang and Harry took a step back. When the smoke cleared, Harry saw Voldemort standing in the doorway with his wand raised a look of utmost wrath on his face. It melted though when his gaze zeroed in on him and Harry fought back tears…They were tears of joy but they were tears nonetheless and he didn't want to appear weak in front of all of Voldemort's death eaters.

He lost it though when Voldemort wrapped him up in his arms and showered him with kisses. He buried his face in the crook of his neck, trying to hide the tears that just wouldn't stop flowing no matter how hard he tried. He replayed every pain attack, every agonizing moment he'd spent, and all the pain Voldemort had gone through with him. They'd done it. It was over. They'd survived. Voldemort only held him tighter as if to ascertain that he wasn't dreaming… as if he yearned to believe that it was all real.

Finally, when he'd cried his heart out, he gave Voldemort a gentle shove and spoke,

"Stop making me so sentimental, Lover."

Voldemort cupped his cheeks and leaned over him,

"Tell me this isn't a dream."

He grinned and playfully pinched Voldemort on the forearm,

"Does that feel real enough for you?"

Voldemort nodded vigourously and then pressed his lips to Harry's. Breath cut off in Harry's lungs and he melted against him. Everywhere. Voldemort's lips were firm and he tightened his hold on him and shoved a knee between his legs, grazing his balls and he groaned out. An invitation, Harry took him up on, tongue diving in between his parted lips, licking him. They shuddered as one. Moaned in sync. He felt Voldemort plunge his fingers in his hair and pull his head back but he refused to give up control of the kiss. He needed this. He needed to sink in, lose his head, his mind. He needed Voldemort…needed this…

They had an audience though but Voldemort was rubbing on him, wanton and hot, and Harry wasn't as strong as he thought he was. Definitely not strong enough to resist this, not when he wanted it, too.

Voldemort moaned. Harry would never deny the flare of pride and ownership that sound brought to his chest. The fact that he could make this man moan. Voldemort twisted his tongue around his, and Harry caught it, sucked hard. Voldemort shuddered for him, body vibrating between his legs.

Finally, Voldemort tore his mouth away, eyelids heavy, pupils dilated. Harry drew in a deep breath and stroked his cheek,

"I love you."

Voldemort's tone was husky, rough, and he didn't miss the satisfaction that flashed in his crimson eyes when he spoke,

"I love you too, Harry…I love you so much…"

Harry used the hand at Voldemort's nape to bring his head forward and touched their foreheads together,

"You're mine…just mine… We're together for an eternity now. You'll have to live with me forever now. Are you up for the challenge?"

Voldemort's tongue flicked out, laving Harry's chin,

"Yes. Forever and always…I am all yours."

He kissed Voldemort again, deeply, mouth hot and wet. He held Voldemort's head steady and plundered his mouth, claiming his taste, his smell, his everything. sinking deeper into him, raking his nails down his back.

Voldemort gasped into his mouth and Harry drank it down, cock hardening even more. The worst kind of torture. It was a shame they couldn't finish this now. Finally, he pulled away and cradled Voldemort's cheek who still seemed slightly drunk on the kiss,

"We have some matters to attend to before you can take me to bed."