Chapter 117

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Harry stood at the front of the Great Hall with Voldemort's arm draped around his waist. They'd been inseparable ever since Voldemort had gotten a hold of him in the dungeon. He'd been touching him in one form or another throughout the night as they'd dealt with the students and the Professors. Dumbledore was lying curled up at his feet and he kicked him hard just for the heck of it.

Voldemort pressed a kiss to his temple and the corner of his mouth lifted into a smirk,

"If you keep kissing me like that every five seconds, everyone will think that you're going soft."

Voldemort laughed softly and pulled him closer,

"You cannot fathom the extent of my happiness right now, Harry."

He rested his head on Voldemort's shoulder and spoke softly,

"I know, Lover…I know exactly what you feel…"

Voldemort ran his fingers through his hair and made a soft happy sound. He straightened up and looked at the packed hall in front of him. One half of it was occupied by the students and the staff and the other half was occupied by the death eaters and their allies.

He turned to look beside him and saw Nicholai staring at them venomously. He grinned at him brightly as he planned on how to make him disappear. There was no way he was going to allow Nicholai's earlier innocence to fly. But making an example out of him in public wasn't favourable. It was better to keep the vampires on their side.

Voldemort finally cleared his throat and an immediate silence fell. The overwhelming power that they exuded together now was intoxicating and it was taking him everything he had in him to resist the heedy urge to make Dumbledore a target of all that power. He didn't want to kill him yet. There was so much fun to be had. Voldemort spoke,

"As you can see, your angel…your saviour…your hero…Saint Dumbledore has been defeated…"

Cheers erupted from the death eater side and Harry smirked at the looks of utter despair he received from the staff and students' side. He crossed his arms over his chest and spoke,

"There are going to be some major changes here. You can keep your jobs if you swear your allegiance to us."

There was silence and he spoke again,

"I can assure you that none of you will be harmed if you make the smart decision."

He grinned and spoke,

"If you don't then you shall be joining your fellows in Azkaban. I shall have no qualms about letting you rot there."

There were hushed murmurs and whispers and he spoke,

"There's no hurry. You can take your time to decide."

He turned his attention to the death eaters and spoke,

"I don't think I need to remind you what will happen if you even attempt to cross me the wrong way."

Voldemort rested his hand on his shoulder and he instantly fell quiet,

"Anyone who even looks at my Harry wrong will suffer an excruciatingly painful death. I demand the highest level of respect from you for Harry. Anything less than that is unacceptable."

Voldemort announced the guard duty roster for the death eaters before dismissing everyone and when the hall was empty once again, he rested his head on Voldemort's shoulder and yawned. Voldemort rubbed his back gently and inquired softly,


He nodded and Voldemort nuzzled his cheek,

"You can sleep as much as you want after you have locked up Dumbledore."

He nodded and grabbed Dumbledore by the beard before opening a portal for himself and passing through it. He deposited Dumbledore in a small 4x4 cell and made sure to apply all the enchantments he possible could. When he was done he stepped back and watched Voldemort reinforce them. He yawned again, and Voldemort instantly pulled him up into his arms. He wrapped his arms around his neck and allowed Voldemort to carry him upstairs to their bedroom.

He was laid down on the bed as gently as possible before Voldemort discarded his robes and climbed over him. He was showered in kisses and every inch of his visible skin was worshipped by Voldemort's lips and punctuated by proclamations of love.

He buried his face in the crook of Voldemort's neck and spoke gently,

"Rabi was there…"

Voldemort stilled and inquired gently,


Harry entwined their legs and fisted Voldemort's robes,

"When I was falling weak…When I nearly died... He was there…"

Voldemort stroked his hair gently and he spoke again,

"I wish I could bring him back. I'm master of death now…I should be able to bring him back…"

Voldemort rubbed his back and pulled him closer,

"He's happier where he is, Harry."

Harry knew Voldemort was right but every inch of him ached for him. But before he could dwell on it any longer Voldemort murmured,

"Relax. Close your eyes and sleep. You need some proper rest after the ordeal you've been through."

He closed his eyes and spoke,

"We…the proper word is we…"

Voldemort chuckled softly and whispered,

"Of course, my King. Whatever you say."

Harry grinned in satisfaction and nipped at Voldemort's neck,

"I love you."

Voldemort hugged him tight,

"I love you too."