Chapter 108

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"I wanna go home…I wanna go home…TAKE ME HOME!"

He couldn't bear it. Harry's slurred pleas were like daggers to his already lacerated heart. He held on to him tight and kissed his head,

"It shall be alright. You are going to be fine, Harry…You are going to be alright and then I will take you home. I promise I will take you home."

Harry screamed again and there was no doubting how much agony he was in. Emanuel had already increased the morphine and Harry was gradually slipping deeper unconscious. In a few minutes, he had grown so still in his arms that he began to fear the worse. Emanuel spoke up,

"He will be fine. He's strong willed and very tenacious. He'll make it."

He pushed back a few stray locks away from Harry's pale forehead and kissed it,

"He will make it. I'm sure he will."

Harry had been having those pain attacks ever since last night. He hadn't opened his eyes for the past fifteen hours and he was aching to see those gorgeous green eyes again. Harry's lips were nearly colourless, his skin seemed nearly translucent, he seemed like a ghost, ready to fade away. He drew in a deep breath and fought back tears. He would give anything to see Harry happy and healthy again. He was willing to sacrifice anything to save him.

A very distressed looking Deus stepped into the room. He watched the way all the remaining colour drained from his cheeks at the sight of Harry's senseless form in his arms,

"What…What happened to him?"

Emanuel walked out of the room and he spoke,

"He is fine. He will be fine…"

Deus came to stand beside the bed and touched Harry's cheek. Harry's breath hitched as a black shadow moved from where Deus's finger was in contact with his skin,

"Stop it!"

He was about to shove Deus away but Deus shook his head and suddenly there was a black barrier between him and where Harry lay on the bed with Deus's finger pressed to his cheek,


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Deus pulled away his finger and the barrier vanished. There was a defeated look in his eyes as he took a step away from the bed. He pulled Harry back into his arms and showered him in kisses. He noticed that Harry's cheeks had regained a healthy pallor. His lips were rosy red now and there was something peaceful about his expression. He looked asleep rather than…

"It won't last…"

He looked up at Deus and noticed the tears in his eyes,

"It won't last…He's too weak…"

He buried his face in Harry's hair and breathed in his scent. He had to live. Harry had to live. He couldn't die…He wouldn't let him…

He pulled away from Harry and looked at Deus,

"Who are you really?"

Deus's soft features, twisted and contorted into something inhuman. When he spoke, his voice was like nails on a chalk board,


He looked from him to Harry and back again. A lot of things started to make sense. The peculiar magic Harry had learnt along with a lot of tiny things that he had noticed but never voiced. Deus spoke again in that unpleasant voice,

"He loves you more than anything else."

He already knew that. Tears continued to flow and Deus spoke,

"He definitely wouldn't like the way you're crying."

Harry murmured groggily against his neck,

"Is that Deus?"

He pulled away and looked down at Harry. His eyes were still closed but he was holding his robes in a death grip,

"Yes, it is Deus."

A small smile curved Harry's lips and lit up his face,

"I hate that voice of his.

He kissed Harry's lips gently and Harry mumbled,

"I love you."

He pulled Harry closer and spoke,

"I love you too, Harry."

Harry was silent for a moment then and just when he began to think that he'd fallen asleep, he spoke in a low, hoarse voice,

"I need to talk to Deus alone, please."

Harry finally opened his eyes and he met his gaze. He could only manage a nod and stepped out of the room. All he could feel at the moment was relief that Harry had awoken. He slumped against the wall and buried his face in his hands. What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to save him? In all his life, he'd never felt this helpless and desperate. He had never imagined that a muggle ailment would be the one to bring him to his knees.

The pain came and went in waves. His head felt heavy from all the painkillers that were probably running through his system. He was about to move his arm to signal Deus to come closer but Deus was already there, stilling his arm and leaning over him,

"I asked you to draft my will."

Deus nodded and with a snap of his fingers conjured the sheaf of parchments,

"You need to sign it."

Harry read through the terms and then demanded the quill. Moving his arm was the hardest thing to do but he did it. He signed wherever was necessary and then when Deus had vanished the papers, he spoke,

"I need another blank parchment."

Deus obeyed quickly and Harry drew a rough outline of the symbol on it,

"I want you to find out what this is."

Deus looked at it intently and then nodded his head,

"I will."

He took a deep breath and spoke,

"I was awake when you told Voldemort who you were. Does that break the pact?"

Deus smiled softly and patted him on the cheek as his features turned back human,

"Yes, it does. It's broken."

Harry couldn't help but sigh out in relief,

"I have something for you."

Deus caressed his cheek and he continued,

"At Malfoy Manor, in the room that I stayed in, there's a feather underneath the mattress…death's feather…"

Harry saw the way Deus's eyebrows shot up,

"How did you procure that?"

Harry couldn't help but laugh but he had to stop when that agonizing pain flared up in his chest and stomach again. It took a moment for it to fade back to tolerable levels and he spoke,

"I plucked it off."

Deus ran his fingers through his hair and spoke,

"You're the bravest person I've ever known. Just a bit more…You need to be brave a bit more, Mon Ravissement."

He could only nod as his eyelids grew heavy again,

"Just rest. You need to rest. I'll let your lover back into the room. He must be getting anxious."

He smiled. Yes, Voldemort was probably more anxious than ever right now. He heard the door open and Voldemort was holding him tight instantly. He nuzzled his head into Voldemort's warmth as he slipped back into the drug induced, painless oblivion.