Chapter 85

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Harry opened his eyes and the first thing he registered was the sound of beeping…odd…He struggled to lift his eyelids but they felt like they'd been made of lead. Thinking that he'd better luck with lifting his arm, he tried to move it and almost cried out as a sharp stabbing pain originated from it. What was going on? Where was he? He moved his other hand up to his face and gasped as it brushed over the plastic mask over his mouth and nose…it didn't take him long to figure out where he was. Had his condition really worsened to the point to that he couldn't even breathe on his own? The last thing he remembered was passing out in the bathroom. Who had brought him here? He was about to yank it off when Deus's soft melodic voice reached him,

"Don't bother, Mon Ravissement."

Harry cursed internally and his eyes flew open. It didn't take him long to take in his bland, colourless surroundings. The walls were plain white, the sheets over him were plain white, the gown he was wearing was plain white, the curtains that covered the window were plain white, the two plastic chairs against the wall were plain white. He had never hated white so much. Deus was the only colourful object in the room. He was still dressed in the black slacks and the loose salmon coloured linen button up, he'd been wearing at the club. There was a smug smile on his lips and his eyes were alight with mischief. That definitely didn't bode well for him. How long had he been out? Why did his head feel so heavy? He remembered hitting it when he had collapsed. He looked down at his arm and noticed that he was hooked up to all the machines and the IV. Deus drew closer to him and brushed his hair away from his forehead. Harry cringed at the contact and was about to turn his head when he spoke,


He didn't…couldn't…Deus laughed coldly as he pulled the chair closer to the bed. Harry closed his eyes hoping that Deus would take the hint and leave him alone,

"Do you remember the last time you were in a hospital?"

His eyes flew open and he succeeded in pulling away the mask from his face,

"It was you…"

The way Deus laughed chilled him to the bone and was admission enough. He remembered that day very clearly. He'd managed to slash his wrist and was watching himself bleed, calmly waiting for death to claim him and then he'd blinked and the next thing he knew he was on a hospital bed and a doctor was tending to his wrist. He'd been drifting in and out of consciousness then but he distinctly remembered seeing Sirius there. He'd thought that he'd been saved by Sirius then and later he had chalked it up to being a hallucination. It hadn't been though. It hadn't been a hallucination. It had been Deus all along. He coughed and his lungs burned up. Deus pushed the mask back over his mouth and nose,

"Breathe, Harry."

He closed his eyes and focused on breathing. That visit to the hospital had been when he'd coughed up blood for the first time. All manners of tests and scans had been carried out on him and his reports and the news had been delivered to him by a grim-faced doctor. He'd left the hospital in the middle of the night and returned to the Dursleys. Funnily enough, they hadn't even noticed that he had been gone for almost a week. But it made sense now…Nicholai had proven that he could manipulate time when he'd bitten him in the middle of the crowd…If Nicholai could do something like that then so could Deus. Harry pushed away the mask again and asked,

"Why'd you save me?"

Deus pursed his lips and leaned back in the chair,

"Why'd I save you? For my entertainment, of course. Didn't I mention that you're an absolute delight to watch?"

It was taking him all his conscious effort to keep his breathing stable. Deus patted him on the cheek and continued,

"I couldn't let you end yourself. Allowing you to bleed out would have been like ending the show before it even started."

Harry held Deus's gaze and rasped out,

"You knew about my…you knew even before I did…"

Deus grinned from ear to ear and winked,

"I told you I was bored out of my mind. You fascinated me. The fact that you, The Boy who Lived, the only person to ever survive the killing curse, were slowly wasting away excited me. And then you went and attempted suicide, so naturally, I had to save you in order for the show to go on."

Harry looked away from Deus and stared at the wall. His breathing felt stable now and his lungs weren't burning up. The pain in his head, chest, stomach and back remained though and it felt bloody difficult to move. Deus wanted a show, he would give him a show. He had no intentions of dying so Deus would have just have to suck it up and return to hell alone. His breath stuttered as he opened his mouth to speak but he forced the words out,

"Why'd you bring me here?"

He turned back to face Deus and saw him smirking,

"Would you have preferred to be found unconscious on that bathroom floor?"

Harry coughed again and fisted the sheets as the pain in his chest sharpened. Deus forced the oxygen mask back over his mouth and nose and snapped angrily,

"Stop being so bloody stubborn and breathe."

He did and released the sheets as his breathing grew regular again. He hated this. When was this going to be over?

"You do want to get back on your feet again, don't you?"

Harry nodded his head disdainfully and glared up at the ceiling,

"Haven't you wondered how you came to acquire this ailment?"

Harry closed his eyes. He had only started wondering about it over the past one week when he had been researching demons and means to gain immortality. Before that he hadn't really cared about it. His train of thought broke as the door opened and he opened his eyes just in time to see the doctor walk in with a face that looked like a brick. His movements were all sharp and with purpose, he analysed the chart for a few seconds and looked up with a perfunctory smile flashed for just a moment. Behind the gun-metal spectacles his eyes were as grey as thunderclouds and the lines around his mouth gave no indication that he ever lost himself in laughter. Harry wondered if he had always been this grim or if his profession had made him this way. He doubted it, His voice was baritone and rolling when he spoke,

"Mr. Miller would you leave us alone for a second?"

Deus rose to his feet and left. The doctor's gaze softened as he turned it on him and Harry saw how his expression turned more stoic and severe,

"There are some things that we must discuss, Mr. Potter. I believe you might be aware of most of them but as a doctor it is my responsibility to bring them to your knowledge."

Harry turned his gaze away from him and stared at the white wall. He had received this lecture before. He was in no mood to receive it again. He desperately wished he had some cotton to plug up his ears.

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