Chapter 92

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Harry made a move to pull the blindfold off for the umpteenth time, but Voldemort slapped his hand away,

"Patience, Harry."

Harry allowed Voldemort to steer him over what felt like grass underneath his feet and grumbled,

"Patience isn't my strong suit."

Voldemort chuckled, and Harry felt him run his fingers over the silk blindfold over his eyes,

"You look utterly exquisite."

Harry huffed and felt the path underneath his feet turn from grass to stone,

"Kinky bastard."

Voldemort removed his fingers from the blindfold and pulled him to a halt. He felt his presence behind him and soon enough, he felt Voldemort's chest pressed to his back and his arms around his waist. Harry tipped his head back and rested it against Voldemort's shoulder as Voldemort's lips found the sensitive spot under his jaw. He murmured against his neck,

"Pull it off."

Harry yanked the blindfold and his jaw dropped open at the sight in front of him. He failed to hold back his gasp and Voldemort laughed joyously. They were standing in the courtyard of a huge castle and Harry was staring up at the beautifully crafted towers that were illuminated by the moonlight. They glowed like crystals, sparkling just the same as any cut diamond, their tops disappearing into the fog. Several dark ways led from the courtyard great round arches towards other parts of the castle,

"Where are we?"

Voldemort's fingers moved up over his chest and a soft whine escaped from Harry's throat,


He spun around to face Voldemort and looked into his eyes before inquiring,


Voldemort nodded and pressed a kiss to his forehead, exactly over his scar,

"Our home."

Our home. He couldn't quite believe it. This had to be a dream. It just had to be a dream. Everything was too good to be true. He ran his thumb over the ring on his finger to make sure that it was really there. Voldemort wrapped his arms around him and pulled him to his chest,

"I love you and yearn to give you everything in the world."

Harry buried his face in Voldemort's shoulder as he coughed. The pain in his chest was accompanied by a pang of guilt. He had to tell Voldemort everything. He pulled his face away to speak up but the happiness on Voldemort's face killed his words,

"Do you remember when you told me that I was just as homeless as you were?"

Harry closed his eyes and nodded,

"I wanted to bring you and Rabastan here after the ball."

Harry kept his eyes squeezed shut and held Voldemort tighter as he fought his tears,

"He's here."

Voldemort rubbed his back and kissed the top of his head,

"I know, Harry."

They stood there for a moment and then Voldemort spoke gently,

"Let me take you inside."

Harry nodded and pulled away. Voldemort led him into the castle and Harry was utterly mesmerized. It was absolutely beautiful. The floors were marble. All stair rails were ornate mahogany, carved and polished so that they shined. The furniture was all handmade by master craftsmen. The air was scented with fresh flowers and Harry found himself loving it as it somehow soothed his burning lungs. The hallway was carpeted with an indigo material with elaborate golden designs and draped with tapestries and dark curtains, making the whole place look regal. Voldemort whispered against his ear,

"Do you like it?"

Harry pretended to think about it for a moment and savoured the doubt on Voldemort's face before bursting out,


Voldemort's features relaxed and his eyes lit up with joy once more. Harry leaned forward and whispered against his ear,

"Take me to bed, husband dear."

Voldemort grabbed his arm and turned him around. Pushing him against the wall, he kissed him possessively and growled,

"You have no idea what hearing you say that does to me."

Harry held Voldemort's heated gaze and spoke with mock innocence,

"You like it when I call you Husband dear?"

Voldemort nodded and nipped at his neck. Harry giggled and writhed against him as Voldemort's hands raked over his body and found all of his ticklish spots. When Voldemort pulled away, Harry put as much distance between them as he possibly could to catch his breath. When he had, he cocked an eyebrow up and asked,

"I'm beginning to think that you don't have a bed in this huge castle."

Voldemort smirked,

"I do have one. I will have you know that it is a king-sized bed."

Harry grinned,

"I hope it's sturdy."

Voldemort shrugged,

"I have not been in it yet."

Harry spoke, drawing the words out as he approached Voldemort. Voldemort snickered. He took the few steps to close the distance between them and brushed his lips against his,

"Welcome home, Harry."

Harry smiled and kissed him gently,

"I love you."

He couldn't stop saying that. Voldemort took Harry's hand and tugged him toward the stairs,

"I love you too. Come now, I wish to show you your new bed."

Harry corrected him,

"Our new bed."

He chuckled but stopped at the base of the stairs. He took their joined hands and kissed the tip of Voldemort's ring finger,

"I'll have to get you a ring."

Voldemort laughed and closed his eyes. Harry's lips brushed against the nape of his neck, and he turned his head to meet the kiss before Harry could pull away. He cupped his cheek to keep him in place for the fervent kiss he delivered next. It was hot and wet, and Harry eventually broke it to pant for air and spoke breathlessly,

"You mentioned a bed."

Voldemort lips crooked up in an evil grin,

"It is a really nice bed, Harry."

Harry nodded and kissed him again,

"Maybe we should test it to see how nice it is."

Voldemort grabbed his hand and yanked him up the first step,

"Come on."

Harry pulled Voldemort back and then took the first couple steps alone. He turned around and smirked down at Voldemort, mischief written all over his face, then went up another step backward and pulled off his jacket. After dropping it on the step, he started unbuttoning his shirt. Voldemort stated up at him, utterly mesmerized for a moment before his gaze turned challenging and he warned as he put one foot on the bottom step,

"I will catch you."

Harry smiled and licked his bottom lip while moving up and back again, undoing another button. Voldemort took the next steps two at a time and growled,

"If that is what you want then so be it. Be naked by the time you get to the bedroom. It shall be less work for me."

Harry laughed and hurried up a few more steps before turning toward Voldemort again and finishing with the buttons, leaving the shirt to hang open as he started on his belt,

"Come on, Husband dear. I've got some motivation for you."

Voldemort warned as he put both hands on the railings and pushed himself up two more steps with a grin. He swiped out for his feet.


Harry singsonged as he moved up and out of reach, the ends of his belt dangling. His fingers moved to the button of his jeans,


Voldemort whined as he watched him undress halfway up the stairs. If he caught him before the bedroom, Harry was sure he'd be taking him where they landed. It was too big a day for them to mess around with such niceties as mattresses and beds.

"I assumed we were trying to test out the bed, not the stairs."

Harry shrugged out of his shirt and tossed it over the railing before teasing,

"Weren't you telling me to be patient a few minutes ago? I think you should take your own advice now."