Chapter 24

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Reaching in the shower to turn the cold water on full blast, Harry kicked out of his jeans and briefs with a growl, the heat of his anger matching the roiling desire for the man he'd just thrown out. He hissed as he climbed full into the shower spray and yanked the curtain shut,

"Bloody Bastard!"

The cold water was barely having any effect. He slammed the side of his fist against the tile, only to curse again colourfully and shake his hand as the pain reverberated through his fingers and up his arm.

Voldemort heard the thud from within the bathroom and finally stopped pacing. He turned to look at the door and narrowed his eyes. He knew that Harry had just hurt himself and he would continue to do this because he had just slipped into his self-destructive state of mind. He shrugged out of his robes, unbuttoned his black silk shirt and tossed it to the side before stepping up to the door and throwing it open.

Harry's head shot up as the door hit the wall. What the hell? Why couldn't Voldemort just leave him alone? He had explicitly told him to leave. But he should have expected this from the ostentatious bastard. No one had probably kicked him out before. He grew very aware of his nakedness and growled out from behind the curtain,


But Harry's heart didn't want him to go. He had no control over the dirty thoughts running wild in his head all of a sudden. He could see Voldemort's silhouette through the curtain and one glance was enough to tell him that Voldemort was half naked as well and on a mission.

Voldemort was already half-undressed, so it wouldn't have taken him all that long to finish the job. But instead, he yanked the shower curtain back and stepped into the shower without removing his black form fitting pants. He grabbed Harry and slammed him against the tile along the back side of the shower.

He'd half-expected it, but Harry was still surprised by the other man's vehemence and he gasped and growled as his back hit the cool wall opposite the curtain painfully. Voldemort reached over to the shower knobs and turned the temperature of the water up to something more tolerable, holding his forearm across Harry's chest. He drawled as he pressed himself against Harry's body,

"We shall definitely have to work on that temper of yours."

A breath shuddered out of Harry as he spread both hands, palms flat against the tile. The warm water and the press of the other man's body were doing the trick to bring him fully hard. He hated his body for betraying him and spoke harshly,

"Stop it!"

Voldemort's entire body turned over into tackle mode and drove all other thoughts from his mind. He ducked his head to lick a trail of water running down Harry's collarbone and then bit him lightly,

"Shut up and admit it. Admit that you want this. Admit that you feel this."

Harry groaned and his eyes rolled back into his head. His hands moved without thought to clutch at Voldemort's hips. He wanted it. He wanted it to so bad. He spoke thickly,

"You make me absolutely crazy."

Voldemort raised his head and kissed Harry slowly and murmured softly,

"I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I believe that you were there long before I came along."

Harry's hand shifted up to curl around the back of Voldemort's neck as they kissed, and he shifted his feet apart so Voldemort was right up against his body. His caution and good sense were blown away and he didn't want to say no to this. It was so much better than anything else he had ever experienced. He had never felt anything like this before. He didn't know what it was, all he knew was that his blood thrummed with it; his chest and belly were taut with it.

Voldemort hissed as one hand snaked down Harry's body and between them,

"You might find it a bit more difficult to toss me out next time."

Harry's next breath nearly choked him as Voldemort's hand slid between their bodies, soft compared to the wet pants that scraped against his bare midsection. No, he didn't imagine he'd be tossing Voldemort anywhere. His eyes opened and he asked hoarsely,

"Next time?"

Voldemort's hand closed around him, and he nipped at his chin in answer.

The back of Harry's head hit the tile, and he held Voldemort's shoulders tight as he reacted and a strangled gasp escaped him.

Voldemort cooed to him with a smirk as he stroked him slowly,

"You do want this. Say it. Tell me you want this, Harry."

Dragging his eyes open, Harry met Voldemort's crimson lustful eyes. His lashes were dotted with water drops. Harry couldn't stop the words that slipped off his tongue,

"Yes, I want this."

Voldemort kissed him again almost before he got the words out, and his hand sped up slightly as he pressed his body into Harry's.

Feeling like he was about to burn to a crisp, Harry shook all over as his hips shifted to move against Voldemort's hand. He groaned and laid his head back, eyes shut against the water splashing off his shoulder. He was hard and straining.

Voldemort's other hand slid behind his head to cushion his skull from hitting the tiles, and he kissed Harry again demandingly as he continued to stroke relentlessly.

It wasn't going to take much longer, not at all. The hard kiss, the catch and slide of Voldemort's hand, and the tension all spiralled tighter and tighter as Harry growled into Voldemort's mouth. Voldemort urged,

"Come on, Harry."

Harry gritted his teeth as the electricity of Voldemort's touch flashed through him. He growled and lowered his chin, then he opened his eyes and reached out to grab Voldemort for an animalistic kiss.

Voldemort pinned him against the wall and kissed him back, enjoying the result of his efforts. Body twitching through the climax, Harry had to gasp against Voldemort's lips, crying out on an exhale as Voldemort's hand kept moving while he got more and more sensitive.

Voldemort finally took pity on him and slid his hand back up Harry's body, wrapping around him and kissing him more slowly as he gave him a chance to recover. Shaky and flushed, Harry relaxed fluidly into Voldemort's arms and the kiss, anger sloughing off him like the water on its way to the drain.

After a long, leisurely moment, Voldemort pushed away from the wall and grinned as he licked his lips. When he spoke, he sounded very pleased with himself,

"How does that feel, Harry?"

Harry snorted and laughed weakly, raising both hands to rub over his face as he sagged back against the wall. Voldemort was right, he was crazy or as crazy as he could be.

Voldemort seemed to have read the answer in Harry's eyes. He smiled and gave his characteristic self-satisfied hum before pulling the curtain back and stepping over the side of the bathtub carefully.

Harry watched him as the water misted over the tub's edge. Voldemort's pants were totally soaked and clung to him like a second skin. Harry had to swallow hard. The realization hit him hard. He was extremely attracted to Voldemort,

"I am extremely certain that you shall be incapable of any coherent thoughts for the next hour. I suggest that we postpone our discussion."

Harry muttered under his breath,


He turned into the spray to wash before leaning and shutting the water off.

Voldemort stood, silent and dripping in the middle of the bathroom, and watched him intently. When Harry turned around, water still dripped down his neck in rivulets down his shoulders and chest as he stepped out of the shower to stand not six inches from Voldemort.

Voldemort licked his lips and tilted his head, waiting for Harry's next move. Harry stood there a long moment. He contemplated on whether he should return the favour and make Voldemort climax as well. He wanted to. He definitely wanted to but he also, somehow, ached to see Voldemort yearn for him. He wanted to see Voldemort burn for him. Before today, he wouldn't have cared. But now, things had changed. Voldemort had made it clear that he wanted him and Harry had also come to terms with the fact that he was painfully attracted to Voldemort. He was curious to see where this would lead, that was if he lived long enough to see the end of it.

Harry wrapped a towel around himself and exited the bathroom with a wicked grin on his face. This was all a game and he had every intention to beat Voldemort at it.

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