Chapter 82

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Harry observed Rodolphus's funeral service from the very last row…well he wasn't really observing the funeral service, he was observing Voldemort and contemplating whether or not he'd done the right thing by making that blood pact. Now that he thought about it, it had been a pretty stupid thing to do. Trusting Deus had been a stupid thing to do. Harry leaned back in his seat and stared up at the sky. He'd have to find a way to overpower Deus, just in case Deus ever tried to turn against him. Oh, he was sure that Deus would turn against him or try to overpower him and drag him to hell with him. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when and he needed to be prepared when that time came.

Deus sighed next to him and grumbled,

"This is so boring."

Harry kept his gaze on the sky and spoke,

"I don't recall asking you to come along."

Deus chuckled softly and whispered,

"Well, how else would you have introduced me to everyone?"

Harry scowled at the sky,

"Right…you want me to introduce you to Voldemort's inner circle."

Harry watched Deus nod his head from the corner of his eye and continued his incessant staring at the offensively blue sky. The handle of the sword felt warm between his fingers and he was forced to wonder by Deus had just gifted it to him. There must be a hidden motive behind it. He couldn't have done that out of the goodness of his heart…Harry wondered if demons had hearts…They probably didn't…The man at the front stopped droning indicating that the funeral service was almost at the end. He watched as everyone rose including Deus and Voldemort but he wasn't really bothered to stand up in the honour of someone he had killed. If he'd had his way, this funeral wouldn't even be taking place and Rodolphus should have been buried in an unmarked grave or tossed in a river in the middle of the night. Deus looked down at him and smirked,

"You're really hating this, aren't you?"

Harry glared at him and then looked away as the funeral service came to an end and the people started chattering and gossiping. He noticed Voldemort's crimson gaze search the crowd and finally zero in on him. Harry kept his expressions neutral and rose to his feet,

"Let's get this over with."

Deus laughed and fell in step with him as he made his way towards the front where Voldemort stood with Lucius, Draco, Nott, Avery and a couple of other high-ranking death eaters. Harry could feel the gazes follow him and Deus…mostly Deus…which he had expected. Deus had a solemn expression on his face and he was the perfect picture of sorrow. He saw the way Voldemort's crimson eyes smouldered with jealousy at the sight of Deus beside him and he couldn't help but inwardly rejoice. Voldemort raised a questioning eyebrow at him and Harry spoke,

"This is Deus Miller. He'll be working as my personal secretary since Bella is otherwise indisposed."

Voldemort nodded silently and Lucius sneered,

"It didn't take you long to replace Rabastan. Did he really mean that little to you?"

Harry white knuckled the handle of the sword and smirked,

"If you want to keep your head then you'd better keep that mouth shut and stay out of my business."

He watched as Narcissa grasped her husband's arm with one hand and wrapped her other one around Draco's shoulder. As is she could protect them. Nott gave Deus an appraising look and whistled,

"Can't really blame you for hiring him though, Potter. He's a sight for sore eyes."

Harry turned his attention to Deus who was blushing furiously. Merlin, if only they knew what a monster he was. Voldemort cleared his throat and spoke,

"Leave us."

They all bowed and began walking away. Harry spoke to Deus,

"Why don't you go and mingle with everyone? After all, you're going to be working with them at the ministry."

Deus nodded bashfully and walked away. Voldemort drew closer to him and gripped his shoulder,

"Take off those glasses, Harry."

Harry lifted his chin and spoke,


Voldemort heaved a sigh and spoke,

"Why must you be so stubborn?"

Harry put the sword down on a nearby chair and spoke,

"I thought you'd be used to it by now."

Voldemort stepped closer to him and Harry felt his grip tighten on his shoulders,

"How are you? Nicholai informed me that you had an emotional breakdown last night."

Harry was about to shrug away when Voldemort's grip on his shoulders turned bruising. So that's what Nicholai had told Voldemort. Harry yanked the sunglasses off and tossed them away,

"I'm fine…bloody perfect…Can you let me go now?"

Voldemort's hold only tightened and Harry held his gaze and brought a snippet of his memory of last night to the forefront of his mind and allowed Voldemort access to it. He watched as Voldemort's crimson eyes widened with horror and the way his mouth opened in a silent gasp. His grip slackened and Harry grasped the opportunity to take a step back but Voldemort instantly composed himself, grabbed him around the waist and held him fast,

"I am never letting you out of my sights again."

Voldemort's gaze was purely possessive, so was his hold and his tone. Harry couldn't help but revel in it,

"That's not even possible."

Voldemort leaned closer to him and Harry's breath hitched in his throat as his lips barely brushed over his,

"Watch me."

Harry resisted the urge to lean forward and take those lips but he snorted dismissively,

"The best you can do is chain me up just like Nicholai did."

Voldemort growled and the sound did something to him. He thrust his head forward, forehead barely touching Voldemort's. Voldemort's eyes flashed and Harry dropped his tone, making sure to hold Voldemort's gaze as he said,

"Tell me that memory didn't arouse you. Tell me that the sight of me chained and collared didn't turn you on. Tell me you didn't wish that it was you in that room instead of Nicholai."

Voldemort's gaze was all fire, setting Harry' skin to sweating.

"No, it did not."

Harry clicked his tongue and dropped his gaze to Voldemort's groin, covered by the black robes but he knew what was underneath,

"Such denial. You're obviously hard for me. Your body doesn't lie."

Harry sank his teeth into his bottom lip, arousal a living thing in his lower belly, getting hotter by the second. He dropped his attentions to Voldemort's lips and whispered,

"You're welcome to try, Lover. Chain me, collar me and then claim me but it won't bring you the satisfaction you want."

He wanted to push Voldemort beyond any boundary he'd set. Ruffle him. Disable his control. So, Harry touched his lips to Voldemort's chin. Voldemort's sharp inhale was music to Harry' ears. Gasoline to his fire. A waving red flag in front of the bull,

"But you won't, will you?"

He flicked his tongue out, licked Voldemort's chin. Harry' own breath stuttered for a moment there as Voldemort's taste swept along his taste buds,

"You'd prefer to make me beg for you…to gain some semblance of control because I break you, don't I? You've never been broken before but my name…my voice…my touch breaks you. Every. Time."

A strong hand wrapped around his neck so fast, Harry saw stars. He choked, forcing out a chuckle as he met Voldemort's dark gaze. Anger, yes. The blood thirst, too. But lust was also crowded in there, wild and uncontrollable. Voldemort wanted him.

Speaking was difficult with the vice like grip at his throat, but he forced it out,

"Did I hit a nerve? You know it's the truth."

Voldemort's head cocked, and a muscle throbbed in his jaw, but he didn't speak. He simply watched Harry while squeezing his throat. Harry coughed. That look in Voldemort's eyes was absolutely intoxicating. He twisted his mouth into a smile,

"Get on your knees for me, Lover. And, maybe…just maybe…I'll fulfil your wish and beg for you."

A smile crept up Voldemort's features. Genuine. Brightening his eyes for a second,

"Are you propositioning me, Harry?"

Harry winked,

"Consider it what you want."

Voldemort snorted and released him. He'd wanted Voldemort's hands on him. Wanted to watch him lose control the way he stole all his control,

"I shall contemplate it."

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