Chapter 32

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Harry found himself pinned to the wall by an invisible force. His arms held over his head. Voldemort stepped closer to him and smirked malevolently,

"Am I touching you now, Harry?"

Harry growled and struggled against the invisible force holding him. Voldemort leaned closer to him and inhaled his scent and laughed delicately,

"This is your fault. You really should not tempt me."

Harry gnashed his teeth and closed his eyes. How did Voldemort always manage to have the upper hand over him,

"You're a bastard."

Voldemort straightened up,

"I shall take that as a compliment."

Harry stood still and calmed himself down. There was no point in struggling,

"What do you want?"

Voldemort raised his hand to caress his cheek but then dropped it midway,


It was Harry's turn to laugh now,


Voldemort smiled smugly,

"You desire it too. The clothes you wear, your scent today. All your actions so far have been to seduce me."

Harry huffed indignantly,

"In your dreams. I don't want to be anywhere near you."

Voldemort drew closer to Harry again and licked his lips. Harry eyed his tongue and his heart burned with the desire to feel it on his lips. Harry remembered everything he had felt when he had been in the shower with Voldemort that night. His skin tingled and his throat went dry. Damn, now he was yearning for Voldemort to touch him. He was getting under his skin again. Harry didn't like where this was heading. He didn't want to feel all this. He didn't need it. Harry closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall. He was extremely aroused and Voldemort hadn't even touched him. Robes would have been a better option in these circumstances,

"Your body disagrees."

Harry was aware of the fact that his cheeks were burning with embarrassment and he felt needles pricking all over his back. This was exactly how it had happened in the shower. The only difference was that Voldemort wasn't touching him right now. Harry gulped and tried to distract himself from the desire burning his soul. Everything that had happened that night flashed infront of his eyes. Everything he had said to Voldemort. Everything that he had admitted. Voldemort had said that there would be a next time. Was this it?

"We're…This isn't..."

Harry couldn't string together the words. Voldemort blew Harry a kiss,

"We shall continue this later. Do you understand?"

Harry shook his head. No, he wouldn't be anywhere near Voldemort later. He couldn't have this,

"YOU WANT THIS! You want this just as much as I do. You admitted it. Why do you keep going back on your word?"

Harry opened his eyes and met Voldemort's gaze,

"I never gave you my word. That night, in the shower, that was a mistake. It was my biggest mistake and I regret it."

Voldemort took a few steps back and Harry saw pain in Voldemort's eyes. That look was so different, so human, that Harry had never thought he would see it in Voldemort's eyes. The man looked wounded and then he was gone taking the invisible force with him.

Harry covered his mouth with his hand. What had he just said? No, no, no. He hadn't meant to say that. He hadn't meant it like that. He didn't regret anything that had happened that night because it had been Voldemort that had caused him to feel all that. He regretted it because he didn't want Voldemort to grow attached to him. He had ran from everyone for this very reason. But that look in Voldemort's eyes had been heart-breaking. No, this wasn't how he had wanted things to go. He had expected Voldemort to get angry. He had expected him to torture him. This wasn't the outcome he had predicted.

He walked to his seat and slumped down in it. Somehow, he felt like a monster. Maybe this was for the best. Harry banged his head against the desk. Who was he kidding? He hadn't wanted this to happen. He looked at the clock. It was nearly lunch time. He rose to his feet and stepped out of his office. He walked straight up to Voldemort's and knocked,

"I do not wish to speak to you."

Harry pushed open the door and stepped in. He found Voldemort seated behind his desk with the same pained look in his eyes. He looked up and met Harry's gaze. Harry bit his lower lip. He didn't know what to say,

"I believe that you have seen enough to satisfy your heart. Now leave."

Harry pushed his hands in his pockets,


But before Harry could say anything. Voldemort had raised his hand,

"There is a meeting this afternoon. Do not be late."

And with that he vanished. Harry stared into Voldemort's vacant seat blankly for a while. This was getting worse and he was feeling more and more terrible with every passing second. Harry stalked back to his office. He hadn't expected his day to turn out to be this horrible. A knock on the door brought him out of his musings,

"Come in."

A death eater entered with a huge stack of files hovering behind him. Harry eyed the stack,

"What is this?"

The death eater was struggling to speak. Harry had forgotten all about the scent. He was really beginning to despise it. He was despising himself,

"The files on Muggleborn legislation."

Harry thanked him. The death eater left the stack on his desk and walked away. He could really do with some work to distract himself. Harry pulled up the first file from the stack and began studying it.

Another knock on the door interrupted Harry's studying. He yawned and stretched. How long had he been seated here? He looked up at the clock and cursed. Damn. The meeting,


A death eater entered,

"The meeting has been underway for fifteen minutes. I was told to fetch you."

Harry was already on his feet. He combed his fingers through his hair and hurried out of the office and hurried towards the meeting room. He nearly stumbled over the doorway when he reached it. Voldemort was seated at the head of the table and he didn't spare Harry a single glance. Harry took the vacant seat and began taking notes as the heads of various departments shared their reports. During the meeting, Voldemort treated him as if he was invisible and Harry knew that he deserved that for what he had done. But he had to make this right and he wasn't going to get a better opportunity than this because the meeting was drawing to a close.

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