Chapter 102

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Harry woke up curled up in bed with Voldemort's chest pressed to his back and his arm around his waist. He coughed, and Voldemort kissed him on the nape,

"Did you take your potion yesterday?"

He nodded silently and nuzzled into Voldemort's hold. He could feel Voldemort's uneasiness and spoke,

"I'm sorry about last night. I overreacted."

Voldemort turned him around and Harry saw tears shining in his crimson eyes,

"No, Harry…No…You have no need to apologize. I love you. You mean the world to me. I should have been more mindful of your feelings."

Harry buried his face in Voldemort's chest and wrapped his arms around him,

"I love you too."

He closed his eyes and relished Voldemort's hand running up and down his back. He coughed again and remembered how weak he'd grown yesterday. He needed a way to survive and he needed it fast. He didn't have a lot of time left. What if they didn't find a way to get him immortality? What if death got to him first?

Harry mentally scolded himself. He couldn't think like that. He couldn't lose hope now. Voldemort held onto him tighter and kissed his head,

"Harry, you're hiding something."

Harry closed his eyes and smiled against Voldemort's skin,

"I'll tell you if you promise not to freak out."

Voldemort laughed softly and pressed a kiss underneath his ear,

"There is no instance in which I overreacted."

Harry rolled his eyes and snorted,

"Yeah right. Just promise me."

Voldemort ran a finger down his spine and murmured,

"I promise, Love."

Harry nestled his head in the crook of his neck and spoke,

"Dumbledore came to my office yesterday."

Voldemort instantly pulled away from him and sat up straight. Harry saw his crimson eyes smouldering with rage. The vanity crashed to the floor with a loud bang and the sound of shattering glass echoed around the otherwise silent room. Harry rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling,

"Just so you know, that is called freaking out. Stop wrecking our bedroom."

Voldemort came over him and straddled him before gripping his chin and growling,

"Summon Deus."

Harry raised his head up from the pillow and bit Voldemort's lower lip,

"Ooooh I love it when you get all bossy, but you know I don't take well to being ordered around."

Voldemort's gaze softened, and he bent down and caressed his cheek,

"Please summon Deus."

Harry laughed heartily before kissing him hard,

"We're naked. Are you sure, you want him to see us like that? I don't know about you but I'm in no mood for Deus to gawk at you and get any ideas."

Slowly, he ran a hand over Voldemort's thigh and murmured,

"All this is for my eyes only."

Voldemort rested his hands on his shoulder and his forehead against his,

"It could be the other way around. He could lust after you…"

Harry laughed and shook his head,

"Who would lust after a dying guy?"

Voldemort's expression instantly grew severe,

"You are not dying, and you are the most stunning person in this entire world. People have no choice but to stop and stare when you pass them by."

Harry turned his head away and murmured,

"That's because they don't know the truth."

Voldemort gripped his chin and forced him to meet his gaze,

"Where is this coming from, Harry? What did Dumbledore say to you?"

Harry held his gaze and spoke,

"Nothing. He said nothing. I'm dying, Lover…and we don't have anything yet…"

Voldemort was about to speak when Harry clamped a hand over his mouth and spoke,

"No, listen to me. I want you to be prepared for any outcome. If I die…"

Voldemort pushed his hand away and Harry's heart broke at the sight of the tears that flowed down his cheeks,

"No…Harry... I implore you, please do not think like this."

Harry cupped his face and continued talking,

"You need to listen because this is my last will and testament. In the event of my demise, I want you to kill Dumbledore in the most painful way possible…"

He felt Voldemort's tears burning his skin and continued,

"I want you to torture him until he begs for death…I want you to avenge me…"

Voldemort rested his head on his chest and Harry stroked his hair softly,

"Everything that's mine will belong to you. I'll sign the written will as soon as Deus has it drawn up."

He entwined his fingers with Voldemort and whispered,

"I want you to bury me somewhere only you know. I don't want other people around my grave. Just you…"

Voldemort sobbed against his skin and Harry could feel his body trembling over his,

"I want you to love me forever, but I don't want you to shackle yourself with it. You have so much love to give. I'm sure you'll find so…"

Voldemort covered his mouth with his hand,

"No…You are the only one for me. There can never be anyone else."

Voldemort raised his head and Harry wiped his tears away before pushing away his hand,

"I'm not dead yet. Stop looking at me like that."

Voldemort ran a hand through his hair and murmured,

"You are not dying. This will is never going to be needed."

Harry snickered and reversed their positions so that Voldemort was laying on his back and he was over him,

"Mmmm…yeah. Life seems so tempting when you're under me."

Voldemort pulled his head down and claimed his lips in a demanding kiss. Harry parted his lips and Voldemort's tongue claimed every nook and crevice of his mouth. When they finally parted for breath, Harry crooned,

"Topping from the bottom…I absolutely adore it…"

Voldemort smiled and kissed him on the forehead,

"I live to please you, Love."