Chapter 26

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Harry was just making his way to his office when Rabastan came up beside him and spoke,

"Potter, can we meet after work?"

Harry turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow,


Rabastan bit his lip and Harry noticed that he seemed nervous. That was when he realized that Rabastan was asking him out on a date. Rabastan was a thin man but he was relatively easy on the eyes. His black hair was slicked back and gave him a stylized look. His features were delicate,


Rabastan twirled his fingers and that was when Harry realized that Rabastan was asking him out. Harry schooled his features. Voldemort was definitely going to lose it and he came to the conclusion that he didn't want Rabastan's blood on his hands,

"Well, I don't want you to die. Voldemort will kill you if he finds out you asked me out. But as it turns out, I can really do with an ally at the moment, since everyone seems to want me dead. So how would you like to be my ally?"

Rabastan winced at Voldemort's name and his jaw dropped when he heard Harry's proposition,

"You want me to be your friend?"

Harry laughed airily. He half expected Rabastan to decline but Rabastan shocked him by nodding his head,

"I think I can do that."

Harry cocked an eyebrow,

"Are you sure? Your sister in law won't like it."

Rabastan nodded resolutely and smiled charmingly,

"You're right. It would seriously tick Bella off. I've never liked that bitch."

Harry chuckled darkly. It seemed their hatred for Bellatrix was mutual. He was beginning to like him already,

"I'm going shopping today. Want to come along?"

Rabastan mulled it over and then nodded,

"Sure, I'll meet up with you down at the atrium. Does six work for you?

This was unrealistic. It almost seemed surreal. Rabastan was the last person he would have thought to be friends with and yet here he was, making shopping plans with him,

"Sure. I'll see you then."

Rabastan moved his fingers through his slicked back hair, smiled and then walked away. Harry pushed his hands in the pockets of his jacket and made his way to his office. As soon as he pushed opened the door, he saw a huge stack of files waiting for him on his desk. Harry groaned. He was really beginning to hate paperwork. Suddenly, a thought gripped him and his face split wide into a grin. He stepped out of his office and then summoned the first death eater that passed near him,

"Get me Umbridge and Bellatrix."

The death eater looked at him with a dazed and confused look on his face. Harry clapped his hand and spoke loudly,

"Chop Chop."

The death eater started and immediately hurried away. Harry returned to his face and sat behind his desk. He picked a file from the top of the stack and had just begun to study it when Bellatrix burst through the door,

"What do you want, Potter? Some of us have work to do."

Harry smiled brightly,

"Exactly, you work for me. And that is no way to talk to your boss."

Bellatrix was about to lunge at him when Harry waggled his finger,

"Uh huh. I don't think Voldemort will forgive your insubordination a second time. So, I suggest that you grab some of these files and get to work."

Harry literally heard her growl and the hostility in her eyes only served to amuse him further. Bella grudgingly picked up half the files from the table and sat down in the chair, opposite to his desk. Soon enough, Umbridge joined them and they all worked in silence.

Harry thought that the entire scenario was outlandish because he had never thought that he would ever be able to work under the same roof, let alone the same room with the two women he hated the most in the world. After an hour or maybe it had been two, there was a knock on the door. None of them looked up from the file in their hands and Harry spoke,


The door opened and a death eater stood in the entry way,

"Master Harry, The Dark Lord requires your presence in his office."

Harry flipped a page and spoke without looking up,

"Tell him I'm busy."

The death eater hesitated before leaving. Another hour passed in silence and then the door flew open. Harry was wondering when Voldemort show up. He didn't look up but Bellatrix and Umbridge rushed to their feet. Lazily, he placed the file he had been studying, on the desk and looked up at Voldemort. He watched as Voldemort's livid expression morphed into fascination and admiration. Voldemort must have realized that Harry had really been working together with Bellatrix and Umbridge. Harry literally felt his chest puff out with pride. Slowly Voldemort approached the desk and the two women stepped out of his way. Harry didn't bother getting up from his seat. Voldemort placed his hands on the desk and leaned towards him,

"I called for you an hour ago."

Harry leaned back in his seat and regarded Voldemort leisurely,

"I'm busy being responsible and trying to prove my worth."

Voldemort raised an eyebrow and then removed his hands from the desk,

"The Daily Prophet wants to publish your interview."

Harry crossed his arms over his chest,

"An interview? Are you serious? I'm not going to do it."

Voldemort's lips quirked up,

"I was not asking for your opinion, I was merely informing you. It is scheduled for tomorrow at ten."

Harry uncrossed his arms and rested his elbows on the desk,

"My opinion. That's what the interview is about. Are you sure you want people to know my opinion?"

Voldemort nodded slightly but Harry could see the mischief in his eyes,

"I think that we should have that discussion tonight at dinner."

Harry snorted,

"I don't think we can have that particular discussion with your death eaters around."

Voldemort licked his lip,

"I do not recall mentioning that my death eaters would be joining us for dinner. I think a more private dinner is in order tonight."

Harry coughed and covered his mouth with his hand. This was his second invitation to a date tonight. What was happening today? Harry removed his hand from his mouth and tried to conceal his smirk,

"I don't think I'll be free in the evening."

Voldemort tilted his head and looked at him with genuine curiosity,

"What are your plans for the evening?"

Harry couldn't conceal his joy then and grinned widely,

"I'm going shopping with Rabastan this evening."

The flabbergasted look on Voldemort's face was precious and Harry decided that he loved it.

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