Chapter 4

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Harry had his head against the cold stone wall. He shivered involuntarily because of the cold and wrapped his arms around himself. It had been two days and he hadn't had a bite to eat because he didn't want Ollivander to starve. Harry hadn't shed a single tear upon the Dursleys death. He had expected Voldemort to visit him again but the man hadn't shown up. His scar hadn't hurt either which meant that Voldemort was busy somewhere else. It was good. He didn't want to talk to the man. He just wanted to be alone. Harry closed his eyes and felt himself drifting away.

Voldemort sat in his throne and read the letter in his hands. After he was done, he folded the letter and vanished it. The death eaters stood before him with their heads bowed. He stood up and held his wand to the nearest death eater's neck,

"You led the attack on Potter's house? Why was I not informed of this attack?"

The death eater trembled in fear and fell upon his knees,

"My lord, I only wished to please you by bringing Potter to you."

Voldemort dug his wand in the man's neck and whispered,

"I am not pleased, am I?"

He cast a wordless Crucio and let the man writhe on the floor. He stepped back and retook his seat,

"Consider this a warning. If a single one of you acts without my orders, I shall decapitate them."

The death eaters immediately fell on their own knees and murmured apologies and praises. Voldemort lifted the curse from Avery and spoke to a death eater standing beside him,

"Fetch Potter from downstairs."

The death eater bowed and swept out of the room. He made his way downstairs and opened the metal gate with a loud clang. Ollivander looked up and regarded the death eater. The man went directly to where Harry sat and spoke,

"Get up, Potter."

There was no reply. He bent down and shook him and yet there was no response. The death eater stood up and kicked Harry with his boot,

"Get up this instant, Potter."

Harry's limp form slid from his upright posture to the ground and the death eater realized that he was unconscious. He began to panic and immediately rushed up the stairs to deliver the news to Voldemort.

Ollivander hurried towards Harry and shook him,

"Harry, wake up."

There was no response. Ollivander felt his pulse and realized that it was almost non-existential. He also realized that Harry's entire body was freezing cold.

Voldemort swept down the stairs followed by the death eater. He made his way towards Harry and bent down beside him. Ollivander immediately crawled back. Voldemort's gaze swept the room and came to a halt over the plate that contained a piece of dried bread and watery soup. He spoke in a cold, livid tone,

"Lucius, come here."

The man stepped forward. Voldemort signalled towards the plate and spoke,

"Eat it."

Lucius hesitated and spoke,

"My lord, I…."

Voldemort had his wand pointed towards him and roared out the order,


Lucius Malfoy picked up the plate and began to nibble at the bread distastefully. He retched. Voldemort spoke again,

"Did I not order you to keep him alive and well in my absence?"

Lucius Malfoy bowed down,

"My lord, I…..."

Voldemort raised his hand and silenced him,

"Does he look alive and well to you?"

Lucius Malfoy's gaze turned to Harry's limp form and he spoke,

"No, my lord."

Voldemort dismissed Lucius with a wave of his wand and looked down at Harry. He pointed his wand towards Harry and cast a diagnostic charm on him. He frowned as the results showed nothing that he didn't know already. What was he hiding? He was certain that Potter was hiding something.

He had seen despair in those emerald eyes. Potter had looked broken. Had his godfather's death really affected him that badly or was it something else. He would not rest until he found out.

Dumbledore paced the small dining room of Grimmauld Place. The Dursleys death and Harry's disappearance had rendered a great blow to the order and raised a lot of questions. Where was Harry? There had been no signs of a struggle at Pivet Drive. Tom had told him that Harry had been there, at the leaky cauldron, that night and he had met with the Minister of Magic. The entire situation was extremely murky and he despised it. The boy had grown more troublesome after his godfather's death. He sat down in one of the chairs and twirled his wand in his hands

Harry had been growing out of his control for a few months now. It had only grown worse in the past two months. Harry had been ignoring all his letters. He had even been ignoring the letters of his friends. He knew that he would have to find Harry and get him back under his control. The boy was his key to greatness. Harry would give him an upper hand in the ministry. He had placed a trace of his own on Harry's wand. He waved his wand over the map spread out on the table and tried to trace Harry again but it seemed as if Harry's wand had disappeared from the face of the earth. He would have to find the boy at any cost.

Voldemort stood beside the bed, Harry was laid on and silently observed him. Harry's complexion was unnaturally pale and he was unusually weak. There was a knock on the door and Voldemort spoke,


Narcissa Malfoy entered the room and bowed down,

"My lord, you called for me?"

Voldemort nodded silently,

"I am aware that you possess some skills in healing. I wish for you to nurse Potter back to health."

Narcissa Malfoy's lips parted in shock and she spoke,

"My lord, if you wish to kill him then why…..."

Voldemort raised his hand and spoke,

"If you do not want to do this then I shall find someone else."

Narcissa Malfoy didn't miss the threat in Voldemort's voice and spoke again,

"No, my lord. I shall do it."

Voldemort smirked and strode out of the room,

"You may begin now, Narcissa."