Chapter 50

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Rabastan couldn't quite believe that this was happening. He should have been better prepared. He shouldn't have underestimated The Dark Lord. But it was too late now. The Veritaserum was already taking effect and in a few seconds, he would be spilling out everything, every little truth that he knew. The Dark Lord rose to his feet and sat down in his chair. The expression on his face was purely jubilant. Maybe he could run before The Dark Lord forced him to speak. He attempted to get up to his feet but the effects of the curse hadn't worn off yet. His entire body trembled uncontrollably. He gave up his attempts to get to his feet and crawled away from The Dark Lord.

A purely evil smirk curled The Dark Lord's lips and he laughed cruelly,

"There is no escape for you, Rabastan."

Sure enough, Rabastan felt his back hit the wall and he knew…he knew he was trapped. Harry was going to hate him. He was going to hate him after this. Rabastan closed his eyes and his hands curled into fists. He was no match for The Dark Lord but he wouldn't betray Harry. Not without a fight. He plunged his hand into the pocket of his robes to grab his wand when he realized that he didn't have it.

He looked up and found his wand in The Dark Lord's hand,

"Are you really that loyal to Harry, Rabastan? You would fight your master for him?"

Rabastan gritted his teeth and the first truth slipped through his lips,

"You are not my master."

The Dark Lord chuckled darkly and leaned back in his seat,

"Very good. We are making progress."

Rabastan could only watch as The Dark Lord twirled his wand between his fingers,

"Start talking, Rabastan. Tell me about the day you first talked to Harry. I want every little detail. Do you understand me?"

Rabastan bit down on his lip as the truth threatened to burst out of his lips. He felt the sharp metallic taste of blood on his tongue and the pain from his split lip forced him to let go of his lip and start talking,

"I asked him out and he said that you would kill me if you found out. Instead he said that he wanted me to be his friend since everyone around him despised him. I agreed immediately and he told me he wanted to go shopping and asked me if I wanted to come along. I said yes and he told me he would meet me down at the Atrium at six. At six, I waited for him down at the Atrium but when he didn't show up, I decided to visit him in his office. When I went up, I saw him bound and gagged. I managed to pull away the gag and he told me he needed the antidote for Veritaserum. I didn't think twice and got him the antidote. When I returned to my office after that, you questioned me about Harry and told me to stay away from him. That night, Harry came to me. He wanted me to take him somewhere you wouldn't find him and so I did."

The words stopped flowing and Rabastan realized that his cheeks were damp with tears. The Dark Lord however looked furious. Rabastan instantly felt the pull and soon enough, he was kneeling on the floor in front of him, his fingers wrapped around his throat, choking the life out of him,

"You bloody bastard…you traitor. I should decapitate you and pin your head to my office door so that no one ever tries to betray me like you did…"

Rabastan wanted to die. There was no point in living a life in which Harry hated him. He had betrayed hiss trust and deserved to die. His lungs burned with the lack of oxygen. His body's natural survival instinct kicked in and he began to struggle against The Dark Lord's hold. The fingers vanished and he drew in several deep gulps of air greedily,

"I don't want to live. Just kill me."

The Dark Lord laughed coldly and lifted his head by the hair to face him,

"Not before you have told me everything you know. Day two, Rabastan. What happened on day two?"

Rabastan didn't want to speak, he tried fighting it again but the words still tumbled out,

"I got him some clothes and he came to the ministry. I saw him at the meeting and he seemed quiet so I decided to ask him what was wrong and waited for him outside the meeting room but when he didn't come out for a while, I decided to get back to work and talk to him later. Sometime later, I found him coming out of your office looking depressed. I was going to chase after him but the door to your office was open and you weren't in sight so I decided to check what had made Harry so unhappy. I found his resignation letter on your desk and I took it. After that I went in search for him and that was when the attack happened."

The Dark Lord raised his hand and Rabastan felt relieved to stop,

"You mean to tell me that you knew nothing about the attack on the ministry. You did not know that it was going to happen? You had not been part of the plan?"

Rabastan could only nod but The Dark Lord growled,


So Rabastan did,

"I didn't know anything about it. I'm not a spy for Dumbledore or the order."

Utter confusion flitted through The Dark Lord's crimson orbs and then he spoke,

"Explain your presence at Hogwarts."

Rabastan didn't want to because he knew what would come out of his mouth if he did. It was inevitable though and the words started flowing,

"I ran into Snape in the darkness of the Atrium and after that everything happened too fast. I apparated with Snape. He splinched and I forced him to tell me about everything that was going on. He told me everything Dumbledore intended to do with Harry and I knew I had to save him."

The Dark Lord's fingers closed around his throat again and his crimson eyes were burning with murderous intent,

"Are you telling me that Harry was kidnapped that day?"

Rabastan nodded shakily as his air supply was cut off again. The Dark Lord loosened his hold and Rabastan gasped out,

"Yes, he was taken against his will."

The Dark Lord shook him,

"Why did you not come to me and inform me?"

Now that Rabastan thought about it. He really had messed up. He had thought he had been so clever with the Polyjuice potion but now he felt so stupid. If he had told The Dark Lord then maybe Harry could have been saved early. He wouldn't have had to whip him. Dumbledore would have probably been dead by now,

"I was a fool. I wasn't thinking straight. When I heard that Dumbledore intended to torture Harry, I couldn't focus on anything except for saving him."

The Dark Lord released his throat but a kept a firm hold on his hair,

"What happened next?"

Rabastan knew that The Dark Lord was certainly going to kill him after this and he would be right to do this because Harry had endured that whipping only because of his stupidity. He should have informed The Dark Lord. He should have used his bloody mind,

"I used the Polyjuice potion to disguise myself as Snape and infiltrated the castle. I waited in the dungeons and Dumbledore brought an unconscious Harry to me. I don't know what happened to him before that. I don't know what Dumbledore did to him but I…"

Rabastan's voice faltered and The Dark Lord's grip tightened on his hair,

"Keep talking, Rabastan. Do not dare to stop."

Rabastan felt his own words poison his tongue,

"Dumbledore wanted to turn Harry back to his side and said that it was only going to be possible with pain. He wanted me to whip him…"

The Dark Lord's crimson eyes had narrowed into thin slits and he was radiating hate,

"Tell me you did not do it. TELL ME, RABASTAN!"

A sob escaped Rabastan's lips and he cried out,

"I did…I whipped him to within an inch of his life…"

He broke down and The Dark Lord finally let go of him,

"I am going to kill you in the most painful way possible, Rabastan. Mark my words."

Rabastan curled into himself on the stone floor. He deserved it for being so thoughtless. He deserved it for risking Harry's life simply because of his desire to play the hero,

"You obviously managed to get him out and it seems you have had him for the past few weeks when I was turning the world upside down in search of him. Has he healed?"

Rabastan could only shake his head,

"No. He can't…"

The Dark Lord kicked him in the stomach and rested his boot on his chest,

"He can't what?"

Rabastan rasped out,

"He can't move his hands. Dumbledore shattered his fingers and even though his fingers have healed now, he can't move them."

The Dark Lord pressed his boot down on his chest and Rabastan cried out in pain,

"I am assuming if I take away his gloves, he shall be incapable of moving his hands?"

Rabastan gritted his teeth against the pain rising in his chest and nodded. The Dark Lord's voice was full of venom when he spoke next,

"Has he recovered from the whipping?"

Rabastan shook his head again,

"Not completely."

The Dark Lord pressed his boot down harder and the sickening sound of a crack resonated through the air followed by Rabastan's screams. The pain was too much. He knew that The Dark Lord had just shattered two or three of his ribs. The Dark Lord bent low over him and growled out,

"Do you love him? Have you slept with him?"

Rabastan could only shake his head as he couldn't stop the screams bursting out of his mouth. The Dark Lord smirked and waved his wand, the pain dulled and he stopped screaming,

"One more thing, Rabastan."

Rabastan knew what was coming and he didn't want to answer that. He didn't want to tell The Dark Lord that because it would be the ultimate betrayal,

"What did Harry say to you before coming here? What did he want you to do for him? I want you to repeat his exact words."

Rabastan closed his eyes in defeat,

"He wanted me to do whatever it took to keep your trust, even if it involved hurting him. I was supposed to be his way out. He told me he trusted me and I was supposed to help him get out whenever he needed it."

The Dark Lord's eyes were burning with contempt and rage,

"You are useless to me in death. I have found a better way to exploit you."

Rabastan could only stare up in horror as he realized what The Dark Lord was suggesting and then he burst out,

"Please…NO…Just kill me…I can't do what you want me to…I'll kill myself before I betray him."

The Dark Lord laughed,

"I do not doubt that. But have you thought about what Harry will feel if you commit suicide? Would you really hurt him like that? He is counting on you, Rabastan. Do not mess it up."

The Dark Lord had just turned around to leave when he turned back,

"I want your memories, Rabastan."

Rabastan shook his head in protest,


The Dark Lord knelt down beside him and gripped his hair to keep his head still. He watched as he conjured a flask and set it down beside him on the floor. No, he couldn't give up his memories. They were his. Rabastan continued to struggle and The Dark Lord restrained him. He rested the tip of his wand to Rabastan's temple and murmured the incantation. Slowly he pulled the tip away and a long silvery strand came with it. Pulling it away, he deposited it in the flask where it swirled in a mesmerizing pattern. Finally, The Dark Lord vanished the restraints and spoke in a low, venomous voice,

"You have been nothing but imprudent, Rabastan and your imprudence is the reason Harry went through all that pain. If you had only come to me…Harry would not have had to suffer. Have you realized your mistake now?"

A broken sob escaped Rabastan's lips and he nodded his head. The Dark Lord patted his cheek,

"You deserve all the pain that I shall inflict upon you, don't you?"

Rabastan nodded his head again,

"You are going to obey me and follow my commands from now on. You shall not attempt to kill yourself. I want you to swear that on Harry's magic."

Rabastan shook his head and attempted to get himself away from The Dark Lord. He merely laughed and tightened his grip on Rabastan's hair,

"What will Harry feel when I inform him of your disloyalty? How do you think he shall react? He will hate you. Do you really want that, Rabastan?"

Rabastan groaned out,


The Dark Lord whispered softly and smoothed out his hair,

"Of course, you do not wish that happen. Swear your loyalty to me Rabastan. Swear it on Harry's magic."

Rabastan pressed his forehead to the stone floor in defeat. He couldn't bear Harry's hatred. He wouldn't be able to bear it at all. The choice was obvious and it didn't take long for him to verbalize it,

"I swear…I swear on Harry's magic that I will obey your every command and I will not try to commit suicide."

Voldemort patted him on the head and then rose to his feet. As soon as he stepped away from him the pain returned tenfold and Rabastan screamed again. The only other sound in the room apart from his screams was Voldemort's deranged laughter.

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