Chapter 110

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Harry lay curled up in bed with Voldemort's arm draped around his waist and his chest pressed to his back,


Harry turned around and rested his forehead against Voldemort's,

"I'm trying…I'm trying so hard…It's not working…I can't sleep…"

Voldemort pulled him closer to his chest and rubbed his back gently,

"Relax…Harry, close your eyes and trust me…"

He did and Voldemort pressed a kiss to his head and continued to rub soothing circles on his back. He felt Voldemort's gentle touches and his soothing words slowly taking away the pain and lulling him to sleep. He was halfway asleep when a knock on the door brought him back to alertness and he opened his eyes and blinked. Voldemort's face was contorted in an expression of utmost rage. Harry was about to sit up straight when Voldemort pressed a kiss to his forehead and stopped him,

"Just lay down. It's probably your precious Deus. I wonder what he wants at this ungodly hour."

Harry laughed but had to stop because his chest ached,

"You're jealous of him."

Voldemort smiled sadly and pushed his hair away from his face gently,

"No, Love. I know you are mine and mine alone."

There was another knock on the door and Voldemort sighed,

"He really is tenacious."

Harry nuzzled his head in the pillow,

"At least, he's got some etiquettes. He could have appeared directly in the room if he'd wanted to."

Voldemort stroked his cheek and shouted,


Deus stepped into the room and Harry saw the way Voldemort glared at him,

"Do you know how difficult it is to get him to sleep. He was half asleep when you woke him up…"

Deus looked apologetic but the smile on his face told him that he had something. Harry pushed himself up into a sitting position and cried out as every cell in his screamed with pain. Voldemort was clutching him in an instant and lowering him back on the mattress,

"Harry, why must you torment yourself and me needlessly?"

Harry looked over his back at Deus and spoke,

"You found something, didn't you?"

Deus nodded, and Harry couldn't help but smile. Voldemort traced his lips gently and Harry moved his gaze away from Deus to him. There was an unfathomable amount of love in Voldemort's crimson gaze and Harry spoke softly,

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Voldemort shook his head and spoke,

"I just adore your smile."

He cupped Voldemort's cheek and spoke gently,

"I'll smile for you all the time when this is over."

He turned to Deus,

"Sit down and tell me what you found."

Deus conjured a chair for himself and settled down,

"That symbol you drew for me…that's the symbol of the deathly hallows."

Harry was bursting with hope and curiosity and he spoke,

"The deathly hallows? What are they and how can they help us?"

Deus leaned back in the chair,

"Have you read that story about the brothers that encountered death?"

Harry nodded and pulled Voldemort closer to him,

"Yeah, we've read it. That's where he found the symbol."

Deus moved his finger through the air and drew a vertical line with black smoke,

"The Elder Wand."

He then added a circle on top of the line,

"The Resurrection Stone."

Deus finished the symbol by enclosing both line and circle in a triangle,

"The Cloak of Invisibility."

Harry stared at the finished symbol mesmerized and Deus spoke,

"Together, they're the Deathly Hallows."

It was Voldemort that asked,

"Do they actually exist?"

Deus nodded,

"Yes. These objects were created by Death and given to each of three brothers in the Peverell family."

Voldemort traced his spine subconsciously as he asked,

"How can they help us and where are they now?"

A sly grin curved Deus's lips as he spoke,

"According to legend, he who possesses these three artefacts would become the Master of Death and will be invincible."

Harry gasped excitedly, and he felt the Voldemort's arm tightened around his waist,

"You're not telling us about their whereabouts."

Deus's grin grew wickeder.

"I've searched for them and it has come to my knowledge that you might already be in possession of two of the hallows. Fate has decided to favour you in this matter because Harry and you are the direct descendants of the Peverell brothers. Harry's a descendant of the third Peverell brother…Ignotus Peverell…the one who received the invisibility cloak from death. And you…you are the direct descendant of the second Peverell Brother…Cadmus Peverell…The one who received the stone of resurrection…Both of you are official owners of the Hallows and I'm certain you're already in possession of them."

Harry raised his hand and looked at the ring on his finger,

"Yes…we do have two of them. Now where's the third one…the wand…"

A crease marred Deus's forehead and he spoke in a low vehement voice,


Voldemort's jaw clenched, and Harry spoke gently,

"Dumbledore…It just had to be him."

Voldemort stroked his hair gently and spoke,

"Are you absolutely certain that this will work?"

Deus pursed his lips and nodded,

"It will work. Harry will be perfectly fine again and he'll be immortal."

Harry noticed the scepticism in Voldemort's gaze and spoke gently,

"It'll be fine. Everything will be alright."

Voldemort pressed a kiss to his lips and then spoke,

"What if it does not work?"

Deus spoke,

"I do have a backup plan. It shall be painful for both of you…a little more for Harry, and you shall have to stay apart but Harry will be able to return to you."

Voldemort spoke gently,

"What is it?"

Harry looked at Deus and asked,

"Tell us, Deus."

Deus lowered his gaze,

"You'll have to die and come to hell with me…"

Voldemort instantly spoke up,


Harry held onto Voldemort tight,

"Listen to him…"

Voldemort shook his head,

"No, Harry…No…You are not going to die...You are not leaving me…You will not leave me ever…."

Harry cupped Voldemort's cheek and spoke gently,

"I love you…I won't leave you…It won't come to that, but we need a backup plan..."

He held Voldemort closer to him and looked over his shoulder at Deus,

"Thank you so much. You've done a lot for us."

Deus rose to his feet and smiled,

"I need to see you happy."

He vanished, and Harry worked on calming Voldemort and convincing him.