Chapter 25

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Harry woke up feeling well rested and extremely satisfied. Last night flashed in front of his eyes and he buried his face in the pillow. When had he grown so reckless? He had started a seriously dangerous game with Voldemort and it wasn't going to bode well for him. He smirked in the pillow. Well, at least he was having fun. Before he could contemplate the matter any further, he was gripped by an intense coughing fit and it took him all his self-control to reach the sink and spit out the blood.

He gritted his teeth as the pain in his chest grew strong. Every breath he drew in was causing him unimaginable pain. He slumped against the wall and waited for the fit to pass. He was certain that it would pass for now. But in a few weeks, it wouldn't. This was going to be his permanent state then. The fit passed and Harry rose to his feet unsteadily. He splashed water over his face and looked around the bathroom. His gaze stopped at the shower and he bit his lower lip as he visualized what had happened last night and felt everything that he had felt last night. Harry closed his eyes and stepped out of the bathroom as the feelings grew too intense.

He slumped back on the bed and sighed out in frustration. He couldn't understand what he wanted or how things had gotten so complicated. What was he supposed to do? Could he really play this game with Voldemort? Maybe the fun wasn't worth the risk. But he couldn't back out now. Voldemort had made the first move and if he backed out now, Voldemort would think that he was a coward. Well why should he care about what Voldemort would think? Because it mattered to him for some warped up reason and his emotions were back from the dead. He couldn't believe himself. He was going to buried six feet under the ground in less than six months and he was thinking about how he was attracted to his former arch nemesis.

Harry chanced a glance at the clock and couldn't help but smirk. He was late again. The pain in his chest had been reduced to a bearable throb now so he figured that he was good to go for the day. He made his way to the wardrobe and his jaw fell open as he realized that all his jeans and shirts had been replaced by severe looking robes, dress slacks and button up shirts. So, Voldemort had decided to impose his decisions upon him now. He snorted and closed the wardrobe. Voldemort was seriously delusional if he thought that he could just enforce his will upon him. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was dressed in a grey T-shirt and blue sweat pants. A shopping trip was in order or maybe….

Five minutes later, Harry was standing outside Draco's room and banging on his door. The door was opened, a minute later and a bleary-eyed Draco regarded him,

"You? What do you want?"

Harry pushed him out of the way and made his way to his wardrobe. He opened it up and what he found, plastered a Cheshire grin across his face,

"Go back to sleep, Malfoy."

Draco nodded sleepily and fell back on his bed again. Harry reckoned that he would extremely pissed when he would awaken properly. Harry pulled out a pair of black slim fit leather pants that he found at the very back of the wardrobe and placed them on the back of the settee that had been placed next to the wardrobe. He decided he wasn't going to go with a button up shirt so he pulled out a black V neck that would probably cling to his slender frame. It was a good thing, he and Draco were almost the same size. At the end, Harry pulled out a black leather jacket. He wondered if Draco had even worn it because it smelled new and looked practically untouched. In the end, grabbed a pair of steel tipped boots and decided that he was all set.

Delighted with his selection, he picked up the clothes, exited Malfoy's room and returned to his. Soon enough, he was all dressed up and staring at his reflection in disbelief. He looked different. He wasn't sure if it was good or bad. His black curls were feeling just as rebellious as him this morning so he let them be. His gaze came to rest on the steel tipped boots and he flashed himself a toothy grin. He couldn't wait to see Voldemort's reaction.

Half an hour later, Harry was standing in the elevator at the Ministry of Magic and feeling the weight of everyone's gaze on him. He couldn't help but feel smug. He exited the elevator when he reached his floor and heard several audible groans that clearly stated that some people didn't want to stop looking at him. Harry made his way to his office without a backward glance and he was about to enter when the same death eater as yesterday interrupted him,

"You are late for the meeting, Master Potter. I was told to inform you be there as soon as you arrived."

Harry tried to remember if Voldemort had told him anything about a meeting but came up blank,

"Is it still underway?"

The death eater nodded and led him down the corridor towards a large meeting room. Harry thanked the death eater and stepped in without knocking.

Inside, he saw that the head of all the departments were seated around a large table. Voldemort as usual was seated at the head and Harry saw a seat empty at his right side. At the sound of the door opening, every eye on the room turned to him but Harry was only focused on one pair of eyes, a crimson pair of eyes to be specific. As soon as Voldemort eyed him, Harry saw his jaw slacken with and shock and his eyes widen. He was certain that no one else noticed that because they were too busy staring at him. He smirked cockily and Voldemort immediately straightened out his expressions,

"You are late again, Harry, when I specifically told you to be on time."

Harry casually took his seat, met Voldemort's gaze and spoke,

"You failed to mention this meeting otherwise I would have been on time."

Harry ignored the gasps and cries of outrage he received from across the table at being rude to their master and Voldemort ignored them too. The lust was evident in Voldemort's eyes but his tone was extremely professional when he spoke,

"You would not have missed the memo, if you had been here two hours ago."

Harry rose to his feet,

"I'm not compelled to be here so I think I'll just go."

Harry saw the lust in Voldemort's eyes replaced with disappointment. He shook his head and spoke in a very low voice,

"I am very disappointed in you, Harry. I believed that you would work hard to prove yourself worthy of this role and prove to all my death eaters how right I was to choose you but you."

Harry didn't think that a statement like that would matter but it did. Since when did Voldemort's expectations start to matter to him? But apparently, they did matter because the guilt was like ice in his guts. He couldn't shift or move at all. He had to make this right,

"I'm sorry. I'll try to be more responsible from now on."

He sat back down and pulled the agenda file towards him just so that he could have something to do with his hands. When he slowly glanced up from the file, he realized that the disappointment from Voldemort's eyes was gone and it was replaced with lust again. Harry felt his heart beat easier at that sight and he spoke,

"So, what did I miss?"

Voldemort kept his gaze on Harry and spoke,

"Rabastan, could you summarize what we have discussed so far?"

Rabastan rose to his feet and began talking. Harry decided that taking notes was better than sitting idly so he wrote down everything that was discussed in the meeting. Through it all, Harry felt Voldemort's gaze fixated on him. After an hour, Voldemort adjourned the meeting and everyone rose to their feet to get back to work. Harry organized his notes and had just risen to his feet and when Voldemort spoke,

"Stay, Harry."

Harry set his notes back down on the table but didn't look up to meet Voldemort's gaze again. When the meeting room was empty, Voldemort touched his shoulder and spoke in a gentle tone,

"I have faith in you. I know that you shall not disappoint me again."

Harry looked up and stared directly into Voldemort's eyes. Those words meant everything to him and Harry just nodded his head. Voldemort's smile soon turned into a feral grin and soon enough, Harry was laying horizontal on the table and Voldemort was straddling him,

"I still do not approve of your attire."

That brought the smirk back to Harry's lips,

"I said I was going to be responsible, that doesn't mean that I'm going to start dressing up like you want me to."

Voldemort chuckled darkly and caressed Harry's cheek possessively,

"You are correct, Harry. There would be no fun in that. But keep in mind, that I do not enjoy the looks you receive."

Harry raised his head from the table and kissed Voldemort's lips slowly,

"You're getting awfully possessive about something that isn't yours."

Voldemort smirked viciously and reciprocated the kiss with intense desire,

"I shall have to do something about that."

Harry pushed Voldemort away playfully and rose to his feet. He grabbed his notes from the table and made his way out of the meeting room,

"Don't worry. They can look but they can't touch."

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