Chapter 81

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Harry lost all concept of time as he stood in front of the black marble tomb that now encased Rabastan's body. He could almost hear Rabastan's voice in his ear saying,

"You've been suppressing your emotions, Harry."

Harry rested his forehead against the sun warmed marble and whispered,

"I don't have your shoulder to cry on anymore, Rabi... I don't have your arms to hold me…your voice to soothe me…. your lap to fall asleep in…your sweet kisses…your warmth..."

Someone cleared their throat behind him and Harry ground out without turning around,

"What the hell is it?"

Draco spoke,

"The Dark Lord requires your presence at Rodolphus Lestrange's funeral."

Harry gritted his teeth and bit out,

"Why the hell is he getting a proper funeral?"

Draco didn't reply. Harry straightened up and turned around to find Draco standing there with his gaze lowered and cowering in fear,

"What else did Voldemort say?"

Draco shook his head and murmured,

"Nothing else. He wished for me to escort you to the funeral site."

Harry looked around and realized that all the seats were vacant. They were all probably attending Rodolphus's funeral now…What he failed to understand was why Voldemort wanted him to attend the funeral. He had murdered him…beheaded him in the middle of a crowd and Voldemort wanted him to attend his bloody funeral. What bothered him even more was why Voldemort hadn't asked him to go the funeral himself?

"Fine. You can leave now and tell Voldemort that I'll be there."

Draco looked up and Harry saw a hint of sympathy in his grey eyes and he absolutely hated it. Harry glared at him,


Draco nodded his head and disapparated. Harry turned back to the marble tomb and stared at it blankly for another few minutes while he allowed his memories of Rabastan to consume his mind. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Deus's irksome voice,

"Your speech was quite touching, Mon Ravissement."

Harry turned around and considered Deus, who was dressed in a black suit, his blonde hair glowed in the sun, his blue eyes were bluer and deeper than any ocean and a gentle smile was playing across his cherubic face. No one could tell that a demon inhabited that perfect body,

"I didn't know you were listening, Angel."

Deus's smile widened and he stepped closer,

"I wasn't just listening, I was watching as well. Lord Voldemort is much more handsome than I had originally imagined him to be. His pictures do not seem to do him justice…I believe he might prove to be a good lay…"

Those words charred Harry's innards like nothing else and before Harry knew it, he had dropped the sword and grabbed him by the lapels of his suit jacket,

"Don't even think about it!"

Deus raised an eyebrow and smirked,

"Why the hell not? He's handsome, he's single and he looks like he needs comforting. I consider myself to be the perfect candidate for him. My magics will provide him with the comfort he needs…he'll find solace in my skin…"

Harry tightened his hold on the lapels and gnashed out,

"Listen very closely because I'm only going to say it once…He's mine…HE. IS. MINE…So keep your filthy demon hands away from him and find someone else to use your bloody magics on."

Deus laughed and the sound grated on Harry's nerves,

"He's not yours…at least not yet… You need to claim him, Mon Ravissement."

Harry shoved Deus away,

"Just stay away from him…If you lay a finger on him, I'll devastate you."

Deus grabbed his chin and spoke,

"I utterly adore your self-confidence, Harry. It's makes you all the more precious."

Harry grabbed Deus's hand and pushed it away from his chin,

"Stay away from Voldemort, Deus."

Deus raised his hands and spoke,

"I'll stay away from him, Mon Ravissement, only if you keep my identity a secret."

It was Harry's turn to laugh,

"Right and why would I allow anyone to be fooled by your innocent looks?"

Deus made an offended face,

"I need constant nourishment to exist on this plane."

Harry smirked and crossed his arms over his chest,

"Constant nourishment? Don't tell me you gobble humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner?"

Deus heaved a long-suffering sigh and spoke,

"I am the demon of lust, Harry. What do you think I feed on?"

Harry tapped his chin with a finger and then spoke,


Deus grinned demonically,

"Exactly…I feed on the sexual desires of my victims…Now imagine knowing that you're in bed with a demon from hell…That wouldn't be too arousing now, would it?"

Harry cringed at the thought and snapped,

"I have no desire to imagine something so bloody disgusting but I understand what you mean and I won't reveal to anyone that you're a demon as long as you keep your distance from Voldemort."

Deus snapped his fingers and a dagger materialized in his hand. He made a deep cut on the palm of his hand and held it out. Harry stared at it for a moment and raised an eyebrow,

"This is just creepy as hell. Am I supposed to draw blood too? I mean a normal promise would do just fine."

Deus tsked and smiled softly,

"You are too naïve for this, Harry. I could fool you so easily if I weren't your guardian demon. The point is, you can't trust a demon's word. A deal made in blood stands for an eternity. It's called a blood pact and it is stronger than any binding contract on this plane or hell."

Harry stared at the blood flowing from the demon's palm and took the dagger from his hand to make a cut on his palm. He hissed at the sudden pain but watched with morbid fascination as the crimson liquid began to flow. Deus cooed and took his hand,

"I…Asmodeus…Demon of Lust…Vow to stay away from Lord Voldemort and grant him immunity from my magics…I vow to protect him from the hankerings and wicked intents of anyone who is not Harry James Potter…"

Harry met Deus's gaze and ran the words over and over in his head to ensure there weren't any loopholes. Hankerings and wicked intents…That would pretty much ensure that no one but him would be able to pursue Voldemort...There was a loophole there…What if Voldemort pursued someone else? When had he become so selfish? Well…he didn't care if he was being selfish…Voldemort was his and he would go to any heights to ensure that.

Deus smirked wickedly as if he'd read his thoughts and spoke softly,

"Lord Voldemort shall not feel any desire towards anyone who is not Harry James Potter."

Harry cursed himself internally but he really didn't feel any remorse at what he had just gotten done. And right on cue, the voice in his head woke up and sneered,

Yeah, but what if you fail in your endeavours and end up dying? Can you imagine what will happen to Voldemort then, you dimwit?

Harry gnashed his teeth. No, he would not fail…no matter what…This only gave him all the more incentive to try his hardest and succeed. He exhaled and spoke,

"I, Harry James Potter, vow to keep the true identity of Asmodeus, demon of lust, a secret from everyone else as long as he keeps his vows."

Deus squeezed his hand and shook it firmly,

"Non dominus signantes litteras nostras foedus cum sanguine. Sit durare in aeternum."

Harry could only stare as two strands of pure velvety darkness twisted around their hands, entwining them and binding them. Droplets of his and Deus's blood seeped out from their conjoined palms and fell like crimson crystals on the soft green grass. He felt a searing hot sensation run up his arm and spread through the rest of his body. It felt like he was burning up from the inside out. He had to bite his lip to hold back his cry. Finally, Deus released his hand and the burning sensation vanished along with the strands of darkness. Harry drew in a deep breath and looked down at his palm, expecting a deep cut but was mildly surprised to find it completely healed. What had he just done? Had he just damned Voldemort to desire him and him alone? Had he really been that insecure…that desperate? Deus patted him on the shoulder and murmured against his ear,

"Don't think too much about it, Mon Ravissement. I believe you have another funeral to attend."


Non dominus signantes litteras nostras foedus cum sanguine. Sit durare in aeternum.

We, hereby seal our pact with blood. May it last forevermore

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