Chapter 51

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Harry woke up with a start and cried out in pain as his head hit the faucet hard,


Rubbing the back of his head, he sat up gingerly and realized the reason for his sudden awakening. Someone was insistently banging on the door of his room. Harry felt himself burning up with rage and shouted at the top of his voice,

"Where the hell is the bloody fire?"

He recognized the voice that shouted back as Draco's,

"The Vampire Delegation is here. The Dark Lord wants your presence downstairs."

Harry stopped rubbing his head and rose to his feet abruptly. How long had he been out? He eyed the wad of bloody bandages on the tiled floor and spoke out,

"I'll be down in a bit."

He kicked the bandages under the bath tub where they were out of sight and went to the mirror to take a look at his back. It still looked raw. No sudden movements for him for the rest of the night. He coughed and covered his mouth with his hand. His chest was aching like hell, so was his back. He was a proper mess right now and in no condition to be anywhere around Voldemort or a couple of Vampires. Maybe he could skip out on that. Yeah right, that wasn't even an option. Voldemort would come up here if he didn't go down.

He walked out of the room still coughing and pulled open the wardrobe. He smirked when he realized that the wardrobe was no longer stocked with severe looking robes. He pulled out a fresh black shirt and the tightest pair of black jeans in the wardrobe. After a moment of thought, he pulled out a black undershirt as well, just in case his back started bleeding again. He pulled on the undershirt and slid his jeans on. He grabbed a bottle of perfume from the dresser and sprayed on nearly half of the bottle over himself. That should be enough to deceive and hopefully irritate the Vampires. Harry leaned over the dresser and coughed again. The perfume was affecting him more than it would probably affect the Vampires. Maybe this had been a terrible idea. He shook his head, pulled on his shirt and began buttoning it up. The perfume was necessary. He gave himself a minute to get used to the scent and poured himself a glass of water from the jug on the side table.

When his cough had somewhat subsided, he pulled on the robes and stepped out of the room. He found Draco standing in the entrance of the Manor, who turned to him when he saw him approach,

"The Dark Lord is in the Ballroom with his guests."

Draco was about to lead the way when Harry spoke out,

"I know where it is."

He made his way to the Ballroom. Upon reaching it he realized that it wasn't as crowded as Harry had imagined. In fact, Harry counted that there were twenty people in the room. Well nineteen Vampires and one ostentatious bastard. He mentally changed the tally as he stepped across the threshold. Now there were nineteen Vampires and two ostentatious bastards. He wondered why Voldemort hadn't allowed his death eaters to be here. Bella must be burning up with jealousy in some corner of the manor. He wondered if Voldemort had punished her more after he had left. Voldemort's smooth voice brought him out of his musings,

"Harry, you are late."

His lips quirked up in a smirk and he stepped closer to him,

"Fashionably late."

He turned to the Vampire standing next to Voldemort and observed him. The man was deathly pale with steely grey eyes and blood red lips that stood in stark contrast to his ghastly pallor. His silvery blond hair cascaded down to his waist and complimented his black robes perfectly. Harry was perfectly aware of the fact that the vampire had been scrutinizing him just as aptly. Apparently, he liked what he saw because his blood red lips formed a leer, flashing his fangs. He extended his hand and Harry stared down at it for a moment,

"Marcus Cervantes."

Harry took it,

"Harry Potter."

The vampire swooped down and instantly placed a kiss to his hand. Harry was so glad he couldn't feel it,

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Potter. I must say, you smell exquisite."

Harry felt an arm wrap around his waist and the vampire instantly released his hand. Someone was jealous. Oh, he was going to have so much fun with this. He pulled away from Voldemort's hold and turned to face him. The man's expressions were polite but Harry saw the jealousy and murderous intent in those crimson orbs and it seemed Marcus had sensed it as well because he instantly made an excuse and withdrew,

"Did you bathe in perfume, Harry?"

Harry huffed out indignantly and crossed his arms over his chest,

"At least, Marcus had the decency to compliment me. I think I'll seek him out."

Voldemort glared at him and gritted out,

"No, you shall do no such thing."

Harry took a step back,

"Try to stop me."

He was about to take another step back when he collided with someone. Voldemort's expression instantly went neutral and Harry spun around. He came face to face with a breathtakingly, gorgeous man. His beautiful aquamarine eyes shone with amusement and his ruby red voracious lips curved into a smile, making his fangs peek out. Nope, he was outwardly gorgeous but the man was pure evil inside. Harry could just feel it and he instantly stepped back. The vampire however took his hand and brought it close to his lips,

"Nicholai Le Mort, at your service."

Harry repressed a shudder and grinned as best as he could,

"Harry Potter."

Harry attempted to pull away his hand but it seemed that Nicholai was in no mood to let him go. The vampire simply raised his other hand and traced the bruise underneath his jaw with a thoughtful expression on his face. Harry watched as his gaze turned away from him and shifted to Voldemort. Harry was almost hoping that Voldemort would pull him away from the vampire when he realized that he was not dependant on that bloody bastard and he had no obligation to be polite. He attempted to pull away again and gritted out,

"Let go of me."

Nicholai merely laughed and pressed the bruise with his finger. Harry hissed out in pain and turned away his head. He continued his efforts to pull away but then mentally reminded himself.

No sudden movements. Bleeding in a room full of Vampires was completely unacceptable.

He calmed down and grew still. He met the vampire's aquamarine gaze and summoned up his most flirtatious expression,

"So, Nicholai, it seems you're in no mood to let go of me. Is it my scent or do you feel captivated by my looks?"

Nicholai smirked and continued to trace his finger over his bruise,

"Simply exquisite. I can see why you kept him alive, Voldemort."

Harry wanted to grit his teeth and it took him all his restraint and presence of mind not to kick the vampire in the shins. But he had addressed Voldemort by his name and that intrigued him. Voldemort's voice sounded closer when he spoke next and Harry realized that he was standing right behind him,

"Nicholai, I was not expecting you."

Nicholai chuckled and the sound grated on Harry's nerve. Talk about being clingy. It seemed that the vampire's fingers had somehow gotten glued to him,

"I could not trust Marcus with such an important matter and it feels like aeons since we last saw each other. A meeting was long overdue."

Harry was definitely intrigued now,

"Who are you?"

Nicholai turned his gaze to Harry again and spoke softly,

"It seems your master has not educated you enough."

That set every nerve in Harry's body on fire and he finally managed to yank himself away from the Vampire,


Nicholai grinned maniacally,

"Voldemort is not your master?"

Harry felt Voldemort's fingers close around his wrist in what seemed like a warning gesture and he attempted to yank away his hand,

"Yes, he is not my master."

Nicholai drew closer to him and Harry felt Voldemort's arm wrap around his waist and pull him backwards so that his back was pressed flush to his chest,

"That means you are available, Harry."

Harry's blood ran cold for a moment but Voldemort's presence and his hold felt reassuring and helped him regain his composure quickly. When Voldemort spoke, his tone was doused with venom and Harry noticed the possessiveness in it,

"Harry is not available."

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