Chapter 88

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He opened his eyes and wasn't the least bit surprised to find the grey eyed doctor standing over him.

"You coded twice, Mr. Potter. I believe you're quite the fighter."

Harry would have laughed if he didn't have the oxygen mask over his face. He listened to the doctor talk about how it was nothing more than a miracle that he had survived. His lips tingled as he remembered Rabastan's kiss. The doctor stopped talking and patted him on the shoulder before leaving. He opened his eyes and slipped his hand under the pillow. His fingers brushed the soft feather and he smirked. Deus walked in and Harry wanted to groan,

"I was so sure you were going to die, Mon Ravissement."

Harry nuzzled his head into the pillow and closed his eyes. Deus sat down beside him. He was sure, Deus was more than pleased that he had survived. His survival meant more entertainment for him.

"The doctors told me that you fought like hell."

What had Deus said about him? The perfect model of defiance in the face of adversity. Yeah, that was right. Hadn't Rabastan said the same? Hadn't Rabastan admired that about him as well,

"They say that they'll be able to get you started on the drugs tonight."

Harry ran his fingers over the crisp, rough sheets and waited for Deus to continue,

"If you react well to the pills, you'll be back on your feet in less than twenty-four hours."

Harry nodded his head silently to acknowledge that he was listening,

"You know, Voldemort has been searching for you like crazy. He isn't taking your disappearance well."

He opened his eyes and saw a thoughtful expression on Deus's face. Deus held his gaze and spoke,

"You've been here for more than two days now and he's been wilting away in your absence."

Wilting away. Panic choked him. Damn it, no…no…If it was anything like what Deus made it sound like then this was all his fault. He shouldn't have made that blood pact. He was about to pull away the mask when Deus stopped him,

"No, Harry."

He glared at Deus and focused all his resentment at him. Deus didn't even blink,

"I did not force you to make the blood pact, did I? You had a choice."

Deus was right. This was all his fault and he urged Deus to tell him more. Deus conjured a wanted poster and Harry glared at it,

"You're wanted once more."

Harry was glad that Voldemort had used a better picture of him this time. Deus vanished the poster and spoke,

"From what I've observed, he hasn't been eating or sleeping and he has certainly weakened. He doesn't show it but the death eaters are starting to notice and beginning to question his behaviour."

Harry fisted the sheets and yanked off the mask,

"I want to break the blood pact."

Deus laughed like he had said something absurd,

"You can't break it. I told you it'll last an eternity."

Harry glowered at him and Deus's expression grew serious,

"There has to be a way."

Deus shook his head and he almost looked apologetic,

"There isn't."

Harry sat up straight despite Deus's protests and pressed the bell. A nurse instantly rushed in and a look of horror crossed her face as she saw him sitting up,

"Mr. Potter, You must rest."

Harry ground his teeth. To hell with rest. He was fine,

"I want to see the oncologist that has been assigned to me."

The nurse looked like she wanted to say something but then Deus spoke,

"Go and get him. I'll take care of him."

The nurse hurried away and Harry focused on ripping the IV and other attachments off his arm. He was angry at himself…in fact, scratch that, he was utterly furious. How the hell had he been so stupid? Deus looked like he was dying to say something but biting his tongue. That irritated him further and he spoke,

"What the hell is it?"

Deus leaned forward in his seat and entwined his fingers,

"You really love him, don't you?"

Harry wiped the blood from his arm with the spotless white sheets and coughed. There wasn't any doubt about the fact that he loved Voldemort. He'd thought that their attraction was mostly skin deep but it wasn't…at least for him, it was more than just lust. The doctor rushed in and exclaimed,

"What on earth are you doing, Mr. Potter?"

Harry swung his legs off the bed and quickly became aware of his bare back and swore never to wear a hospital gown ever again. The doctor must have seen the scars on his back because he looked utterly horrified,

"Leaving. I want the pills."

The doctor sighed and sat down beside him on the bed,

"What happened to your back?"

Harry closed his eyes and bit out,

"That is none of your concern."

For a minute, there was silence then finally the doctor spoke,

"I cannot stop you from leaving but I can't prescribe you the pills without a trial."

Harry coughed and covered his mouth with his hand. His lungs burned but ignoring that he narrowed his gaze at the doctor and spoke,

"Fine, I don't need them. Get out. I need to get changed."

The doctor rose to his feet and walked out of the room,

"Clothes, Deus."

Deus snapped his fingers and a pair of black skin-tight jeans, along with a black V neck shirt and a black leather jacket appeared. He signalled Deus to leave and when was gone, he went to the bathroom and finally took in his reflection in the mirror. His skin was the pale to the point of being nearly transparent. He coughed and bent over the sink as his insides ached like hell. He splashed water over his face, ran his fingers through his tousled hair and exited the bathroom. It didn't take him long to get dressed. He sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled out the long black feather from underneath his pillow. He wasn't sure where he was going to fit it. He was certain that it wouldn't fit in the pocket of his jacket. So, he tucked it in the waist of his jeans and suppressed a giggle when the feather tickled his side. He was in the process of lacing up his doc martens when the door opened and the doctor walked in.

He finished lacing up his boots and rose to his feet. He didn't know what he was expecting but it wasn't being pulled into a hug by the doctor. It should have felt creepy and odd but it didn't. He felt the doctor slip something in the pocket of his jacket and felt him pat his back before he turned and left silently. Harry knew what the doctor had put in his pocket and he couldn't help but smile. Deus walked in and caught the smile on his lips,

"What happened?"

Harry shook his head and spoke,

"Let's go."

It wasn't long before he was walking through the main gate and making his way over the gravelly path towards Malfoy Manor. Deus had handed him his sword outside the main gates and refused to accompany him because he didn't want to blow his disguise. The huge oak main doors opened for him and he stepped in. It didn't take long for him to figure out that all the inhabitants of the Manor along with Voldemort were gathered in the dining hall for breakfast. He felt a tiny bit nervous as he stepped through the door of the dining hall. In the flash of an eye, he had about a dozen wands pointed at him, which didn't unnerve him one bit.

Ignoring them, he strode towards Voldemort, who really did look weak. His cheeks were pale and his crimson eyes looked sleep deprived. There were dark circles under his eyes and his lips looked bloodless. This was all his fault. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed. He stepped closer to Voldemort and expected Voldemort to rise to his feet but he didn't. Deus had said that the death eaters had been questioning his authority. Holding Voldemort's crimson gaze, he dropped down on his knees in front of him and watched the way his eyes widened with disbelief. He heard the death eaters snigger and jeer at him in the background but he was certain that one swipe of his sword would be enough to shut them up. Right now, no one else mattered but Voldemort. He bent down and was about to kiss Voldemort's shoe when Voldemort pulled it back. Harry put down the sword and grabbed his ankle before brushing his lips over his shoes one by one. He looked up and felt extremely gratified by the look of utter shock on Voldemort's face,

"Miss me, Lover?"

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